Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 17


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¤¤¤¤¤¤LET’S START¤¤¤¤¤¤
Swara:Why sanky why he hate me so much? Was it my fault that I was ra*ed?*hug him n cried*
Sanky:*angry n also scared*swara shhh….calm down he is just angry wid us.He will forgive u dnt worry he didnt hate u pr…*cut*
His words were cut by swara’s scream.She hold him even more tightly
swara:*crying*I know sanky that I dnt have much time Ahhhhh sanky plz I wanna hear popi’s voice once Sanky plz.
Sanky was blank he dnt know what to do .He took her in his arms n rush to the hospital.

After shekhar keep the phone.He was about to go to his room but ragu stoped him.
Ragu:What the hell is wrong wid u papa?*she almost scream*why r u doing all this do u have any idea how much swara is missing u *suddenly she remember what sanky said about swara’s condition.Ragini was blank n scream * CUTIE .No no nothing can happen to her.She cried.
All rush to the hall n was confused. Sumi:Ragu what happen beta why r u shouting? Shekhar whtz the matter?
Ragu:*cried n hug sumi*Ma cutie
Sumi:*scared*what happen to shona ragu .plz tell me.*cut*
Shekhar:Nothing happened she*cut by a phone call*
Ragini sumi n shekhar were near the phone.
Ragu pick up but shekhar snatched the phone .
OS:Hello shelhar uncle
shekhar:Sanskar how dare u call again dnt u both have ny shame.why r u not giving us to live our life
Sanky:Uncle plz listen to me swara’s health is *cut*
Shekhar:I am not interested in swara n u.
As ragini knows swara’s condition she snatched the phone.shekhar tries to protest but ragini gave everyone the most dangerous look.
Her eyes were red including her face anyone can clearly tell that she was very much angry so noone dare to say a word.
Ragu:*scared*Hellloo sanskar what happen to swara
sanky:Which shouldnot be happened she is very much stressed after shekhar uncle’s words hurt her n her condition is worsing gradually. she is only telling that she wanna talk wid shekhar uncle.
ragu:*look towards shekhar*sanskar u be wid her I am coming.
All are shock.
sumi:ragu what where r u going?
Ragu:*cried n fall on her knees*Ma swara’s condition is not good.I am going to London.
She took her phone n enquire about flight.
Ragu:Papa plz come wid me swara is only taking ur name plz come wid me.
shekhar:No I am not going anywhere.
Ragu: *anger*if this is ur last decision then listen from today think that ur this daughter is also dead.
Saying this she went to her room

After sometime she came back wid her bag n came to sumi.
sumi:Ragu I will also go wid u.
ragu:u cannt ma actually only one ticket is available.
saying this she rush to airport.
Sanky was outside the OT.
Swara was inside n was screaming.
Doc came out
Sanky:Doc how is swara she is fine na
Doc:I already told not to give her stress but something happend for which she is very much stressed n her Bp is also decreasing .I think Mr.Khanna we will be not able to save her.
sanky was scattered after hearing this
sanky:No doc plz*he kneel down n beg her*plz save her doc plz.
Doc:*Make him stand*we r trying our best.Pray to God.
After doc went he goes near the Jesus portray.
Sanky pray for his princess n was crying when his phone ring.He pick it up but was not able to speak.
It was swastika.
Swas:Happy birthday cutie.I know I am second as every year ragu di wish us first.So happy birthday may god give u all the happiness. Hello cutie r u there atleast wish me yaar itz my bday too.
Sanky:*crying*He..llllo swastika its me ….sanskar.
Swas:Oh sanskar sorry I should have asked it first who is this.Btw where is cutie is she sleeping.*cut*
Sanky:Swara is in hospital. *n he tell her everything what happened*She is in OT n dic says her condition is very bad.
swas:*shock n crying*Sanskar u dont worry nothing will happen to her.I am coming.n I will talk wid papa too.

