Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 14


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Swara was waiting for sanky as they plan for a long drive but he was late n swara was angry now.
Swara:whre is this donkey? I think he forgot (angry/sad)
After a while door bell ring n swara open it n Sanky come inside.he look very much tired.
swara*concern*:what happen sanky why u look soo dull?
Sanky:Nthng shona actual loads of work.ok r u ready lets go.
swara:shut up u donkey look at ur face u look so tired n now also u r thinking about long drive.Go freshup n take rest I will bring something to eat.
sanky:no no u want to go …*cut*
swara:I said na u will go some other day.Nothing is more important than ur health if something happen to u what will I do noone is there for me xcpt u Sanky (hug him n cried)
sanky:today also u called them na?
swara:how do u know? r u spying on me?
sanky*smile*:I dnt need to spy on u I know u more than u shona n u know that. so tell me what happen.
swara:nothing today ragu recieve the call n
Swara:hello ma…
ragu*cried*:cutie baby where r u? r u fine ?
swara:I am fine n I am in london.How r u di?
ragu:I am fi….*cut the phone by shekhar {the jallad}*
Swara:hello hello. ……*she got that someone came to know so cut the call she become sad n cried*
☆☆☆Flashback end☆☆☆
Swara:what was my fault sanky everone hate me now u know.They dnt even want to see my face my popi who loved me like a princess he beat me so badly n now he hate me .My dadi my dadu my momi my ragu di my lucky whom I thought love me he too hate me n*cut*
sanky:*Shout*BUT I LOVE U SWARA…….
swara was shock as well sanky
swara:what r u saying
sanky:I am sorry I shouldnot have told u this but its true shona but I dnt want to express it ever to u.I know u love Laksh n I am just ur frnd but I cannt control my feeling today.I have loved u since a long time but I only realise now.
Swara:n kavita
sanky:it was just an inflaction.I never feel much for her what I feel for u.
Love is sacrifice if it is so then I can sacrifice my life for u.
Love is unconditional if it is so then I can love u till the end of my life widout any expectation.
Love is life so u r swara n u r my life I cant even imagine my life without u.For me this is love n I love u.Sorry I know today I have crossed my limits.

By saying this he started to leave to his room when swara hold him back
swara:donkey dnt to want to know my answer
sanky:answer???? for what
swara:U r seriously a gadha obviously for ur proposal.
sanky:no shona plz dnt misunderstand me I have nt proposed u I have jus…..*cut*
swara:shhhhh……u have spoke a lot now my turn.U know sanky from birth I have got everything. Loving parents a caring no most caring di again at athe age of 13 I found a best buddy in u.Do u remember at first we were not frndz rather can say enemies.
sanky smile n noded in yes.
swara:but as we started understanding each other we become bst frndz. we know each other more then ourselves.I thought laksh will be my love n what I am going to say u roday will say to him but ……
sanky hold her hand telling her that I am there for u.
swara:*smile wid tears*but that incident changed our life now I feel like laksh never loved me.I dnt feel bad for what he spoke abut me but do u know when he point finger on u I feel like slapping him.I dnt know what is this feeling sanky whenever I saw u wid kavi somewhere inside my heart a part feel sad evenif I am wid lucky.My di is the one wid whom I share my secrets but not all but u r the only person in this world who knows each n every thing abut me.
I also never what to say this to u sanky as I know only because of me today u r in this situation n I can never for. …*cut*
sanky:u have done nothing shona.
n if it is so then ok it is u only for whom I am in this situation I am working hard now I am a businessman n I have started my own cmpany within 3 months so u r only responsible. *smiled naughtily*
swara:haha yes thank u for the taunt.But sanky thank u for being wid me I want to say that I…..
Sanky:Yes shona I what????
swara:wait na let me speak of **closed her eyes**SANKY I LOVE U.nt from today but from very long.I did not want u to know it for my condition I thought I will be a burden for u so….
sanky:*angry*How can u even think about it swara u n burden I never thought that u will think like this about me.
He stand n started to go .Aftwr going a lil he found someone is huging him.
Yes his shona was huging him n crying too.
swara:no sanky I am sorry I will never say like this again plz if u also be angry wid me dnt its better to die…..
sanky:Never speak like this again u r mine from now. okay n I am not angry wid u.*hug her n kissed on her forhead*n this baby is our not anyone else I dnt care about others u r everything to me.
swara:I love u sanky.
Sanky:love u infinity.

After sometime of rest n talk wid each other but went out for dinner.
*****DINNER PLACE*****
It was a candle light dinner arranged by sanjy for his wife n life.
sanky:hope u like it.
swara:I love it prince.
sanky:prince? ??
swara:ya from today u r my prince.
sanky:than u r my princess.
swara:no I am my popi’s prin…
realise what she says n
swara: no he hates me I am no more his princess*cried*
sanky:but u r my princess n always be.
Sanky somehow light the mood of swara n both spend some quality times n also click pics.

Swara’s checkup is going on.
when doc asked his assist to take her for a walk.
doc:Lisa take Mrs.Khanna for a walk till then I will tell Mr.khanna abt the diet
swara:u can tell me omky doc.
Sanky:no need I know how much u take care of urself u go.
Swara pout n went away n sanky smile.
After shona went.
Sanky:What is that doc ?
Doc:How u *cut*
sanky:I know now plz doc tell me whtz wrong.
Doc:As I already said Mr.Khanna she is very weak n her bp is also rarely in normal. I know u are trying to keep her happy but something is killing her from inside if u dnt have any prob can u tell me?
sanky:actually doc…….*he tell her everything*she is missing her family doc but they dnt even wnt to see her face.u onky tell was it her fault no na then.I want my shona ti be happy doc what can I do that she will bw happy.
Doc:Acytally because of her high bp she is weak.N at this time its normal thst she will miss her family but I suggest u to talkwid them for once convence them to talk wid her in this way she will be satisfied otherwise there will be no chance of her survival at her delivery time.there os only 3 months left for it.so I think u should try once for her.
sanky:*crying*I will do anything for her I will bow my head infront of them doc.Plz dnt say like this I will give all the happiness to her.thank u.
He went away.N saw swara sitting in the garden bench.
sanky:Lets go princess I have a meeting so will drol u home n I will go.
swara:ok lets go.
Both come home sanky gave her to eat something and med n asked her to take rest.
Sanky:Princess sleep now for something n if u need anything call me n Maria (maid) is also her for u call her anything u want dnt go down ok.I will be late so have ur dinner today maria will stay.
Swara:Why sanky where r u going?
Sanky:Actually I have a board meeting in California so have to go there will be back by midnit.
Saying this he went …..
Sanky has landed in kolkata n direct went to GM.

Sanky come to GM to convince Everyone for his princess.
When he entered he call everyone.
Sanky:Shomi aunty shekhar uncle Ragini Dadi dadu…….

To be continue
wht will happen now will shekhar agree or not????

Credit to: Ashi

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