Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 2


Hi friends. …..
U all may be confuse about two intro right ……for that I am sorry ……
“””””Lets start””””””
The room was filled with a girl’s photo.The man’s face is revealed and it is our 1st hero Sanskar Khanna (why he changed his name I will tell afterwards).
He smile with tearly eyes and goes from the room.
He went inside a room where a cute 4 years girl is sleeping .He sit near him and tries to wake him up.
Sankar:good morning Shonu wake u my princess .
the girl:Good morning papi .
Then she kissed him on his cheek.
Then after sometime both got ready sanky for his office (he is one of the most famous bussiness magnet of London).
He drop his princess to school n went to his office.

As he wnt his cabin his P.A (Aman)
come to him n said
Aman:Sir we have got a business offer from A very reputed company and if we accept it we will get profits of nearly 600 crores so sir what u think??????
{Sanky-Aman are very good friends}
Sanky:Dont repeat it again….i think u got what i said? What do u think we should do have u checked about the company is there any problm on dt company?
Aman:Sorry sanky .Dnt be angry I will not repeat the word sir.N I think we should accept it.
Sanky:Ok bring the info.
He cme back with the files which contain the info abt the comapnies.
Aman:Here is the file sanky u study it I wll be back after some time.
Sanky smile aman went to his work.
Sanky start to read the file and as soon as he saw to names his face turn read and tears of anger hatred and helplessness came to his eyes.

He leave the file hold the photo which was beside him and cried hugging the photo and said…
Sanky:see my past no our past again cme to me I knw u want me to go to That place again wid our shona but I cant I dont want to see the peoples face for whom u are no more wid me.I hate them but I till now remrmber ur last words
(I will revel it later)
Ok I will go and let our shonu know that they are our family only for u only for the promz I have made to u.I miss u so much why u leave me at the mid way I dont wanna live this life without u plz come back I miss ur angelic smile I miss ur silly fights I am sorry I cannt save u …………

As he was crying miserably he slept on the table itself hugging the photo ……
Guyss Guess who is the girl in the pics?????
Who is the person for whom sanskar has so much hatred and anger?????
How was the episode????

Credit to: Ashi

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