Swaragini Ek nayi kahani Episode 3


Hello friends……..
why this tellyupdates take so much time to upload the ff’s I have to write it now at mid 2 am for u all so that I can upload it daily ……..sacrificing my lovely sleep……..Haha …….bad joke rit sorry……

ya again sorry to disappoint u all but the girl in the pic is our Swara-Helly and thw boy is our sanskar-varun .Swasan is my favourite couple after Arshi (Khushi n arnav) & Tani n anurag now itz only swasan……..
So sorry all ragsan fans sorry …..hope u will like my ff n also thanks for the comments love u all ………
>>>>>>Lets gooooo <<<<<<
As sanky was sleeping Aman come to his cabin and wake him up and asked. ..
Aman: what happen buddy why r u crying missing bhabi na?????,
sanky (wid a slight smile):I dont have to miss her aman coz she is always wid me besides me.She is her (pointing towards his heart) and in my shonu.Hum yaad unhe karte hai jinko bhulaya jata hai par swara ko toh main kabhi bhul hi nahi toh yaad karneka koi swal hi nahi ata am I wrng??????
Aman:ya u r absolutely right man.ok tell me wht u have decided abt the deal???? r u in????
Sanky:I need sometime I will inform u tomorrow. ….

by saying this he leaves for shonu's school to pick her n after picking her to there home sweet home.
After reaching home both freshup n sat to watch tv or can say sanky accompany shonu to watch her favourite cartoon :-p
Because he dont want that shonu feel alone she has a nanny (who takes care of younge children)who loves her alot and whenever sanky is busy he will leave her in guidance of nanny but still as a small kid she need her parents time which sanky understand so he spend as much time as he can wid her .
After some time both had there dinner and sanky made shonu sleep and went to his room to work.
He was busy working when one od the servent come and gave sanky an envolpe.
He took it n the maid went away.
After completing his work he check the mail n he was shock/surprise…
It was an invitation card from India which states that Ragini's wedding is fix wid Laksh on 20 May which is after 3 weeks.and he is invited.
He kept the card aside when he got another letter in it ……It was writn:
Dear Sanskar,
I am Ur sumi aunty. I and on behalf of ragini is writting this letter that plz come to this marriage not for u but for me for my shona's happiness and also for my grandchild I even dont know if its a boy or a girl but plz beta come for once. i know past cannot be changed but we can make our future better na so plz think and decide Hope u r fine n hope u see u n my child soon.
Love sarmishta ma
Sanky had tears flashbacks of the past is coming infront of his eyes how his life changed and how he changed.
Now he has three reason to vist India….
1) To fulfill his love last words
2)For sumi ma and ragini
3) For his company.

He didnot sleep whole night as he didnot got a peaceful sleep for last 4 years but still he sleeps to live and to act as strong amd fit infront of his princess and his love who is looking him from the sky.But that night he cannot sleep for a while he was thinking how to face them how can he face the people whom he hated from last 4 years and only for swara's word he has given his and there child's info to them and only for her now he has decided to go India and do all his duties.

What ia written in destiny noone knows but we fool people try to change our destiny and spoil our present amd future too.
What is going to happen next is it will be a easy and normal trip for sanskar or I will change his life???
Questions are many but answers are nowhere I myself dont know what is going to happen next but I will try my best to make u guys imterest in my ff but if it is boring plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
tell me I will surely change the plot n plz comment.

ok now I am going to sleep my head is paining as I am using a small phone n it takes nearly 1 hour to write and post so itz 3 am GOOD NIGHT+GOOD MORNING

Love u all

Credit to: Ashi

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