Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 12


Hello everyone……I am happy that u all like my fanfiction.N some of u r saying that this is a copy of film “koi aap sa”so to them I wanna say that read the whole story coz only some scenes are same but the situation is different.Have some patience n read the full story.
And I will not be able to post continuous becz my relatives have come as We have our New year (Bihu) Festival so I will be busy pardon me.
*****Let’s go***
All r shock.
Swara:Sanky what r u saying? Shut up I said.this is not ur child….
Sanky:This is my child shona.N I will not allow u to abort it.
shekhar:Who r u to stop us? This child will not come on earth n dtz final
sanky:Mind ur tongue this is my child n I will decide.if u all dnt blve us that swara n I am innocent then think whatever u want n regarding who am I to decide then I am swara’s to be husband*again shock*This child’s father.
Dp:I will never accept her or this child sanskar.U will be out of my house choose betwn ur family or this characterless girl…..
Sanky:Mind ur tongue. I dnt want ur approval u only said na I am useless u all stay wid ur reputation n money. I made promises to fulfill not just for fun.Once I said to swara I will always be wid her whenever she needs me.
I dnt love her but if it is love what laksh does to swara then thnk god I dnt love her coz love is all abt “trust”U all says u love us but no trust so I also dont want any family like u people.
Dp:Itz easy to say sanskar how will u care about both u r nothing widout us.I will not give u a penny to waste on this….*cut*
Sanky:I said I dnt want family it include ur mony too Mr Durgaprasad Maheswari (shout)
All r shock by sanskar’s reaction.
Shekhar:Never show ur face again I we will think that our one daughter is dead.
Ragu:What r u talking papa? Plz dnt do this I agree boh have done wrong but cutie is very weak papa plz listen to me plz papa.
shekar:Shut up ragu u go to ur room.N u dnt have any cutie.
Ragu:No pap…
shekhar:I said na go to ur room.
Ragu see towards swara who was standing like a statue.N sanky was holding her hand.
Swasan came out of the house n sanky remembers smthng n call someone.
Sanky:Hey Omi(sanky’s best frnd/bro)r u at home
omi:yes buddy why n that too so late
Sanky:Nothing is fine I am coming u wait.
omi:come soon

soon both reach omi’s house.
omi:sanky whatz dis yaar what r u doing here so late that too wid swara n why she is looking all dull.
sanky:Noone is believing us omi (guys omi knows abt the incident)
n explain everything.
omi:such a cheap family u have sanky I didnt imagine even n laksh I thought atleast he will trust u both but…..leave them so what u thought now what r u going to do?
sanky:first tomorrow morning I will marry swara.
Omi:best decision as I always say.
(everyone in the college knows abt swasan bonding n love {frndship wala}n omi want swasan to be in a never ending rlsnship)
Sanky:Shut up n I need a big favour for u yaar?
omi:Anything for u bro
sanky:I want 2crore rupees and two filght ticket for london that too as soon as possible.
Omi thought for sometime that time omi’s father(Dayal from EHT) come home.
Dayal:Loving single father love omi alot big business man love sanky like his son.
omi:Best frnd cum bro of sanky they both share a great bonding.Love his father a lot.
Dayal:Whtz up boys? Anything serious?
Omi explain everything n dayal also know abt the incident.
dayal:I am ashame that durga is my friend chii….No worries boy u consider me as ur father na n u r my son too so tell me what I can do for u both.
Dayal goes towards swara n touch her head lovingly. n
says:She is so innocent how can her father be so cruel just for the so called reputation.
(to sanky)Sanskar ur decision of marrying her is best I am proud of u boy.N tomorrow only u both will leave to London.I have my house there from today that will be yours as a wedding gift.
sanky:No uncle no need of it thnk u but….
dayal:I am not telling u I am ordering u as how u will manage her as she need complete rest if it is only u then I can agree n now u have to be responsible establishe yourslf n show to this world that u r not useless.
Sanky hug him n cried aloud thanking him.
All four went mandir where dayal has arranged everything and they got married.
Dayal:Sanky u go home n change n ya take swara to hospital for check up and asked her if it safe for her to travel.

Doc check her and ask her assistant to take her for test.
she talk wid sanskar.
Doc:Mr.Maheswari. ..*cut*
Sanskar:Mam not maheswari Mr.khanna.
Doc:Ok mr khanna ur wife can travel but she has many complication.she is very stressed make her normal.N keep her happy as much as u can.she has entered her 2nd month but for her complications I am telling u to take maximum care of her.And plz dnt let take her stress or any type of shock. hope u get what I said.
sanky:u dnt worry doc I will take care of her I will make ber normal soon.
Doc:ok I will give u the phone no. of my senior doc she is in London so she will help u.

Soon they went to dayal’s home n both r ready to leave there past.
The flight is at 12 midnit.
so sanky asked swara to company her to shopping mall.
Sanky:Shona lets go for shopping.
swara:Sanky I dnt feel like going u go.
sanky:why shona
swara:r u sick u r asking why whtever happened wid us wid u why u ruined ur life sanky
Sanky:I am going to start my life wid u how can u say I ruined my life shona dnt u trust me.
swara:more than myself sanky .
Sanky:then forget about everything from today we will start our new life u me n *place his hand on her belly*our child.
swara cried and hug him
sanky:dnt cry shona doc adviced u to be happy n if u will cry like that the baby will be rondu like u.
swara beat him playfully.
Both share a hug and smile n went for shopping.

N after sometime they flew away from there past.
N sanky swears that he will never come to this place.
swara was sure that someday they will come to know about the truth n will call them.
sanky thought that”I will never come back here i hate u all”
TRUST it is not only a word but something which every children expect from there parents fromt here friends n also wid whom they r in a rlsnship. if there is,no trust in a rlsnship blood connection is also nothing.
If there is trust no need to have blood cnnctn too……..
1.is it the only reason why sanky hate all???
or there is something more????

Credit to: Ashi

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