Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 20

Hello everyone……Thank u all for ur comments……..N sorry for late update…….I know my ff is on a boring track I will try my best to make it interesting…….
I will write all the precaps but 1&2 will be first then 3….
★★★★★NEXT DAY★★★★★
As usual sanky wake up n went to his princess room to wake her up. As he enter he saw that shona ragu n samy all three r sleeping together.*shonu was in middle n both r on each side*He get emotional after watching it n somehow compose himself. He went near them.
Sanky:Princess princess get up…..
Both samy n ragu wake up n sanky sat beside shonu n kiss her n wake her up.
sanky:*kissed her n smile*GOOD MORNING princess.
shonu:*kissed *good morning popi.
sanky:ok now go n take shower n come for bf.
he was about to go but again ask
sanky:what u want for bf princess.
shonu:My favorite. ….
sanky smile n went.
samy n ragu was adoring there bond.
ragu:Ok come let me help u to take bath.
shonu:No need massi thank u but I can bath myself popi says we should do our few things by ourself.
Ragu n samy smile on her cute talk.
☆☆☆☆☆BF TABLE☆☆☆☆☆
All were sitting on the table n was waiting for the food to be serve.Sanky come there while talking wid someone very seriously on his phone.
Sanky:*anger*What the hell Mr.Dixit can’t you understand a thing at one….*cut by the caller*
No I dnt wnt any changing no*he bang on the table.everyone were scared by his action.He just tell them nothing by his eyes. after a while shonu came there n saw her popi screaming at his phone.
She went towards him n stand before him with her hands on her waist n wid cute lil angry face.
Sanky saw her give her a cute smile n speak on the phone politely:Mr.Dixit I am really sorry for shouting like this but I already said that this new project will be on my daughter’s name n I dnt wanna change it……*the caller says something*Ok please inform me soon.
Everyone’s mouth were wide open by the scene.
Shonu sit near sanky n look at everyone’s face.
shonu:What happen to u all why r u looking at me.
Dp:Nothing shonu beta …..
shonu:Dnt lie dada I know why u all r shock as u were thinking how popi get calm na
everyone nodded yes.
shonu:It is my magic n popi I told u na while eating u shouldn’t talk at phone u should talk wid us.
sanky:Ok sorry princess now come lets eat.
All were eating while shonu cough samy was beside her it was like shonu was sitting between sanky n samy.Both of them gave her water n patted her back.
swasan:R u ok???
All were looking at them.
Shonu:Yes I am fine.
After bf.
Shonu:Popi what we will do today?
Sanky:As u say princess. …….
Dp:Ok then we should go now bye shonu beta chalte he sanskar.
sanky just noded
shonu:Why dada plz stay for somedays na u also nanu plz*to sanky* popi plz ask them to stay.
sanky:If u all dnt have any prblm u stay for somedays as princess want *cut*
sumi:but beta ragini’s marriage is nearby we have to start the pre rituals.
Sanky look towards shonu.She was very sad.
Shonu went to sanky n whisper to him something.
sanky:No princess if u want u can stay there.
Shonu:Popi can u stay widout me for soooo many days.
Sanky:u also know baby I cannt live widout u but I dnt wanna go there.
Shonu:Ok I cannot live widout u so I will also not go.*she was at the verge to cry*
sanky cannot see her sad face n tears it was very far.
He sit on his knees hold her n hug her.
sanky:princess dnt cry ok fine I will also come wid u.now stop crying n give me my shona smile.
shonu:*happy n excited*thank u popi u r the best.
sanky smile n stand.
Shonu*jump wid excitement*:Yeeehh…..yehhh….I will live wid u all dada dadi nana nani I n popi will live wid u all.
All look amazed. As they never expect that sanskar will agree for this. Everyone are happy.
Sanky:(to shonu)princess I am going to office I have a lil work meet u directly there ok take care .
shonu:ok popi but come soon.
sanky:Want anything? ???
Shonu:Yes u know na ….
sanky smile n noded his head as yes.
Sanky came back n call shonu.
Sanky:princess where r u????
He was looking at his phone when he collide wid someone n hold her from falling.
when he saw her face he was shock.
sanky:Swastika r u alright.
samy:yes thank you for catching me.
Both compose themselves.
sanky:*awkward*mmm…where is princess?
samy:ur princess is at her dada dadi’s house.
Samy call him back:sanky thank u..
sanky:For what swastika?
Samy:for being wid my cutie her hard time.for loving shonu so much.For everything u did for her.*cried*u know whenever she calls me she always talk about u n I get that she was very happy wid u.
Sanky:*about to cry but compose himself*Swastika u dnt have to say thank u to me.Whatever I did is only for myself
samy is confuse
Sanky:*faint smile*swara was my bst frnd n my love too so how can I leave her at her hard time.N about Shonu she is my life she is my shona’s ansh.I cant even imagine my life widout her.so now tell me isn’t I did everything for myself.
samy was amazed by his talks.
sanky went to MM to meet his princess.
☆☆☆☆MM ☆☆☆☆
Sanky come down the stairs n saw shonu was playing wid dp n rp.
shonu saw him n come to him running
shonu:popi did u bring my fav*cut*
sanky:Do u think I can forget ofcourse I have brought ur favourite pineapple icecream.
They both sat down n eat.
sujju n ap came n saw him eating icecream.
ap:sanskar u r eating pineapple but u hate it na beta .
Sanky:Many things r changed now so as my taste.
Shonu was busy eating.
ap:Come lets have our dinner.shonu beta come.
shonu hold sanky n both went to eat.
After dinner.
ap:Sanskar ur room is set u can rest there.
sanky:thanks come princess.
shonu:popi I will sleep wid both my dadi today they invited me to sleep wid them.
sanky us nodded kissed her n went to sleep.
As he enter his room he became emotional as after 5 years he is at his room where he has grown up.he open the window n look towards GM as infront of his window swara’s room was there.
He close his eyes n remember her as he open his eyes he saw her.
An unknown smile came on his face n he says:Shona……….
He was looking at her suddenly she also look towards him n smile.he came back n close the window.
Sanky:*think*no sanskar what r u thinking she is not ur shona she is swastika swara’s twin she just have her face she is another girl.
He took swara’s pic as usual hug her n sleep.
1.Swastika, ragini, laksh, sanskar POV after swara’s death?
2.Letter to the family from swara twist?
3.Accident twist?

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