After that swastika call shekhar.
Swas:Papa what is going on?
Shekhar:What happen beta
swas:Thats what I am asking what happened to u? Did that papa died who can do anything for their daughters?
Shekhar:Oh so u r talking about swara ok if u wnt to know then listen I dnt wanna spoil my reputation for someone n she should have thought about us before doing all this things.
Swas:Ok so listen from today u r nothing to me thing that both ur daughters r dead.Only because of u my cutie is in this condition if something happens to her I will never forgive u.
She cut the call.Shekhar was shock as only in a day all his daughters leave him
Sanky was waiting outdide the OT when he heared a baby crying voice.He was happy that he jump on his sit.At the same time a fear came in his mind.
He rush near the OT n doc came out wid a baby.
Doc:Congress Mr.Khanna its a girl
sanky took the baby in his lap n kiss her n asked:Doc how is swara?
Doc:*sad*I am sorry Mr.Khanna due to stress n Low Bp she loss lots of blood.we will not be able to save her.She has very less time.So I suggest go to her n be wid her in her last mins.

Sanky was shock after listening all this he hug the baby n cries. N went to swara’s cabin.

Swara was sleeping when sanky enter.He came n sit beside her n a drop of tear fall in her hand she wake up .
Swara:*faint smile*sanky see u won I loose.we got a beautiful princess.
sanky keep the baby in the cuddle n went near swara.
Sanky:*hold her hand n cried*plz princess dont leave me.how can I live widout u? u r my everything plz.
Swara:*cry*I also dnt wanna leave u sanky but I already know that I will not live for long so as much time I had I spent all wid you.
Both hug eachother it last for a long time when
swara:Sanky can I kiss u?
Sanky was shock but before he could say anything swara kissed him n it last for sometime.
Swara:Thank u for making my life beautiful. u r best thing that happen in my life.I am happy that I am dying in ur arms.
Sanky:*hug*swara u r my lucky charm how will I manage everything.
swara:As u managed till now.
Sanky:*he was very sad but he wants to make swara happy before dying*Ok so princess tell me the name of our princess
swara:*remember smthng n cried* Her name will be Ragini.
Sanky:*angry*still u want them in ur life .I will never see there face only because *cut*
swara:No sanky promise me that u will introduce our princess to her family not even mine but also to your family.
sanky:But they all hate *cut*
swara:one day they will come to know the truth n will accept us.
sanky:*angry*us whre will be u swarau are leaving me so where is us here.
swara:calm down sanskar n promise me that if not today atleast after some years when there anger will be gone u will go to India wid our daughter to show her own country n her family promise me sanky.
sanky:*hold her hand n kiss her* ok I promise.
swara:and one more thing Please marry again sanskar.ur whole life is there to spend s *cut*
sanky:No shona plz dnt tell this again I will not be able to love nyone again plz.
swara:ok but promise that if some day u will fall in love again than u will marry that girl.
Sanky:ok but I know it will never happen as I will not get this smile this eyes n face.

Sanky’s phone ring n its swastika.
Swas:Sanskar I will not be able to go all fights r booked.how is swara what happen.
Swara indicate sanky to give her the phone.
Swara:Ha..ppy birt..hday sw..eety *She is breathing heavily*
swas:*crying*cutie what happen r u fine I am sorry in this time when u need me I am not wid u
swara:*crying*I am fine now u take care of urself and also of family.Be happy always n ya I want u to fulfill my last wish.will u?
Swas:*crying*what r u speaking cutie nothing will hapen be strong
swara:I am strong ok listen I know u r studing medical but fulfill ur dream too u love guiter na learn it n be a rockstar doctor.
Swas:but I can never play as nicely as u does.ok I promz.
swara:dtz like a good girl…..
She started breathing heavily.
sanky was puzzled what to do she drop the phone n hold sanky
swara:sanky be happy n take care of our baby I know u will be the best popi I love u.I wish I could talk wid popi momi n ragu di for the last….
she died…….

Credit to: Ashi

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