Swaragini Ek nayi kahani Episode 6


Hello everyone……Happy new year and thank u Divya……Thnk u for u comments……I will update whenever I get time so itz upto u now u like or not coz I write directly I dont have written story whatever comes in my mind I wrote that only n one question can I write dialogues in Hindi? Plz inform me…
~~~~~~~~Lets start~~~~~~~~~
Guys no POV’S I will directly give u a simple past……is that ok?
N also sorry but swara is dead but its a swasan ff so obviously u will get them as couple at the end
A girl is shown sleeping at her room n d room was pink n blue combo.Just then another girl came to wake her up n call her face is revealed she is our ragu…….
Ragu:cutie wake up today is ur first day to college.
As ragu called her she jump n hug her n kiss her
Swara:Di u knoe whenever I saw ur face in mrng the day goes awesome n I know it today will also be best.I love u di u r d best
Ragu:I love u too cutie n u r my lucky charm not me now get up I made ur favorite breakfast.
Swara:ok u select my dress I will go n freshup.
After sometime swara came in an knee length frock n sit for breakfast.
Dadi:Hey mara ghanu sham ji shona what dress have u wore go and change it.
Swara is abit scared of her so she stand n turn when
Ragu:Cutie sit n have ur breakfast n dadi it was my choice she is small let her wear whtever she wants don’t force my sis plz (abit angry)
dadi:U r the one who spoiled her make her learn some manners lado after some days she will be married.
Ragu:Stop it dadi how can u say that my cutie has spoild she is the topper of her batch n she is an awesome guitarist then how she can be spoild it was me who asked her to wear the dress if I ask her to wear a suite then she will wear it without any question.
As she was burning shekhar and shomi come on the screen.
Shomi:Ragu how r u talking with ur dadi is this the way to talk wid elders (angry)
Ragu: Ma ask dadi what she is saying then u talk wid me
Dadi:Key galat keh rahi hoo main sarmishta I only ask swara to wear a nice dress n only for that ragu is angry wid me
Ragu:What u said my cutie has spoiled how can u?
Shomi:Ragu stop swara I think beta u only have to solve the prblm now.
Swara was busy in eating her breakfast n so as shekhar bcz itz not new ragu alwys fight for her.
Swara:Ma I will not tell nythng whtever my ragu darling will decide I will agree if she some day she wants me to kill myslf also I will happily smile n kill myself.
After a nano sec there was a big sound n all three no all four sumi shekhar dadi n also swara was shock she was touching her left cheek n ragu’s eye were become read wid anger
Ragu:How dare u Swara how can u say like that r u out of ur mind u have not even started ur life n u r talking abt death n how cn u think I will do this kind of things.Oh yes I understand I am not ur real sis na datz why u speak like that I am ur step sis na so u have said this word ……..again there was a sound but this time swara slap ragu
Swara:I just said di but how dare u talk this stupid things u r my ragini u r my sis no u r my everything dnt u dare again speak dis rubish things n hug her n cry loudly n said Without Ragini there is no swara
Ragu:And without swara there is no ragin coz
Both together:WE R SWARAGINI.

All got tearly eyes by seeing the love between both the sisters.
All compose themselves n both went to college ragini was 2nd year student n swara was first year.
Both’s left cheek was red n it can be clearly known that they got slap.
In the next scene we saw two boys came for breakfast and one boy has headphones in his ears and he was dancing n coming down n another was on call….
Both sat on the table n Ap n sujju came with breakfast.
Ap:Sanskar eat ur food beta
Sanky:Mom I am earing dnt dstrb
n I am sanky mom……..
Laksh:Sanky give me that paneer piece n he took it n eat to irritate him.
Sanky don’t like to share food no he hate it so as laksh did that he push the plate n went to the car in anger Ap watch laksh wid anger.
Ap:What is this laksh u know na he doesn’t like to share his food wid any1 still u…..
Laksh feel sad n he took a plate n went near sanky who was sitting
in his car .Laksh xame to him n
Laksh:Bhai sorry yaar plz eat it yar sorry he was very sD
Sanky cools down n :Ok gve……then he ate n both went to college.
Laksh is 3 rd year students n sanky too………
Swara:Darling where r this idoits yaar.They r always late.
Soom two boys came to them.
1st boy:Shona shona ……..
Swara:U idiots where were u both n lucky u too.
Laksh: sorry baby but what can I do u know office work.
(Swalak r in relation ship)
Sanky:Lucky u go I am coming wid my bestest friend u go wid urs.
(Swasan n raglak are bestest frnd n can do anything for eachother.)
Rag:Ya come lucky leave ur gf for now.
Lak:yo baby lets gooooo.
Swara:yaya go go I have my bff wid me ok I dnt wnt ny1.haha….
Both swasan give hifi…..
all settle in there work……
Days went like this only sanky n lucky went from the college as there education was over and swara was 2 nd year n ragini 3 rd.
Laksh join his family business but sanky was not at all interested in all this he alwys want to spend time with his frndz n also wid his bff.
Once sanky went to meet swara at college where he saw a girl n he was mesmerized. He enquire abt her n came to know that she study wid swara.He talk wid swara n after some day both make a plan and propose her she was kavita(+ve). Kavi accept his proposal as she love him frm 1 year n like this day were going on laksh went abroad to establish his own bussiness kavsan were in a rlsnship but kavi was insecure abt swasan rlsnship n smetime they even have fights but sanky controls the situation.
Ragini to pass her graduation n now swara is in her last year.Ragini too join her papa’s business.Laksh establish is bussiness wid one of his friend kartik and both were succession day by day……….
It was college Golden jublee and reunion of old students n all were welcomed. Sanky was uninterestingly went to office sometime but still he get scolding from dp for not being responsible.
Laksh also came to India wid his business partner kartik.
All were very happy as they will meet each other after so long swara was super happy coz she is going to meet lucky it was two day bfr the celebration whn lucky n kartik came to meet swara and swara n lucky were busy wid eachother but kartik has his bad eye on swara but noone notice.

Next day swasan went for dayout n kartik also went wid them.He notice there closeness and he smirk evily..
The day came for which everyone was waiting n which will change everyone’s life tooo………..

what will happen next ????
Will swara be safe????
What plan destiny for everyone???
Thnk u……..Love u for ur supports……………….

Credit to: Ashi

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