Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 16


Hello everyone. …..sorry for beeing late.I went for a small vacation wid my family to Shillong so cannot update. I will try my best to update everyday.


★★★Let’s go★★★
Swara:sanky actually ragini di is janki ma’s n popi’s daughter. janki ma died giving birth to ragu di so popi married momi for di after 2 years I n swastika was born we are twins.
That time popi n badepapa n his family we all were living together badepapa n badima dnt have any child so momi n popi decided to give one of there baby to them.so swastika was given to them.We three were always together after some years badepapa got a big contract n he has to shift to Australia that time we were 12.One year before u were shifted to our colony after that they live there itself.
Sanky:But I never saw or hear about them?
swara:No I always talk about her .u never noticed.
Sanky:ok leave all this lets go for shopping.
swara:oh yes wait i will be ready.
sanky smile n kiss her on her forehead n swara smile n went to washroom.
While going she look back n afore sanskar n think
swara:*think*I wish I could spend all my life wid u sanky but I know I cant so I want to live every single minute wid u.
Sanky turn n saw her starring him
sanky:swara dnt look like this I feel shy I know I am handsome *giggle*
swara:*laugh*very funny .
soon both went for shopping.

swara:Sanky we will buy toys for baby today is that ok?
sanky:Ya ofcourse I was also thinking the same.
Both went to a baby shop n start shopping
swara:Sanskar see this hat our baby will look so handsome na?
sanky:Why this hat? See this dress our princess will look so good .
swara:No it will be a boy
sanky:no I know na it will be a cute lill princess just like u.
Both started fighting wid eachother in this topic n the rest of the present there watch them n enjoy the scene.
soon sanku came to his sense n watch his surroundings n feel embarrassed.
sanky:swara listen let us do one think buy both clothes.
If it will be a princess then we will give the rest to someone n vice versa.
swara :*smile*oh yes what an idea sirji great.*think*in this way I can give my gift to my baby.After my death also.
Both done there shopping n went for dinner n after that home.

☆☆☆☆☆2 Month leap☆☆☆☆☆
Swasan were sleeping hugging eachother.
Sanskar woke up first n went to washroom widout disturbing swara.
After that he went to kitchen to make breakfast.
Swara wakeup n that time sanky also come wid bf for her
Sanky:good morning princess.
sat beside her n help her to sit properly.
swara:good morning prince. what is all this where r the maids sanky?
sanky:they r doing ghere work why?
swara:then why u made bf ?
Sanky:cant I make bf for my baby n my princess?
swara:ofcourse u can .
Sanky make her eat by his hand n gave her medicine.
sanky:princess get ready now.
swara:why where we r going?
Sanky:How can u forget .today there is an appointment wid doc
swara:oh ya…..
Both get ready n went to doctor.

Doc took swara for checkup n sanky was sitting in the cabin he was vry much tense.
After sometime doc came n sanky make swara sit .
Sanky:*tense*Doc is everything alright? Nothing serious na? I mean*cut*
Swara:shut up sanky let her speak.
Sanky:*realise*oh I am sorry doc.
Doc:Itz ok Mr khanna I understand. There are some complication as I already said but be happy keep her happy n pray to god for her safety. As there is only half months left foe her delivery .
sanky:yes doc I know I will take good care o her.Thank u
After that sanky n swara went back.
sanky:Sorry princess I forgot my phone in the cabin u wait her I will go n bring it.
sanky went n a tear drop from her eyes .
swara:I know sanky why u went to cabin.

Sanky rushed to doc
sanky:Doc is everything alright plz dnt lie.
Doc:No Mr khanna ur wife’s life is still at risk .she is happy I guess but be careful if she get a lil stress then it may kill her n also her baby.
Sanky:But u said she will be ok now why?
Doc:Because she is not responding to our medicine.Her case is not normal .Now I can only say keep her happy n pray to God.
sanky:*dishearted*thank you doc.
Sanky went to swara n both went home.

Sanky work from home only for swara as she need him at this time.

