Swaragini Ek nayi kahani Episode 5


THIS is the continuation of part 4 …
I am uploading now two episodes as I have time………plz try to comment…….
Shonu:Finally u stoped crying otherwise I don’t know how much god will be angry wid me.
Ok and everyone here I am Ragini Khanna.Nice to meet u all. (She is a very confident girl)
Everyone is surprised by ber matual talk and Suddenly the name strike them Ragini
All look towards ragini(big) and she smile
Shomi:lado is shee…
Rag noded in yes and sumi run to shonu and hug her.
Shomi:My shona my shona is back I miss u sooo much baby .*crying*
Shona was confuse:Aunty I am shonu not shona and why u missed me do I know u????
Shomi:yes dear I am ur nani and *pointing to shekher*he is ur nana .again hug her…..
shonu:Woooowww dadi u r sooo young I thought u will be old but u r also so beautiful that is why my momi and my massi is also beautiful na haha and she too hug her.
Now shekher get that she was swara’a daughter and layer of guilt and sadness come out in form of tears in his eyes.

Shonu went near him n hug him and cll him nanu.Shekhar hug her too and said
Shekar:My princess is back shomi I miss u soo much dear.n cried
Shonu:Why u all cry soo much I saw in indian serials but today I saw live woww
Everyone laugh and went back to there work but Maheswari n gadodiya family r busy in pampering the little princess and MF are waiying for a special person when
Shonu:U r dadi n dadu na (to Ap Dp) U r so beautiful dadi but dadu why u dont have hairs in ur head.????
All laugh out loud after hearing her cute question
Dp:I dnt know dear but I must say u r very intelligent. ….n make her sit on his lap
Shonu:ofcourse papi says I am like my momi intelligent brave beautiful talkative haha ……..Afterall iam his princess na….
After hearing Papi n momi sumi n shekhar again get sad coz swara used to call them like this.
shonu was missing sanky so she asked rags

shonu:Massi darling plz give me ur phone I want to talk wid my papi
Rag:Cutie do u know ur papi’s no
Shonu:ya today morning only papi remembered me his new number
Rag:Ok here it is
Shonu:open the phone and saw swaragini pic and smile and dial sanky’s number and cll him but he didnt lift it she call two times and keep the phone on the table and make a cute angry face.
Rag: What happen cutie why u are upset he must be busy dnt worry he will call u
shonu:Dont worry massi count till 20 n his call will be on ur phone
all are surprise by the talk of shonu as she was a carbon copy of swara
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Shona smile n recieve the phone n other open there mouth wth disbleve she keep the phone on speaker n sit quitely
Sanky:Hello princess is tht u *no rply*Princess princess my darling my cutiepie my momi’s girl sorry baby I was a bit busy I will do sit n up after reaching home ok plz baby sorry speak to papi
MF was happy n also sad after hearing sanky’s voice after 4 years
NOW sanky started to do emotional drama by making his voice face upset n as if he was crying
Sanky:princess I m sorry
Shonu fell bad n rply: papi dont cry u r my hero dnt cry I m not angry I was jst teasing u ok come fast I am waiting for u I am hungry.
sanky:What u r hungry itz been 2hours and u dnt have anything ask ur nani for something to eat I am coming u eat quickly ok I am coming
shona : papi hello **phone cut***

he will be here with in 20 min
shomi:dear come have something u said u r hungry na
Shonu: areee nono nani I want my api to be wid me so I said him I know him if I ask him to come he will nt come now he will come after 3-4 hrs so I said.
after 19min n 40 sec a car stop at the entrance and here comes our hero mr.Sanskar Khanna………….
Shonu run n jump on him n kiss him he kiss too.

Now the MF &GF are scared to face him as they kno sanky hates n was very angry and sanky’s anger is very bad but to there surprise he went to them n took blessing from everyone and ask sumi to being something to eat for shonu .He act normal but didnot tlk wid anyone nicely n freely (suspense why)

Soon sumi brought laddus chocomilkshake and ask shonu to eat n
sumi:I am making Piyosh u sit n eat I will come after sometime
Shonu:Papi start
Sanky:as u wish ur hiness

Sanky eat the first ome laddu n half to shonu n milk shake too n then both finished it then comes piyosh n both eat it n shona says:wow nani u mke so nice dishes but my papi is the best chef sorry

All are again shoke as sanky hate cooking he even dnt like to enter the kicthen n he also dont like to share food wid anyone
But now he was completely changed person .The person who use to wear jeans n t-shirts n hate suites n also he was never interested in bussiness now he is looking like a perfect bussiness man ………..sujata and ap was dishearted as sanky didnt even look towards them and was busy wid his daughter.

Sanky: ok princess I know now u will tell me that papi today I will stay wid my massi n all so ok u stay I will bring ur besty in sleep to u …….ok take care.he kissed her on her forhead and said to sumi:a plz take care of her ……….n if u need anything inform me……bye princess
shonu:Ii love u papi u r the best papi in the world and u also sleep nicely today I am not there na so I know momi will care of u bye papi live u too

Precape:Flashback in sanky’s point if view n ragini’s too

Laksh entry will be on next part and hope u like it bye……..guys.

Credit to: Ashi

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