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Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 19


Hello everyone……
can anyone explain me what rubbish is going on in swaragini how can sumi be pregnent yaar? How can CVs show such a cheap drama?Please guys do something how can it happen yaar? Its so embarrassing

★★★★★LET’S START★★★★★
As the girl enter Khanna mansion both sanky n shonu were shock.
(Shonu is small but she is very intelligent she knows that her mother is nomore and will never return.)
Sanky look towards shonu who was standing still n had tears in her eyes.He was also crying he hold her hand.
The girl enter n her face is revealed she is swara……..Correction swastika Gadodiya twin of swara
Swastika gadodiya 2nd daughter of gadodiya family 2nd because shw is one min elder to swara. Both r same in many things including there faces.Both love ragini like anything n can do anything for her they know ragini is not there own sis still.
when swara n swastika was born shekhar n his family decided to give one of there daughters to his brother (Arnav) n his wife who r childless. so swastika was given to them.they all lived together but Arnav got a contract n he has to be shift to Australia so they went away.
Both 2 years after swara’s death both of them died in an accident n from then swastika came back to her biological parents.
She is a doctor by profession.She is also a well known singer n guitarist (as it was swara’s wish).
Doesnot talk wid shekhar. No love interest doesnot believe in Love.
Cool jhalli does whatever her heart says.
Nickname-Sammy but ragu n swara calls her sweety
Ragini come n hug her.Both sisters cries hugging eachother.
She went near shonu n hug her.
She was crying n was carring her face.
samy:u r just like my cutie same eyes same nose.
Shonu:u r also …..*cute cfuse face*
samy:*She laugh looking her cute face*Ya ok let me introduce myself*forward her hand*Hi i am swastika Gadodiya your massi .
Shonu:Hi massi but why u look same like my momi??
Samy:Becz I and ur momi are twins we were born together.
shonu:Oh that means today is ur birthday too??
Samy:Today is my n ur momi’s birthday.
Shonu:*giggle*not one momi’s massi today is my bdy too..samy was surprised n she look towards Ragini. N ragu nodded her head in yes.
Samy again got emotional n hug her.
Sanky was just watching all this n he went to his room.

→→→Sanky’s room←←←
He took swara’s pic n hug her and cried .
sanky:Princess do u know I saw swastika today n at first for a moment I thought that u r back u was so happy but suddenly I remember u…….why u leave me shona I miss u very much.
Why u never told me about her that u both look same.
He talk wid her pic for something n sleep hugging her.
All family members saw it as the door was open m.were ad for him.
1.Swastika+Sanskar=Swasan’s scene?
2.Sanskar n Ragini (junior) scene?
3.Swastika’s n ragini’s point of view after swara’s death?

Guys if I write swastika’s name as samy will u be confuse? plz inform me as the name is very big……..

sorry today it’s a small part as I am suffering from high fever n cold so not felling well.

Credit to: Ashi

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    superb episode…..
    i want to read all 3 option….

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