swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 29


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Recape:Sanskars anger n breakdown
Sanskar was still hugging her n crying. Somehow Swastika and lucky make sanskar sit in chair.but still he is holding her hand tightly.
All are very sad and helpless by seeing his condition..
Nurse come said only two people can stay here.
Sumi,ragini came forward to stay in hospital.but Dp said sanskar and swastika will stay here and convince others.All went home.
Only swasan are there now.
Sanskar is weeping silently ??by holding swastika hand,without concentrating on what is happening around.
Swastika was feeling helpless by seeing sanskar in this condition.
Swa:?Sanskar plz stop crying shonu will be OK plz.
San:?I can’t live without her I will die widout my princess ?
Swa:?Nothing will happen to her I am there na
After weeping for sometime he slept by placing his head on swastika shoulder.
TIme pass but shonu’s condition was still same.
Swastika make sanskar sleep properly on the bench n went near shonu’s room n sat near her watch her lil cutie’s condition n curse herself.
Swa:??I am sorry cutie (to swara) I am not able to take care of ur baby. I am useless.please cutie(shonu)get up. See ur pops is dying to hear ur voice baby plz get up.By saying this she hug her hand n cries.
She feel a movement in her body n rush to call doc.
Doc check shonu n swastika wake up Sanskar.
Both were hell scared.Doc come near them n sanskar hold swastkia’s hand tightly widout his knowledge.
Doc:Now she is fine but needs proper care n rest.
After doctor left swasan rushed to see their cutie.who is now sleeping peacefully.
Sanskar:(kiss on her forehead)
Princess get well soon beta I am dying to hear your voice.?

Swastika:?Don’t worry sanskar She will get well soon
Sanskar:?I am sorry
Swastika:?for what??

Sanskar:?for my behavior….i… I was

Swastika:(placing her hand on Cutie’s head)I can understand sanskar u r not all fault.
They have a small eyelock…silence spread around them.sanskar break the silence.
Sanskar: you haven’t eat anything.wait I will get something to eat for you.
With that he left,without waiting for reply to avoid akwarness.
Swastika caressing her cutie hair and remember sanskar’s words.how he is feeling lonely…
Then she remember kavitha.
Swastika:?I promise you cutie you will get both mother and dad love. Sanskar deserve happiness.I should speak about this to sanskar.
Nofirst I will discuss this with family and speak with kavitha and then I have to convince sanskar.
By thinking this ,deep pain arise in her heart,only she know the reason behind that.???
All are sitting in hall.
Rag:? mom cutie is now ok,
Sweety informed me.and sanskar is also fine.
All are happy to listen this.
Sujatha: Sharmista ji if you don’t mind shall you give swastika’s hand for sanskar.
All are shocked by her sudden talk.
Sumi:(happily)if it happens I would be the happiest person in the world.
Rag:?But we don’t know what they are thinking?
Ap: ☺i am sure swastika and sanskar will make perfect pair.they will only can give parents love to our little ragini.
Shekar:if they both are happy then we don’t have any problem.
Rag:?If u have any problem also I dnt care if sweety agrees noone can stop me to unite them. I will do anything for my cutie(shonu)
By saying this she went from there.
All are sad specially Shekhar as after swara’s death Ragini never talked properly Wid him.But soon compose himself.
They decided to speak with themafter they return to home.
Sanskar return with coffee and snacks.he handover that to swastika.
Swastika:?what about u??
Sanskar:Actually I am not feel hungry.u have it.
Swastika:(pass him the plate)If u don’t have your dinner,then your princess will not spare us for not taking care of her popi.So plz we dnt wanna face her anger.
Sanskar:(smile lightly)ya she will.start to eat with her.
Suddenly Swastika starts to cough
Sanskar rub her back and make her drink water.
Now he is holding her by her shoulder and both are close to each other.
Swastika remember something and break the eye lock… And get up from her place
Swas:?I am OK sanskar
And left from the room
Sanskar is in deep thought
Outside the room
Swas: I have to speak with family and kavitha. I couldn’t bear this pain anymore.
By saying this she cried ??????

Precab:swastika convincing family and ragini is shocked to see something.

Hello guys this was my ff only ? I know some will kill me after knowing this as I stoped in middle but dnt worry now I ll write all my stories.
Love u all

one question do u want sanskar Ragini swastika should forgive Shekhar so soon

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  1. Abirsha

    Divyanshri whether this is ur ff???? Wow super dr…. U know what i love this ff a lot…. I always have been waiting for this ff…. Its very very nice…. Dont want ragini and swastika to forgive shekar soon…. Pls update next part soon dr….

  2. Shruthis

    wow superb dear 🙂

  3. I love it plzz Post soon

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Superrrr ☺

  5. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  6. Awesome dear ??

  7. I know it is probably impossible but please can you make sawra come back into sanskars life I am missing her so much

    1. Divyanshri

      it is not possible Alisha….. ? sorry but why r u missing her…… swastika is there no…. ?it’s so confusing as why u r missing her…. I have just changed her name…. but her role is played by helly Shah only na……

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