Swaragini Ek nayi kahani Episode 4


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Guys I am trying as much long update I can but what can I do my hands were paining after writing continuesly for 1 hour.So I will try as long episode as I can.
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤Lets start¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
Next morning as usual sanky went to his princess room and wake her up but she refuse to wake up and says…….
Shonu (*Guys imagine her as ruhi from Yhm small and cute ruhi when the serial was started that age ruhi ok*):Papi why r u disturbing me my vacation are started so why to get up let me sleep she gve a cute pout look and again went to sleep.
Sanky smile and says

Sanky:Princess we r not going to school I am waking u up coz we r going India to ur Nana nani and dada dadi’s house for attening ur massi’s wedding.so get up princess.
Shonu:As soon as she heared about her family she jump up and start to dance wid happiness and excitement and hug her papi and shout :YEEEEEE I AM GOING TO INDIA YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……..
Sanky gave a fake smile coz he dont want to show her princess that he ia not happy as if she get to know that her papi is not happy she will not go.She is 4years old but she love her papi alot and understand everything.
soon after packing all the staff both went to airport and after some time Land India…………..


Shonu:Papi papi we will go to visit the places ok n u dont start ur work everywhere we will spent time together. ok?????*cute expression*
Sanky:Ok my princess anything for u…….now come u must be tired lets go to our home ok.
Shonu: papi u have brought our house with u. hooo how papi our house is sooooo big then how u manage to bring the house in this small aeroplane…….
Sanky:Hahhaaaa princess this is our new house in India that was our London house .Now c’mon lets goooooo……….

sanky took her in his arms and went o his car and soon they reach the beautiful house with all the comfort which sanky has bought before coming to India so that his princess dont get any problem.
The house contain a medium size swimming pool with water toys a beautiful garden with more then 30 different speices of Flowers as shonu love flowers.As they enter the house there is a big sofa which is of royal blue color at itz left it is the kitchen .There are more than 20 servents all are dressed in proper and neat way. then they went to his princess room which was of Blue n baby pink combo as it was shonu’s favorite coloures and the room was filled with all the cartoon characters toys .

Shonu:wow papi what a beautiful room papi this is my room ok.
Sanky: no princess this is my room u go to ur room.(control his smile)
Shonu:*pout and scold him*papi u r so big and we want to stay with toys shame shame ni this is my room ……
Sanky:Haha princess ofcourse this is ur room dear I am happy u like it.always bbe happy ok now freshup and come to have some snackes and ur favourite cocolate icecream.
Shonu:I love u papi u r the best…….
After sometime they enjoy yhe snackes and play videogames together and sanky made shonu sleep and took her to her room and went to his room.
His room was simple(Same as in the serial) There are Swara’s photo and Shonu’s and his photo and a very very special photo which was of his swara’s and shonu’s (she was just born) and it was the biggest pic in his room.
He smile and call someone

sanky:U r the best friend of mine and u know me more than anyone after my swara.Thank u the house and each and every thing is awsome yaar.
Aman:No need to thank me what u have done for me its nothing dude……ok u take rest and dnt worry abt here work I will handle u njy wid ur princess haha ok bye buddy.
Sanky went to swara’s pic and speak to her
Sanky:See shona I again came back to the place where I never want to come I miss u yaar why u leave me I am dying everyday widout u I am living only for our shonu but plz help me to face them I dnt know how I will be able to control my anger after seeing there face.but I know I have to for u for shonu and also for sumi ma coz I know she didnot do anything she was helpless………ok good nit darling. …………
[[[[]]]]][[[[[]]]]]][[[[[]]]]][[[[[]]]]]][[[[[[]]]]]][[[[[]]]]] A NEW MORNING IN INDIA

As usual sanky went to his princess room and wake her up she wake at one call as she was excited to meet her family soon both get ready and after breakfast both start there journey to Gadodiya and Maheswari Mansion (Guys Both the house is close to one another or can say in same colony)
Soon they reach and now sanky has tears of anger in his eyes but he compose himself for his princess.
And he pick her in his arms and went to gadodiya mension where some ceremony was going on.
He stand at the entrance of the house and said to shonu
Sanky:Princess this is ur nana nani’s house so go and meet them I hqve some work I will come afterwards. ok njy

Shonu:papi I already said that u have to be wid me all the time so now u r going not fair.and make a sad face.
Sanky:I am so sorry princess but u know na ur papi is a bit busy u r my smart girl she knows everything na so now be a good girl and go.
I will be back soon.
Shonu:ok papi anything for u.

As sanky left shonu run and dashed wid a lady and the flowers which she was caring fall on the shonu and shonu fall down……..
Shonu:sorry aunty only for my mistake ur flowers become bad but u know na I am so small I didnot saw u so sorry wid a cute smile.
The lady (think):such a cute girl she reminds me of cutie.and a tear roll down from her eyes
shonu:aunty plz dont cry plz I will tell papi and will ask him to bring one truck flowers we also have a big garden if u want u can take all the flowers but plz dont cry plz papi says if u make anyone sad or make them cry god will be angry with us plz dnt cry otherwise god will be angry wid me.
He lady:a smile came on her face after listening to her and as her (to shonu) Baby what is ur name who is ur papi???

shonu:My name is Ragini Khanna and my papi went for a work he will come after sometime.
(guys actually Swaragini has decided that in future if swara will have a baby girl then her name will be ragini and vice versa
and if boy then swara will keep his boy name-Ragya and ragini-Swastik.Early sme name)
the lady:What is ur mother name baby (cares her face and cry remembering swara)
Ragini:My momi’s name is loving swara khanna.U know she is very beautiful and her eyes are just like u.
The lady:*shocked/surprise/happy: Wid tearly eyes u r my cutie’s girl u r my cutie .u r just like ur momi beta I am ur massi ma and u know my Name is also Ragini .
Shonu: * Happy *Wow masssii u r so beautiful and where were u so many days u know I missed u soooooooooo much haha now I will be wid u only.
Ragini:Ya baby u will be always wid me I will not let u anywhere I mad a mistake years ago but not now.I missed u too baby (And cried heart out)

Every one gather there and ask ragini what happen and who is this girl then Shekhar Shomi Dadi Dada Ap Dp n everyone come to her and ask her
Shomi:kya hua beta n who is this girl n see her face she also get tearly eyes *think*She reminds me of shona
Shekhar:Who r u beta where r ur parents?????
Dadi:Same emotion as sumi
shonu:Wait wait first let me make massi happy then I will speak to u all ( to rag) Ragu darling dont care u know I hate tears u r soo beautiful u dnt look good while crying plz stop crying massi plz plz

all are hell shock as only Swara call ragini ragu darling and were tearly eyes some of sadness some guilt n sme helplessness.
After sometime ragini compose herslf n give a smile to shonu

To b cntnue….

Credit to: Ashi

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