Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 18


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Sanskar was holding her hand n was crying when the baby started to cry.He went near her and console her.
Sanky:*Hugging her n crying*I will do everything to make u happy princess.From now u r my everything.
After that doc took the baby for some test he went near swara n was preparing to take her for her funeral.
That time ragini came to hospital n saw sanky at the reception.
Ragu:Sanskar where is cutie ? plz take me to her I *cut*
Sanky:*he was burning in anger n shout* GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.I dnt wanna see u peoples face.U all r the killer of my shona.I hate u all from the core of my heart.
Ragini was numb she dnt get what he said.
Ragu:*scared*s..ans..kar. ..sw…ara……*cut*
Sanky:*Shout again*SHE IS DEAD.Now happy get lost n tell ur so called reputed father that now he dnt have to worry for his reputation.
By saying this he went away.ragini was still standing there after a while sanky came out with a dead body which was covered n a baby in his hands.
Ragini saw him but cannot see the face of the person.He went out of the hospital ragini too went behind him will taking the body in the ambulance the face was reveal n it was swara.Ragini broke down after seeing this n faint.
Sanky dnt noticed her n he went away to do swara’s last rituals.
Some people took ragini to the hospital n after sometime she came to her sense n scream:CUTIE……
Doc rush n asked her to take rest but she went out bit dnt know sanskar’s address after searching everywhere she give up n went back to India.
Ragini came back to GM.But she sat on the entrance like a lifeless body.
Soon Sumi came to the hall n saw her in the state n went near her.
Sumi:*scared*Ragu beta what happen? Why r u sitting her come on get up?
She tries to get up but she failed.
All tried Dada dadi sumi but noone able to make ragini stand even.

After sometime shekhar came home n saw her like this.
shekhar:*console*Ragini beta what happen why r u sitting here (to othets)what is happening here?
Sumi:I dnt know shekhar after she return home she sat here itself without saying anything she is not even moving a bit.
Shekhar went to her n tries to make her stand but this time she respond to him she look at his face n push him wid all her strength.
Shekhar was about to fall bur sumi hold him.
Sumi:*angry*Ragini what is wrong wid u ?Is this the way to treat ur father?
Ragini’s eyes were red her white cute n innocent face has turn red wid anger n helplessness
Ragini:*shouting *FATHER MY FOOT.HE IS NO MORE MY FATHER FROM today.Only because of his so called Reputation I lost my sister *she shout n fall on her knees crying*Ma my cutie …..she is nomore ma …now I can never she her again.Swaragini is no more ma from today both swara and ragini is dead because I am nothing widout my cutie n*again anger*only because of him I lost my sister. I will never forgive u Mr.Shekhar gadodiya. I…*she faint*

Everyone were shock even MF came to GM to see what is happening as they heared sounds of screaming(friends GM & MM is near by only)
Everyone loves swara even mf n was equally sad sumi was blank.
Dadi take care of ragini she was too in trauma because swara the the apple of everyone’s eye but she has to be strong for her another grandchild n also form her DIL who was in very bad condition.

Laksh came home n was shouting
Laksh:MA PAPA …….
Everyone gathered at the hall
Dp:What happen laksh why r u shouting at this time. dnt u know the situation (he is talking about swara’s death but laksh is unaware of it) u *cut*
Laksh:*tears in his eyes*papa swara n sanskar were right papa kartik was a notorious man.He was a womanizer. yesterday I went back to our main office n came to know about his deeds.He has ra*ed more than 10 girls n was also jailed for some years.We should inform it to uncle m aunty n I will bring swara back.I will accept her baby also she was beeing punished for the crime she diddnot commited papa lets go.
By sating this he went to GF .MF tries to speak wid him but he rush all went behind him.

He knock n a servent opened it he call everyone out.All came out.
Laksh went to sumi n shekhar n told them everything .
Ragini came to him n gave him a tight slap.
all were shock.
ragini hold his collar:Now why r u telling all this what is the need to know all this now.u r late laksh u should have atleast trust swara but u blamed her .
N she cried aloud .Laksh was confuse
laksh:why it will be late I will go myself n will bring swara back I know I should have trust her but that time I dnt know about kartik’s real face I will apologize her n will bring her back.I will accept her n her child too.
ragu:*crying*kise laoge laksh (to whom u will bring laksh)kise mafi mango ge (to whom u will apolozise)Swara ke asthiyo ko (to swara’s asses)???????
Laksh was blank he look towards ragini.
Ragini:Yes laksh she left us all she is no more laksh my cutie is no more.
Laksh:*cried*no u r lying swara cnt leave me she is alive no.
ragini:She already died that day her soul was dead when we all didnt trust her bt today her body also left us.Before I used to think that u r a matured n well established person n my cutie will be always happy wid u n sanky was opposit to u.
But do u know she was 10times happer wid sanky than u sanky is a true man.My cutie took her last breath in his arms.she is lucky.

by saying this she went away to her room.
Laksh was shock n dishearted he was rependinh on hia deeds n his heart become heavy out of guilt.
He went home n straight to his room.

Precape:Swastika’ s entry n her intro.n I dnt know.
Hope u all are liking my ff if u all want to say or share some ideas plz tell me I will surely add it.

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Credit to: Ashi

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