Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 25


Hello everyone…….
Hope you are liking my fanfiction….
I know it’s not so good but I am just trying to show the bond between a father n his daughter.
This is also love.
LOVE doesnot mean to love a boy or a girl we love our parents too so please have patience I will bring swasan scenes soon .

Sanskar:Princess bade dadu means to say that every name has its own meaning and importance.
Shonu:How ?
Sanky:Princess to live our life we need a society n to live with this society we need to be good our moral values should be good and moral value is called Sanskar in Hindi
shonu:Hooo ur name popi…..
Sanky:*smile*Yes.Again if we have to live we have be something lile we have to aim something and to fulfill our aim we have to work study n that aim is called Laksh in hindi.
Shonu:Chachu’s name.
Sanky:Yes and in our life we have someone whom we admire the most like I admire my badepapa n I wanted to be a bussiness man like him so he is my ideal and ideal is called Aadarsh in Hindi.
shonu:oh but popi what I will call him?
Sanky:He will be your badepapa becz he is elder to me na so.
Shonu:Oh now I understood if I have to be big girl I have to be with u three….
All smile at her cute talks.
Sanky:Ok princess so now ur doubts are clear?
Shonu:No one more question?
Sanky:Ask then?
Shonu:Everyone’s name have meaning?
Sanky nodded.
shonu:Then what is meaning of my name?
Sanky look towards others as he dnt know he look towards big ragini.
Ragini smile and went near shonu.
Rag:Cutie I think ur popi dnt know the meaning of our name?
Shonu:Is It popi?
Sanky nodded.
Shonu:Then why u kept my name Ragini?
Sanky:Because ur momi asked me to do so…..
Shonu:Oh ok.
Shw was a bit sad as she dnt get to know her name meaning.
Sumi saw her and was thinking something.
She went near swastika and say her something to do.
at first she refuse but then agreed.

Swastika came infront of shonu n took her in her laps.
Swastika:U wanna know the meaning of ur name baby?
Shonu nodded
swas:Ok ur name means musical voice
Shonu:Meaning my name is music
Rago se rachi hui Ho tum RAGINI

Ragu was tearly eyes she went near swastika n hug her.
Shonu:Oh n ur name meaning?
Swastika draws a swastik symbol :This the meaning of my name.
Shonu:And what is the meaning of momi’s name?
Swas:Suror se saji hui SWARA
Shonu:Her meaning is also music.
(to ragu) Massi my name is your name and ur name also mean music and momi’s name also mean music why?
Rag:Because we were SWARAGINI
our bond was unbreakable.
Shonu was confuse but she didnt speak anything as she saw all were sad.
Soon all had there dinner and went to sleep.
Sanskar wake up n went to see shonu .
He kissed her and went for his jogging. He was going to the park where swara and he used to sit after jogging or whenevr they fight with each other.
The park was very beautiful n greeny .He went and sit at the bench. The bench was bothsidede opposite of eachother.

Sanskar was sitting with tearly eyes.
Sanky:U remember this place princess? we use to come here every morning n wheneber we fight.
It was so much fine na.I miss u very much.
Otherside someone was looking at him with tearly eyes.
OS:She is with us sanskar.
Sanskar turn around and saw swastika sitting on the opposote side.
Sanskar compose himself:Hi swastika ……U here?
Swas:Ya I also love this place.
Sanskar:Oh….so I am sorry but I dnt know about u much.
Swas:*smile*Ya…..I am swastika u know .I am a doctor by profession.
sanskar:Oh wow…….Nice so how is work going .I am where do u work. I guess in Australia right?
Swas:Ya but I am shifting my work here as I am planning to shift here permanently.
Sanskar:Oh nice .So what did u thought where u r going to work in which Hospital?
Swas:Ya I have got 3 appointment letters from trhree best hospitals but I am a bit confuse.
Sanskar:Ok…..tell me I can help u…
All the three are good but which is the best I dnt know.
sanskar:Which department are u in?
Swas:I am cardiologist .
Sanskar:Oh dil ka doctor*smile*
Swas:*Smile*Yea i am…….
After talking for sometime they went back home.
Precap: Swasan scene n much more

Guys I am trying my best hope u will like it.
N swastika and sanskar will be friends first gradually they will fall in love.

Credit to: Ashi

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