Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 27


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Recape:shonu n sanskar bond.

Shonu was with ragu n samy tha day as sanskar was busy.
Samy went for her job interview.

Interview was going on…..samy was very much confident n after sometime interview was completed n she got the post of Cardiologist department.
She was very happy n wnt home jumping in happiness.
In midway she took ice cream to celebrate n went home.

All were there (Mf&Gf) sitting n discussing about Raglak wedding.
Samy come n inform everyone that she got the job.
All were happy for her she serve ice cream to everyone n went.to make a call.
Samy:Hello…Sanskar. …
OS:Sorry mam sir is in a meeting please drop ur msg I will inform him as soon as he will be free.
Samy:Oh ok…..tell him that Swastika called n whem he will be free call me.
OS:ok mam thank u.

After cutting the call she come to shonu took heer in her lap n sit down.
Samy:Cutie what u did the whole day?
Shonu:Nothing played with Ragu masi n Lucky chachu….
Samy:Oh accha…..
Ragu:Sweety then lets go for shopping.?
Samy:Ok I will come wait for sometime.
Ragu nodded n samy went to her room.
After sometime raglak Shonu n samy went to shopping.

Shonu was in laksh Lap
Laksh:Ragini what u wanna buy first?
Ragu:Lets start from Lehenga’s.
They were selecting lehenga n shonu laksh were yarning as they were bore.
Shonu:Chachu how much more time they will take?
Lak:Dnt know princess. …….
Shonu:Chachu what u will wear?
Lak:I will wear serwani. ….
Shonu:What is that?
Lak:When I will buy u will see….
Shonu:Then lets go n buy for u I am bore.
Lak:Good Idea princess u r so smart.
(To ragu) Ragini we r going to men’s section after completing ur shopping u come there ok.
Ragu nodded n both went from there.
¤¤¤¤¤Men’s section¤¤¤¤¤¤
Laksh show shonu what sherwani is n she help him to buy them.
Lak:Princess how is it (he saw a red serwani)
Shonu:Very nice chachu.
She look around n saw a Blue serwani.
Shonu:Chachu buy this also
Lak:Princess I already bought 5 sherwani’s then why again this.
Shonu:Aree not for u chachu for my popi. He will look very good I this dress.
Laksh smile n took the serwani.
Here ragu n samy also complete there shopping n went near shonu n laksh.
Ragu:Laksh all done.
Lak:Ya princess helped me to choose.
Samy:Oh really ….
shonu nodded but she was lost in some thought.
Samy:What happen cutie u look sad?
Shonu:No massi nothing.
Samy sit on her knees n askes her
samy:Cutie what happen tell me?
Shonu with tearly eyes:I am missing popi.
Samy n raglak feel sad
Samy:Aree baby dnt be sad popi went for a meeting he will come back by tomorrow noon na…
Shonu nodded.
Samy indicate someting to raglak.
Lak:princess lets go to that toy shop we will buy some toys for u.
Shonu: no need chachu popi bought many toys I dnt want now any.
Samy:Then lets go n buys dresses for u
Shonu just stand there samy took her in her lap n all head towards kids section.
¤¤¤¤¤KIDS SECTION¤¤¤¤¤
Samy:Excuse ms can u show us lehenga’s for her (pointing to shonu)
SK:yes ……
They look for sometime n bought 3 lehenga’s. one barbie frock shoes n other accessories.
After completion of the shopping all went to cafeteria.
Ragu:Cutie what u wanna eat?
Samy smile:Okay which pizza?
Shonu:Mushroom pizza wid cheese.
Samy:Popi’s favorite? ???
Shonu nodded.
Ragu:How do u know that it was sanksar’s taste.
Samy:Actually swara use to talk about sanskar’s likes n dislikes with me alot so I know.
Ragu:Oh…..So r u happy now as u got ur job.
Samy:Yes…very happy n all thanks to sanskar he helped me to choose the best hospital.
Ragu smile.
Shonu n laksh bring the pizza n coke n they all start eating it.
That time samy got a call.

OS:HEllo its me sanskar?
Samy:Oh hi sanskar how was ur meeting?
Sanskar:It was good.Swastika where is princess she is fine na?
Samy:Ya sanskar she is fine just missing u she is eating pizza.
Sankar:Ok…oh u called me?
Samy:oh ya…I forgot to tell u…I got the job.
sanskar:Oh dtz great.Okay swastika take care of princess I dnt know why i amfeeoing restless.
Samy:Dnt worry she is safe.
sanskar:Ok b..ye..
Samy hangup the call n come back to her sit.
Samy:U all stared without me??? Very bad.
Shonu:Now u eat massi.
samy:Smile n stared to eat.
After a while shonu started to cough.She sge turn red due to contionus coughing.
All thre get tense.
Samy:Cutie what happen? ?
she come near her n touch her.
Samy:Oh god she got high fever bit wht happen suddnely……
Ragu:Samy lets take her to hospital.
All rush to the hospital.

Samy to doc:Doc plz check quickly what happened to ber suddenly. ..she was fine few mins ago.
Doc:Have she eaten something?
Ragu:Ya pizza n coke.
Doc:I think she is allergic to something n that is why she get food poisoning.
All are shock.
Lak:Doc she will be fine na.
Doc: ya if the poison is not spread. we have to do an operation.
Samy:What …..pleasedo quickly doc.
Doc:Ok who is her parents I mean mother or father.
Trio look towards eachother.
Doc:Quick we dnt have much time.
Ragu:Actually doc. …
Samy:I am her mother.
Raglak is shock.
Doc:Ol complete the formality.
Samg wnt to complte the formality after coming back she got a call from sanskar.
Sanskar:Hellloooo swastika sorry to disturb u again but can u please give the phone to princess I am feeling restless I will be ok if I talk with her once. so …please can u?
Sanskar:Hello swastika r u there.
Samy:*Crying*Sanskar woh….cuite.Sanskar panic:what happen swastika why r u crying is princess okay?
Hello speakup swastika. .
Samy:Cutie is in hospital.
Sanksar shout:What hospital whg what happen.
Samy tell him everything.
Sanskar shout on someone there.
Sanskar to samy:SWASTIKA I am coming n please give the phone to the doc
Samy run near the doc who was about to enter the ot.
Samy:Doc her father wants to talk with u.
while giving the phone the speaker get on.
Sanskar:*panic n was shouting*Hello doc what happened to her?
Doc:She got food poisoning n it is spread in her body now.we r going to do her operation.
Sanksar:What operation who gave u he permission to do operation?
Doc:Ur wife .
Sanskar:What? who….
Samy intrupt:Sanskar its me …listen calm down she will be fine.
Sanksar:What r u talking how can I calm down……I am coming dnt do nything with my daughter.
Samy:Sanskar till u come it will be very late.We may loose….
Sanksar:*shout* shut up…how dare u speak like that….ok start the operation but please dnt let her anything happen please swastika.
Samy :Nothing will happen to her Sanskar .
She hang up n cried .
Ragu:Why u said that u r her mother.?
Samy:I dnt know di ….that timw what I thought is right I said.if something will happen then wht we wilm do di…..I love her alot I dnt wanna loose her…..like my cuite.
Ragu hug her:Nothing will happen to her dnt cry be strong.
Laksh inform family members.

Sanskar was running like mad her n there Aman (His pa) was also panic as he know what is shonu for him.
He left his meeting board his private jet n rush to kolkata .


What will happen guys…..now????
just wait n watch……

Credit to: Ashi

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