Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 24


Hello everyone………
Sorry for being late
After recieving the letters all were crying holding it.
Becz of guilt happiness saddness anger n much more.

Sanskar and shonu went for shopping.

Sanskar was holding her hand and bodyguards were behind them.
Shonu:Popi lets go to that toy shop.
Sanky:ok princess lets go.
Shonu bought many toys specially chota bheem n shin chan.
she was jumping with excitement.
Sanky was smiling.
Soon toy shopping was over.
Sanky:Princess now come lets buy some clothes for you….
shonu:Ok but first we will buy some dresses for you
sanky:I have many clothes beta
shonu:No lets try something new.
sanky:what new
shonu:come with me.
Both went to mens section n shonu was roaming around n looking dresses for her popi.
Soon she saw t-shirts.
Shonu:popi there come.
Sanky:princess I dnt were t shirts .

shonu:U wear t-shirts I saw in pic
u alwys were this boring dresses now come lets see which color will suit u.
sanky :fine (but he was a bit sad becz aftr swara death he stopped wearing tees)
Shonu bought many tees n jeans for him and also changed his present clothes.
Shonu:Look popi u r looking so cute.
*Sanky was wearing white t-shirt n black half jacket wid denim jeans.*

*U must be thinking how shonu came to know boys fasion so let me tell u shonu saw sanky’s old college days pic n he look so handsome so she came insearch of that type of clothes*
After that both went to buy clothes for shonu .
After completion of shopping they went to have ice cream n by evening back home.

Sanky n shonu come back at MM (As both are staying there)
MF & GF both are present there to discuss about the wedding.
As soon as sanky n shonu entered all were surprised by sanky’s look.
As after coming back he only wore suites n tracks.
Shonu saw them.
shonu:What r u all looking?*look towards the direction*Oh my popi he is looking cute na I know that day dadi saw me popi’s old pic n he look so good so I went with him for shopping.
All smile looking at her.
Sanky too smile n sat with everyone as shonu was busy showing her shopping stuffs.
Sanky was adoring his princess n smiling n by looking him smiling all are happy.But a pair of eyes were much more happy then others.
But a phone call disturb them.
Sanky on phone
Sanky:Yes Mr.Dixit…..*Smirk while listening the caller*
Sanky:As I said before its ur prblm…….

Ya ofcourse its special project for me not only special but most important project.
Not only becz I will get lots of profit but more than that its name on my daughter n I will not repeat this again.For me anything In which my daughter or her name is included is important.
All were amazed by this n also happy.
Shonu look towards sanky n sanky smile at her.
Sanky:*more cute*Mr dixit if within 30 min If I dnt get to hear what I want to it will raise problm to u n ur Boss too.
He cut the call and sit back at his place.

Dp with lots of courage:Sanskar what is the matter?
For a min there is a complete silence n everyone knows that he will not reply.
But to there surprise sanky rplys to him.
Sanky:Nothing much badepapa I am starting my new project on princess name but the partner of this project is creating some trouble.
DP:What they want to keep thw name?
Sanky:I dnt know n I dnt wanna know also.I will decide what to do wid my project not them.
DP:What is the project for?
Sanky:Its a musical institution.
DP:Oh thats good but what u will do if they wilk not agree with ur demand.
Sanky:*With business attitude* They dnt have any other choice Rather than accepting my demand.
DP:Why so we should not thing oir rival weak… *cut*
Sanky:Just wait n watch badepapa within 10min they will call.
DP:So much confidence? ??
Sanky:Yes why not afterall I am S.K

Dp smile n all were happy that sanky is so much matured n has forgiven them.
Sanky:Princess count from 10-1.
shonu:ok popi
…….TRING……. TRING……..
Sanky smirk n others were amazed. He keep the call on speaker.
Opposite side:Hello Mr.Khanna I am Stephen.
Sanky:Yes Mr.Stephen so what u have decided.

