Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 11


Hello everyone…….Thnk u very much for liking my ff……Sorry I Will not be able to give the link as I am using a small mobile phone no laptop……….N Swara is dead n she cannot be back but it will be swasan ff……..
~~~~~~~~~LET’S GO~~~~~~~~
□□□□□□□□□□□Past □□□□□□□□□□□□

As swara was lying on the floor wid pool of blood sanky come back from Market went to check her.
As he didn’t find her anywhere he was scared n then he saw the batheoom door slightly open.
He call her but no rply so he went inside n wht he saw was horrible.
He carries her in his lap n took her to hospital.
After sometime doctor infoem him that she is safe as he brought her on time but she is very much stressed so make her happy.
Sanky went near her n sat
Sanky:Shona how can u do this type of things?*cried*
Swara gain consciousness and she saw sanky hugging her hand again she remember about the incident n she again started crying
Swara:Why u save me sanky How I will survive now how I will face others …….how can I face the hatred n taunts of the society sanskar?*n cried*

Sanky:What they will say shona u are a victim u r not at fault dnt think much jst remember that I will be always wid u.
After sometime they went home but noone inform anything to anyone as they have decided that they will inform laksh fast.

Swara went to her room n was lying on the bad then laksh called her
Swara:Lucky where are u plz meet me I have to say something very important to u plz
Lucky:Shona I am going to Australia aftr half n hour I think u didn’t got the news swara kartik is no more yesterday his car meet wid an accident. so I have to manage the bussiness ok bye t.c
Shona was shock that kartik is dead as now how she will prove herslf.
Days went like this laksh didnt return n swasan decide to tell him after he returns.
Swara has stoped talking wid everyone she even skip college
She was nomore the bubbly swara.
Everyone notice that.Sanky has also changed alot he started to take care of swara n he only meet kavita sometime n to keep himslf busy he also started to involve in bussiness.
Noone knows about that incident.
Swara was sleeping when her phone ring.

lucky:Hi shona sorry to distrb ur sleep baby but I want to inform
u that I am coming tomorrow morning.
Swara was happy that finally she can talk wid him.
Next Day….
All were preparing to welcome laksh as he is cominga after 3 months.
Sanky call shona n
sanky:Swara are u ready….
swara:Sanky I am scared what if he dont trust me
sanky:Dont worry I am wid u t.c bye.
Laksh came to MM met everyone n after sometime went to GM to meet swara. Sanky was also wid him.
Swara come running to him but she slip n fall down n faint.
all went to her she was bleeding.
Sanky run to her n took her to jer room n scream everyone to call a doctor.

All MF GF r present ther went doctor arrive .
Sanky:Doctor is she fine???
Doctor:No ans.
Sanky:*Shout*Doctor I asked sumthing how is she?
Doctor:She is fine but in this condition it may create some complication n her life can also be in risk.U should take care og her.
All were cnfuse by her talk
Sanky:What do u mean in this case? what happened I dnt understand anything doctor?
Doc:Mr sanskar U dont know that she is pregnant? ???????

All were horrified by the news n no one has any idea also.
laksh was dishearted
Sanky get it but was also shock.
Doctor left after giving some medicine.N ask her to come to clinic for checkup.
After a while shona wake up n saw everyone around her
Swara:Lucky u came I am so happy u know I have to tell u a very important thing that is……*cut*
Lucky:That u r pregnant.
Swara:*Shock*what the hell r u talking laksh?
Shekhar:He said what doctor told us swara.how can u do this dnt .who is the father f this child shona?
Swara:What r u talking baba how can I ……Di what they r talking?
Ragu:Yea cutie they r telling truth. what is all happening cutie plz tell me.
Swara:Sanky where is he …..
Shekhar:U ans me first swara who is….
Sumi:Let her take rest shekhar
Dadi:U shut up sarmistha.what face we will show to this society when they will come to know that we even dnt whose child our house girl is carrying.
Laksh:Speak up swara if u loved someone u could have told me why u did this wid me
Swara:what r u talking laksh I only love u.
Sanky came in the room n swara run n hug him.

Swara:Sanky see na what they are talking how can I …..
sanky:come down swara doc asked u to take resr it will affect u n ur baby.
swara:This is not my baby……..
Shekhar:sanskar do u know who is the child’s father?
Sanky:Uncle actually.
Laksh:Sanky if u know speak why r u hesitateing.It seems like u r in a guilt
All r shock by this statement.
Sanky:Laksh wht r ……*cut*
Laksh:oh I got it u r the father of this child rit thts why u r silent.
All my friends tell me that u both r not jst frnds but I never here them but u chiii…..shame on u
swara:shut up laksh this is not sanky’s child how can u think anout us like this on reunion day kartik ur partner ur bestfriend r**ped me n throw me like a tissue.
*she scream as loud as she can*
Laksh:dont u dare to speak ill about a dead person.I trust him n I know wht type of person he is.
U both enjoyed n now u r passing the blame to the person who is no more.Have some shame …
Sanky come n punch him n beat him laksh too beat him.
Both were fighting badly.
Dp come n slap Sanky:Shame on u sanskar .First u did such a dirty thing n now if u love swara then

u could have told us we would have got u married but such things before marriage n now u r blaming a dead person .
shekhar:*slap*I thought u were like my son but chii on u both u didnot even think a min before doing all this
*slap swara*u I regret to give birth to u.
All were taunting swasan bt only two people were looking all this helplessly Sumi N Ragini.

Shekhar :Come wid me I will not allow this dirt to born.
He took her to hospital n all went wid him.
After examining Swara.
Doc:Mr.gadodiya I am sorry but ur daughter has entered in her 2nd month.N she is weak +Anemic too so it will be dangerous for her if u go for abortion.
shekar:I dnt care do whatever u want bt abort the child.
Sanky sumi n ragini heard it.
Sumi:How dare u shekar how can u speak like this she is our daughter. ragu:Papa how can u say what if something happen to her .
shekar:Shutup u all I also love her n I know nothing will happen to her n I cannt ruin mg reputation.
They went from hospital.
Sanky went to the doc
Sanky:Doc Is it possible to abort the child without harming swara.
doc:we cnt say anything but its very risky as she is young too.she may die too.

sanky:No doc plz dnt say like this how much chances are there of this abortion
doc:frnkly speaking then only 20%.
Sanky went home.At home too all were bad mouthing abt swara.
He fought wid everyone n went to meet swara.

Here swara was sitting emotionaless.Her life has destroyed completely.
Sanky:Swara how r u? Did u take ur medicine.
swara:I am dead sanskar n for wht I will take the med.
sanky:for ur baby…*cut*
Swara:Its not my baby.It is a part of that dirty man this baby is also a dirt nothing else.
Sanky:How can u speak about ur child shona.its ur part too.
swara:No sanky tomorrow will be d last day of my life. I know I will die afyer the abortion so u take care of urslf n ya thanku for being wid me..
Sanky:You will not abort this child.
swara:R u out of ur mind.how can I keep this baby.

I cannt take any risk regarding ur life shona n I have decided that u will give birth to this child.
swara:But sa..
Just then shekhar come inside n saw both of them together n
shekhar:How dare u come here u cheap *n bit him*
*slap swara continuously*how could u swara ……
Sanky stop him n tell
sanky:Swara will give birth to this child this is my child n I will take care of both.
Sanky:yes shona I am the father of this child nthng is important then ur life.
All r shock

to be continue

Credit to: Ashi

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