Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 26

Hi guys……I was out of town so sorry for very late update…….
I am not getting comments so I am a lill sad but no worries I wil continue my story as it is my first attempt n I will not leave it mid way…….

Recape:Swasan friendly talk.Sanakar shonu masti.

After talking for sometime both come back to there respective homes.

********GM*******(SAMY’S ROOM)
After taking shower she come n sit in her bed thinking something very deeply.
That time Ragini come to her n aw her in thought.She went near her n bring her back to reality.
Samy smile:Ragu di when u came?
Ragu:When u were in deep ……what happen sweety r u ok?
Samy:Ya di I m perfectly fine.
Ragu:If u wanna share anything u can .
Samy:ya I know di u dnt worry.
ragu:So tell me what u were thinking.
Samy:Actually di….I was thinking about sanskar.
Ragu:*confuse*Sanskar? What about him?
Samy:Actually today I saw sanskar he was talking with cutie.
Ragu:But cutie didnot come till now to me.
Samy:Aree no di I am talking about swara.Sanskar was talking with swara.
Ragu:Oh…..He was very close to cutie so….I think he miss her.
Samy:Hmmm…..he loves very much.
That time shonu come running to them.
She climb on the bed n hug both.
Shonu:Good …morning
Samy/Ragu:Good morning cutie….
Ragu:When u woke up baby..
Shonu:Fee mins ago.
Ragu:Did u have ur bf?
Shonu nodded no.
Ragu:What u wanna have?
Shonu:Chocolate cake.
Samy:Ok but it will take time n till then u should eat something na.
Ragu:Ok I will make upma n milkshake ok?
Shonu smile n nodded in yes.
All went down.Shonu run near dadi n hug her.
Dadi:Hai mara ghanu shamji……Aree beta arram se….
Shonu:Dadi u have become old.*make funny faces*All smile looking at her.
Dadi:Jaisi ma waisi beti.*smile*
All become sad but still compose themself for her.

*******IN MM*******
All were shitting in dinning table.
Sanskar come there talking with someone in his phone.

Sanskar:Yes Mr.Dixit r u confirm.
Sanskar:Ok fine…thank u.
Call end.
All were having there bf.
Ap:Sanskar beta have this ur favourite dish
Sanskar pass the plate n Ap serve him.
Sujju:Beta where is shonu ?
Sanskar:Mom she went to GM.
Ap:But she has not eat anything from morning.
Sanskar:She will eat there only. u dnt worry.
At that time another call come.
Sanskar:Yes Aman …..ya I know u forward me the slides I will see it.
Sanskar:Ok u be ready I will meet u t the airport only. ok bye.
Call end.
Dp:U are going somewhere beta?
Sanskar:Yes badepapa I have a meeting in California. Tonight .
at that time shonu call him.
Sanskar smile:Yes princess. …..bf done?
Shonu:Yes popi …..u?
Sanky:I am having mine.
Shonu:Good….ok popi where we r going today?
Sanskar smile faded:Princess today I have a meeting so I am ….a …bit busy…soo…
Shonu sad:OK…No problem.
Sanskar never said no to shonu so he was very sad but shonu was very smart.
Sanky cut the call and become sad.
Ap:What happen beta ….
Sanskar:Nothing badima.
After a while Shonu come running to him.
Shonu:*breathing heavily*po…pi. what happen?
Sanskar shock:Princess what happen to u? come sit her.
He took her in his lap n make her drink water.
Shonu after relaxing:Popi u were not talking on phone so I come to see u.
Sanskar smile:Oh nothing…..dnt worry I am ok.
Shonu:Ok..popi where r u going today?
Sanskar:I have a meeting beta so first I will go to California n then I will go to London for some paper work.
Shonu:When u will be back?
Sanskar:By tomorrow evening.
Shonu hug him:Ok popi come soon.
Sanskar:I will miss u baby.
Shonu:Me too popi .
All were adoring there bond.
All finish here bf. n went to hall.
There samy was sitting.
Ap:Aree Swastika beta when u came?
Samy:I came with cutie she run from there so all were tense for her so I follow her.
Sanskar:princess u shouldn’t do this
shonu:Solly popi.
Sanskar nodded his head.
Samy smile t him n he to smile her back.
Samy:So happy cutie.
Shonu:hug her…yes very happy….
Samy:Ok then lets go. ragu di has completed her baking lets go.
Shonu went to Sanskar:Bye popi take care. n kiss him
Sanskar too kiss her:U to princess.
Samy n shonu went.
Sanskar call samy.
Sanskar:Swastika listen.
Samy:Ya sanskar.
Sanskar:Actually u asked about the hospitals na so from my investigation I get to know that goenka has a bad history n life care is also not so good so from side I will suggest u to choose sunshine.
Samy: is it…thank u so much Sanskar.
Sanskar:My pleasure.
Samy n shonu went to GM.

Precape:Samy ragu n shonu shopping masti.Sanskar meeting.

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