Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 13

Hello everyone. ……Thank you all for ur supports.
Niti-Yes I am from Assam.
Guys I will try to post as much episode I can whenever i get time.As I already told u all my reason for being late.
I will complete the past first

Swasan land at London and went to there new Home sweet home.
It was a beautiful house but it was not so big.
Small but sweet 4 room house.

Sanky:Shona I am sorry u have to stay here for some days but I will soon buy a new house n it will be big.
swara:Its more than enough sanky.what ever u had done for me n for my baby I will never be thankful to u
sanky:correction miss swara oh sorry Mrs.Swara sanskar Khanna this is my baby too .
swara:How can u be so good sanky this child is not ur blood but still u…..
sanky:But this baby is ur blood shona n dtz enough to love him.
Both share a hug n sanky took swara to her room n sanky asked her to take rest.
like this 1st day went…….

Swara was sleeping on the bed n sanky was on the couch in the same room.
suddenly swara wake up n run towards the washroom.
sanky was confuse n also shock
sanky:shona r u fine shona
shona:*breathing heavily*yes I am fine jst vomiting.
sanky:Vomiting but why ok u come out we will go to doctor.
Sanky took appointment n make bf for her n both went to hospital.

Sanky*tense*:doc she is vomiting from morning is she ok I mean nothing serious na?
doc:come down Mr.khanna Itz normal during pregnancy. u dnt worry I will check her u wait.
After checkup……..
Doc:She is very weak U have to take special care of her n Mrs.khanna be happy dnt take stress n take rest as u r young n also u r weak.
Doc give some med n both went back to home.
Sanky:Shona u take rest I have some work I will be back if u need anything call me ok
swara nodded n sanky went.
At night sanky come back n saw swara watching tv he went near her
sanky:what r u doing I asked u to take rest na
swara:what yaar sanky how much I will take rest u know na I dnt like to seat in a place for long time so came here to watch tv.N I am hungry too
sanky:what that means u dnt had u dinner till now
Swara nodded no
Sanky:stupid hopless lady how can u be so careless come here no no u wait here I will bring the plates.

As sanky was scolding her she was just smiling n looking him.
Swara:sanky from when u started caring for someone so much.I never saw ur this shade.
sanky:I always care for u shona we r bff from nearly 8 years n I am not taking care of someone I am taking care of my bf n my *keeping his palm on her belly*baby got it n u sit.
He went n bring dinner for both n both eat wid some masti.
sanky:shona I am going to start my own bussiness what say will it work.
swara:ofcourse sanky why it will not work I know u r very talented. n congress n best of luck
sanky:thank u n ya now come letz sleep.
As usual swara on bed n sanky on couch.
sanky get up first n saw swara sleeping suddenly he noticed smthng n went near her .
sanky:I know u r sad u r just pretending to be hppy but I will try my best to make u happy. I dnt know why but it feels like nothing in the world is more important than ur smile now.
He get ready make bf for her n went to his work……..

after sometime swara wake up n search for sanky everywhere but didnot found him then she saw the bf n a note
“I will be late a lill plz have ur dinner and yaa med too take care bye”
Swara was overwhelmed by his caring gesture.
swara:Why r u so good sanky what would be my condition if u were not wid me.Is it onlu for the sake of Friendship. I dnt know but I wll be happy for u from now.

Sanky come back n saw the house was dark he switch on the lights n went to see swara who was lying half wid a book sleeping.
he took the book n make her sleep properly. changed n took his dinner n sleep.
Swasan were even more close now there feeling r incressing for each other day by day but both the stupids r not reveling it.
☆☆☆☆3MONTH LEAP☆☆☆☆

In this three months many things were changed sanky has established his own company S.S COMPANY n it was running nicely.
Both shift to a big house.The house was Very beautiful (imagine any big house u want wid swming pool n garden. haha)
Swasan room was just like serial type.
Sanky come to dinning table wid black suit he was looking Awsome.
swara:ohhhhooo today patidev is looking very hot.what is going on dnt tell me you r going on a date wid some foreigners. Nahi aisa nahi ho sakta*in a dramatic way*
sanky:haha very funny .U tell me what r u doing here u should take rest na.
*Both have xcepted eachother as hubby n wiffy but no romance :-p *
swara:I was geting bore so come to serve u I am bore yaar .
sanky:ok u ve ready by 6 we will go for a long drive ok bye.
Swara got excited n hug him but was stoped by her baby bump
sanky:*touch her baby*we r waiting baby come soon.N went away.

Precape:Swasan for long drive n swasan’s confession.

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