Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 15


Hello everyone…….I dnt know what is happening itz my 3rd time I am writing the same episode. dnt know why telly update is not posting my fanfiction.
No bak bak I will post small now.

★★★★LET’S START★★★★
As Sanky call everyone come to hall.sumi came first

sumi:Sanskar where have u been in this days n where is sho…*cut*
shekhar from behind:what r u doing here in my house is anything left to take away that u came back get out of my house.
sanky:*folded his hands n sit on his knees*:Uncle anty plz forgive swara she is suffering widout any fault.plz accept her back.I know u are thinking of ur reputation u dnt worry I will take care of her but atleast once speak wid her.plz u*cut*
shekhar:for us swara died long back when she disobey my order n went wid u now get out.
saying this he started to go but sanky hold his legs.
sanky*holding his legs*uncle I beg u plz dnt do this she is very sick she is missing u all n specially u n aunty as she is ur princess n every girl wht her mother in this stage but she is all alone plz uncle.Her condition is really very b*cut*
shekhar:u chould have thougt it before now get out.
He pushed him out n went back to his room.
Sumi Ragini n dadi heared everything n was curious to know what happened to swara.
Ragu run to him.
Sanky was sitting helplessly dnt know what to do he was angry as how can a father be so hearless that he dnt even thought for his daughter once.

As he was lost in his world ragu came n touch his shoulder
ragu:Wht is the matter sanky? what u were talking about what happened to swara.
sanskar:*angry n frustrated*what u want to know that is she still alive or died? sorry to say but she is still alive bit dnt worry she will die soo…..bfore completing he got a tight slap.
ragu:*angry n hold his collar*what rubbish r u talking where is my cutie? How is she ? Tell me everything.

sanky:*Broke down n hug her*she is in London ragini we wnt there 3 months ago.I am trying my best to make her hapoy but she is missing u all n that is why her health is effecting too*n tell her everthing what doc says*plz convince ur papa I dnt wanna loose ber ragu I love her a lot plz.*folded his hand*
ragu:*shock*Sanky u go n tske care of her I will convince papa.cutie needs u now.

Sanky wnt back to London.
Here in London after sanky leave for India

swara wake up n cried holding a pillow n remember what she heared in the hospital.
(guys swara knows abt her health issue but she didnot heared the last talks that sanky will go to Imdoa to covince her family)
swara:I dnt know how much time I hve but as much time I have I will spend each n every sec wid u sanky.U r my everything for me.I know u will take care of our baby so I dnt have to tense for my baby but who will take care of u.
As she was crying m after sometime she sleep huging the pillow.
Sanky came back n was sleeping on the couch hugging his lappy.

swara woke up n saw him.A smile came on her face.she went near him n kiss on his forehead.

After sometime Sanky wake ul n search for swara when he saw she was in the kitchen making something.
He Went there n hug her from back.
sanky:what r u doing here princess? u should rest na ??
swara:I was making gobi paratha for u as u like it na but I am not able to make it…*says wid a pout*
sanky:dnt be sad we we make together.
swara:*surprise*u know how to make ????
sanky:no I dnt know we will learn from net.come lets start.
swara:but as much I know u dnt like to cook na then???

sanky:But I love u right so comeon *cup her face*I can do anything which make u happy.
Swara ws very much touched wid his love n caren hug him.

Soon both make the bf feed each other.
Swara:sanky do u have any important meeting today?
sanky:yes princess I have 1 meeting by noon but why??
swara:nothing simply….
sanky:Princess say it na???
swara:I thought to go for shopping wid u today but ok we will go some other day.
sanky:be ready by 5 we will go.
swara:but ur meet….*cut*
Sanky:Nothing is more important than u……ok be ready *n kissed her forhead*
After sanky’s meeting got over he calls swara but her phone was engage .
Again after sometime he calls but same.

Like this he tried for several time by now he was a bit scared so he rush to seee if everything is fine ir not.

Sanky went home n saw swara holding the phone n sleeping.
He went near her n was going to keep the phone when he heared sound from the opposite side.

Sanky:Hello who Is this?
UK (unknown):who r u? where is swara? how u enter inside*she was tense*R u a thief ? dnt do anything to swara she is…*cut*
Sanky:hey hey wait why r u shouting yaar I am not thief I am sanskar swara’s hubby. now tell mw who r u?

UK:*relief*oh u r sanskar doll’s prince.Sorry for shouting but I was tense for her.
anyways I am swastika Gadodiya. swara’s sis.Ok u take care I hve some work see u soon. bye
sanky:*shock*ok bye.

He was thinking about swastika that how can she be swara’s sis as he was lost swara woke up n saw him.
Swara:sanky when u came ?
Sanky: *no rply
swara:*patt his face*sanky what happen?
sanky: oh yes yes wht happen r u fine.
swara:yes I am fine but wht about u where were u lost.
sanky:actually on phone a girl…*cut*
swara:oh yes I forget did she keep the phone I wws so stupid we were talking but dnt know how I sleep.
sanky:yes but she said that she is ur sis how as u have. ..*cut*
swara:yes sanky she is swastika.
Sanky:I know that but as much as I know u have only one sis na that is ragini.
Swara:yes coz most of people dnt know that I have 2 sis.
I will tell u come sit.

Precape:Swastika story . swasan shopping n some cute moments.

Guys I have tried my level best to write if it is not upto the mark plz tell me.


Credit to: Ashi

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