Swara was sleeping n sanky was working when swara’s phone ring.
As she was sleeping sanky pickup the phone.
UK:Hi is that u sanskar?
Sanky:Yes but who r u?
UK:Hey I am swastika u forgot?
Sanky:Oh yes sorry ur number is not save in her mobile.
swas:How cn ot be as ir is my new number. ok tell me how is she?
Sanky:She is fine.She is sleeping so if u dnt mind I will inform her after she wake up.
swas:ya ofcourse I will nt mind.By *cut*
Sanky:Hey wait I think she wake up.
Swara wake up n look towards sanskar who was next to her.
Sanky keep the phone on the table n went to help her .
Sanky:Careful princess.
swara:sanky wid whom r u talking?
Sanky:*teasing smile*with my gf..
Swara:*understand*oh is it? Ok give me the phone I will also talk wid her.
Sanky:What yaar I thought u wil be angry b *cut*
swara:I trust u sanky.so why should I be angry.ok now tell me with whom r u talking.
Sanky remember swastika was online n bit his tongue
Sanky took the phone:I am so sorry swastika
swas:Itz ok
sanky:Talk wid ur sis
He pass the phone to swara.
Both talk for long time n swara was laughing hole heartedly. Sanky was very happy looking her like this.
Suddenly swara scream n hold her belly.
Sanky:Swara what happen? r u alright wait let me call doc *cut*
swara:I am alright sanky itz common in this last months baby kick so hard so it pains. Swara remember the phone.she try to get it but sanky took it.
swas:*panic*hellllo swara cutie r u alright? ?? Hello what happen.
Sanky:Swastika relex she is fine it was baby ho kick so she got pain.
Swas:*relexed*oh is it? I thought something else ok I will handup now let her rest I think because of excitement she got the pain.I will call later.
Sanky:ok bye.
sanky keep th phone n call mike(servent)to bring dinner.
He make swara eat n both slept.
After sometime sanky wake up n saw swara sleeping went to balcony n call someone.
sanky:Hello ragini.Did u convince ur family? ?
Ragu:I am trying my best from last 2 months but papa is not listening anything but others are very sad afte knowing swara’s condition. specially ma .She has stoped talking wid papa also.
Hw is cutie? What doc said?
Sanky:She is fine for others but doc said…..*he tell everything*
Today she got pain while talking wid swastika.
ragu:Oh swastika calls her everyday right.
sanky:Ya u calls her in the morning n she evening. after talking wid u both she feels happy.
Ragu:I know her.I am feeling so helpless sanky in this time I should be wid her but see I am so far from my cutie*crys*
Sanky:Plz help me ragini convince ur father fast only somedays r left for her delivery.
Ragu:I will sanskar u tke care of her.
Some days pass ……..
one day swara was talking wid ragini (guys shekhar dnt know that ragini is in touch wid swara)
Swara:Ragu darling I am missing popi *crys*did he really hate me so much
Ragu:No cutie he is just angry wid u.
Swara:How is momi dadi dadu?
Ragu:All r missing u cutie.
Sanky was beside her n doing his work.
Swaragini were talking suddenly ragini’s phone was snatched.
Swara hear her n tears start flowing she clutched sanky’s hand tightly n sanky was surprise by her action.
Shekhar took ragini’s phone n here sanky was talking wid swara.
Sanky:Princess r u ok
Swara on phone:hello popi…*cut*
Shekhar:*angry after hearing sanky’s voice n shout on her*who r u? Why r u calling us dnt u have any shame.what u want now from us ?????
Swara:*hurt*popi I *cut*
Shekhar:Dnt call me popi u lost all the rights that day when u went wid that sanskar.disobeying me.
Swara:popi*cut the phone*
Sanky heared everything n now he was so angry wid shekhar at the same time scared for swara.
sanky:Swara swara come down he only said all this in anger he will forgive us shona plz come down.
swara:*cried loudly hugging him* why sanky why he hate me so much.

To be continue
Precape:Swara’s delivery

Credit to: Ashi

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