swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 30


hello everyone…. Thanks for the comments… I am sorry but I can’t bring swara back.. it’s impossible….

Morning in hospital
Swastika and sanskar are sleeping on either side of bed in sitting position by placing their head on bed.?
Sanskar woke up first and smiles seeing ☺ swastika keeping her hand on little rag while sleeping.
He went near his daughter and kissed ? her forehead and went to meet doctor.
Here swastika woke up and cares her Cutie’s hair and see sanskar missing.
At that time sanskar come with doctor
After checking shonu
Doc:☺ She is fine now but take proper care of her she is weak.
That time shonu open her eyes and calls for sanskar.
Shonu:*in low voice*Popi
Sanskar immediately hug her and kissed her cheeks swastika is very happy to see her cutie well she kissed her her cheeks
Swa:Doc when we can discharge her?
Doc:U can take her after a while.
Soon after completing the formalities swasan n shonu went home.

All are waiting for swasan and shonu.They are very happy because their child is alright and also the thought of swasan marriage.
Swasan entered with shonu.sans holding her in his arms..and swastika walking with him
Rag: sweety how is she now?
Swas: she is alright now just need rest and don’t need to worry.
Sumi:Thank god….(cares little rags hair)
Sans: i will take her to room….by saying this he went upstairs by carrying his daughter…
Swas is about to go with him when rags stopped her and say they want to speak with her.
Rags:?sweety wait we have to speak with u.
Swas:ha bolo di
Sumi: beta ..we want to speak abt sans marriage
Swas: thank god I too want to speak this matter
All are surprised???
Rags :?wat?
Swas: yes di i want to speak with u all about kavitha and sanskar marriage.
All are shocked..
Suja:?wat r u saying beta??
Swas: yes aunty how long will sans stay alone wat is his mistake?
Even cutie needs mother na.
Sans deserves to enjoy his life.
Lak:?but kavitha…

Swas: ya jiju
She was d the one sanskar loved in his college days.I hope sans Will agree for marriage if it is kavita and cutie will get father and mom’s love.
I hope u all don’t have any problem.then I will speak with kavitha and sanskar.
All are sad now bcz for them swasan is made for each other (for me too.. Swasan is best)
Suju: but beta …we thought something…?

Swas: ?wat aunty…
Ap signs suju…
Suju: nothing beta..?
Rag: ?are u sure about this sweety?
I mean don’t u have any problem.
Swas: wat do u mean??wat problem i hve??..i am happy for both sanskar and cutie…
Rag: nothing….u take rest…..will speak with sanskar later…
Swas: ok….(and leave to her room…ie guest room)
Suju:?wat is this jiji???
I thought swasan like each other.
Ap: lets leave it to gods hand
At evening swastika room
Ragini come to call her.
Rags: Sweety
(Swastika was not in room.)
She is abt to leave the room..but stop seeing paper on her feet which flew from study table she is abt to place it at table.
But stops by seeing letters are smerged at some place she starts to read it and get ??
By reading the letter tears ??are flowing from her eyes continuously and she understood the reason of letters smerged.
Suddenly someone tap her shoulder she turns.

Rags:?laksh.(hugged him and cry continously)
Laksh: wat happen?y r u crying?is everything ok?
Rag showed the letter to him…he reads and he is surprised and shocked.
In letter
God please give me strength for wat i am going to face the worst pain of my life which i never want to face.
But its needed for everyone’s happiness.
Specially my sanskar and my cutie’s happiness.
My sanskar….noooo…did i ever have tat right to say that…no i don’t.
Swastika is always stranger to sanskar now she is swara’s sister apart from that we don’t hve any relation.
Is it true???
Yes for others it is true…..but who knows what sanskar mean to swastika….he is her life…her reason to exist……but no one know this… Even sans don’t know this…i don’t want anyone to know this…he suffered a lot…he has full rights to live his life…he deserves happiness…..for that he should get marry…he will agree only for kavitha…bcz she was his love…cutie will get mom’s love…sanskar will become happy man like before….
God plsssssss..support me and guide me…i should not fall weak before others….i want sanskar and cutie to live happily…

For that kavsan should get married…I hope everything will goes well…. Should convince sans now.
Letter ends

Lak looks shocking at rags who is ?
Rags: ?sweety has habit of writhing letters like this if she don’t want to share with others
But I never know she loves sanskar.
Lak: yes i am shocked too we will speak about this swastika.
In MM….terrace

Sans: ?wat r u saying???marriage.

Swas: yes..how long u will be alone sanskar don’t u think its time for move on don’t u think ur princess need mom love?
San:?i can take care of my daughter alone..like i did these years nd she is there for me…
Swas: ya u can take care of ur daughter.but ur daughter needs mom.now she won’t hve issues but when she grown up she needs her mom to be there for each imp stage of her life.
I hope u understand what i mean.
Sans: how can someone treat my princess like her daughter?how can she understand our bond?
Swas: if there is some one then will u accept for marriage?
Sans: yes(he wishes swastika should tell her name but he don’t understand the reason)

Swas:(crying inside her heart)?Yeeey….i am so happy…

Sans: ?but who is she??
Swas:? u know her very well…
Swas: Kavitha.
Sans shocked and also sad…give fake smile
Swas: yes i know u will be happy
Sans: how will she agree for this
Swas: tat I will take care.
After speaking with kavitha will inform to our family.
Now I will meet kavitha
Sans: wat now
Swas: yes I am going to meet her now
Swas goes with excitement (crying inside???)nd sans feels uncomfortable abt thought of his marriage with kavitha.

Precap: kavswas meeting and engagemen talk.

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