Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 21


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At first I will use the first option ragini sanskar laksh n swastika’ s pov after swara’s death.

Sanskar wake up n freshup n went to wake shonu.
As usual they had there bf together.
After that he went to office ragini n swastika was adoring there daughter-father bonding.
Ragini:Sweety did u saw how much sanky love shonu .u know we never thought that the sanky who is so carefree n careless dnt care about anyone will be so matured.
swastika:ya dido I wish today swara can be wid US. U remember di after that incident not only sanky but u also changed laksh n me too.everyone’s life take a drastic change like no happiness left.
Ragu:Ya I remember how u have us to overcome by the grief when u were also in so much pain.

Its been 2 month since my cutie left us.From the last 2 month I am not even going out of my room without any important work hardly I am eating something.I am missing her like hell it was somewhere my fault that I was not able to take care of my cutie …………I had stopped talking wid papa not only talking I haven’t looked at his face.whenever I saw him I can see my cutie’s begging face.
Then after somedays I saw laksh it seems as if he also stopped to live his life his hairs were grown as well his beards.He was looking like a mad.He was not even talking with anyone I heared ap anty saying my mom.I ignored it .
After some days again a bad news came that bade papa n badi ma pass out I dnt know what is happening .Then swastika came to live with us.As soon as I saw her I run n hug her dnt know what happened to me I feel like my cutie is infront of me I cried hugging her dnt know for how long.She was in double pain as her mom n dad died along wid her identical twin sis it was hard for all of us to digest but she helped me to overcome my sorrow subsiding her own sorrow.
She did all her duty as a daughter. She was my both cutie n sweety.

After I came to know swara’s death I was in a shock mumma papa come to me n saw me sitting n asked me what happen I somehow tell them n cried heartout hugging mumma both of them were also very sad they somehow compose themselves n help me to overcome this pain but it was not possible for anyone as swara was our doll n specially for me because whenever I see myself in the mirror I remember her n can also feel her. After somedays I somehow compose myself n started my college n also I resume my guiter classes as swara wants me to do so.After somedays again another disaster came in my life mamma papa meet wid n accident n died leaving me along.This time I broke down completely first I loose my sister now my parents I know they were not my biological parents but they were more than that.
That time ma papa (sumi-shekhar) come n after doing there last rituals they took me wid them.
After I reach there I saw that raginj di was changed totally.she was in trauma n as ma told me after swara’s death she never spoke wid anyone she hardly eat n only concentrated on work or I can say divert her mind.As I reach to her she hug me so tight I hardly can breath n cried alot n she was continuously saying that I know my cutie can never leave my cutie.I dnt disturbed her n thought to let her cry as much she wants she slept but hugging me only.
After someday she also come out of the trauma n started to live her life just live not enjoy I also did the same as swara said I took care of everything ma papa but I dnt speak to papa after last phone convo.
After swara’s death news I was literally death I loved her or can say like her but she was my cute shona the bubbly. culbully who can do anything for me I was also at fault as I dnt believed her n she has to bear it all as well as my bro too my sanky.
I saw ragini it seems like she has left her life to live n I feel guilty because I was also responsible for the condition if that time I would be wid swara then may be today my shona be wid us.
I had stoped talking wid others I involve myslf in office work .
I came back after doing her last rituals along wid my small baby princess. She was just like her mother cute innocent big eyes white skin.After I enter my house I took her to our room place her in the bed she started to cry n unknowingly my tears also startes to fall mary (maid) came to my room wid a milk bottle n feed her I was staring her after sometime baby sleep.I thanks her n went to take a bathAfter coming back I went to swara’s wardrobe s she said I found a box n lots of gifts.
I open the box n found some envelopes.
I looked at the names found-
to popi to momi to ragu di to sweety to laksh n finally my name to my prince.
I opened the letter ……

To be continue

Precape:letter wala twist

Hope u like it…….

Credit to: Ashi

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