OS:Well we accept ur demand.Becz we cant take the risk to mess wid Mr.S.K
Sanky:Good for u
OS:Ok so when we have to come India For signing the paper.
Sanky:Whenever u want I am free.
OS:ok then we will be there by they after tomorrow.
Sanky:As u wish.
He cut the call.He had a jung jitnewali smile.Others specially dp rp shekhar’s mouth were open.
Dp:How did u do this beta.
Sanky:I told u before only bade papa
Rp:But how they agreed n they are even coming fpr signing the papers.
Sanky:Actually the institution which I am going to open will bring great profit nearly 200 crores.
Sanky:Ya actually in London there are many people who are found of music n also in our classical music but there are no such institution in which they can learn music So we are providing them education with all the facilities and also scholarships.
Dp:ok we get that but beta why they are so much in need of this project.
Sanky:Becz they dnt habe any other choice.

Sanky:our partner company is a big company but due to some causes they have to sale the shares n one of my company bought all there shares so if they dnt agree wid my cndition they have to lose there company too.
Dp:If u have so much shares then why u have to do partnership.
Sanky:Bcz they are the most reputed and strong competitor of our company so if they will be our partners they cant ditch us.
we should be aware of our enemies.

Dp:Wow beta what a business mind we are proud of u.
Sanky:Thanks.(to shonu) princess so what u r planning to do now
shonu:popi all are planning for ragu masi n luks chachu’s engagement
Sanky:*laugh*princess its laksh not luks.
shonu:*pout*Ya ya …..but I cannot take the name its so hard just like yours.
Sanky:*laugh*O really ok once take my name.
Shonu:No need u will all laugh.
Swas:Noone will laugh cutie
All laugh at her curte expressions.
Sanky:*laugh*Haha….princess its Sanskar.
Shonu:Wait…….aFter a pause of 5min…….S…anskar yes I get it sanskar…….yeh yeh…..
She jump on snskar n hug him.

shonu:see popi I can say your name now.
sanky:Haha…..yes my princess is very talented afterall.
Shonu:But popi ur n cha hu’s name is so difficult to spell.
Sanky; It’s not our fault beta ur bade dadu n badi dadi ma has kept our names
Ap:Because they are nice name na.
Shonu:Names are nice but very hard ….*pout*
Laksh from stairs:Then u can call me lucky chachu.
Shonu:But your name is L..a.la..ksh na.
Laksh:Haha yes beta my name is laksh but ur popi ur masi ur momi all called me Lucky so u also can call me that or only chachu.

And what u will call me then.
All look towards the voice and were suprise.
Ap:Adarsh beta.
Ap sujju went near him.
Adarsh:*Took blessings*How r u ma?
Pari:*Took blessings*

Ap:how r u both ?
Adrsh:We are fine ma.
pari:mummyji did u miss me?
Ap:*smile*yes beta I missed u so much.
All smile at them Parish come to shonu n sanky.
Adarsh n sanky hug eachother.
Pari:Hi baby whats your name?
Shonu:Ragini khanna.*wid cute smile*
Pari:U r so cute.
Adarsh:So what discussionwas going on here.?
Sanky:Actually …*cut*
shonu:popi I will tell.
Actually I was trying to take popi and lak…no lucky chachu’s name but they are so hard .
Adarsh:Oh is it? do u know who am I?
Shonu:Yes u r the big bro of my popi.

Adarsh:N what is my name?
Shonu:I dnt know?popi what is his name?
Sanky:Adarsh his name is Adarsh.
Shonu:*Open her mouth*
Pari:What happen beta?
Shonu:*Pout*All of ur names are so hard to spell . Dada why u keep so hard names of them?
Dp:*smile*Because each name has its own meaning beta.N this names are a part of our life.
Dp:How to make u understand beta?
Sanky:Badepapa wait I will tell her. (to shonu) princess come here.
Shonu:Popi what dada means.
to be continue. …

precape:Meaning of names n masti.

I think my ff is not interested so sorry for that

Credit to: Ashi

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