Swaragini Ek nayi kahani episode 10


Hi friends. ……Back again wid a new episode…
N I am going to introduce a new character u all wil be shock surprise whatever u want u can but hope u like it.
Next moring sanky getup n as usual cll his princess n wake her up.He too went to see the preparation.
The house was decorated beautifully wid lots of blue and pink balloons n ribbons.
In one corner there is food arrangements .In one plce there are kids play equipments are set there was a big screen where there wil be shown something. And infront of the entrance it is written in big letters
It was evening and all the guest has started to come and were welcomed by sanky itself.He call ragini
sanky:What happen where r u all not yet here?
Ragu:We r stuck on traffic Sanky. we will be there within 20 min.
sanky:ok come soon.

Soon they came MF & GF
Guest started to ask about the bdy girl
Mr sarma:(whom sanky scold) Where is ur princess Mr khanna n who is swaragini?
Sanky:She is on her way MR.sarma n thnks for comimg I thought as I speak wid u u will not come but really glad u came.
Mr.sarma:No worries I understand ur feelngs.

Soon The main person entered at the party.

Sanky smile n shonu run n hug him
sanky:wow my princess is looking like a real princess today.
shonu:N u r my King.
All MF &GF enters n saw all the arrangement n saw the screen where its written HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIFE MY SWARAGINI.
All get tearly eyes.
Sanky come wid shonu n intro her
Sanky:Good evening everyone thank u all for coming today is the birthday of the two most important person of my life My Life my wife My bff Swara Sanskar Khanna n my princess my loving daughter Ragini Sanskar Khanna They r Swaragini Music of my life.For whom I am living.
one guest:Where is ur wife Mr.khanna
Sanky:*faded smile*she is here (pointing into his heart) n here (pointing to shonu) Actually I lost my wife 4years ago but she is still wid us.so u all njoy the party first let cut the cake.

All gather to for cake cuting soon Two big cakes were entered
N both were cut by shonu n sanky n shonu feed everyone (family).

Shonu:papi my special gift which I asked u to show me?

Sanky:Ofcourse my princess u ask smthing n I dnt give u I cannt be na wait.Ramu (Shout bt nt wid anger)
*Took the mike*Excuse me everyone my princess asked me to introduce my wife to u all n she want to share her and her family’s happy moment wid u all so kindly be patience

Everyone cheer for them.
Then the projector start swara’s photo came first wid her the most angelic smile (imagine whatever pic u want our shona alwys look cute).
2nd -swasan pic when swara was 4 month pregnant n both were near a beautiful lake side.
3rd-swasan pic when swara was 5mnt prgnt they were at a playstore n swara was making funny faces wid sanky
4-At her 6th mnth she was hugging sanky n he was just smiling.
5-At her 7th mnth both r eating by feeding each other this pic was captured by aman.
6-At 8th mnth swara’s face has become pale but her still can kill anyone it can be clearly seen that she was crying bfr the photo was click .
7th-Swara wid her baby bump. She was eating her favourite chocolate ice cream.
8th-Swara wid her princess Shonu kissing her and was crying+smiling too
9th-Swasan pic where sanky was kissing swara on her forhead n he was also crying but swara was smiling.
10th-Swasan wid there princess both were carrying her half sanky was side huging swara n swara smile like perfect family.

*As the pics were been shown kavita to enter n saw the last pic*
Projector was off lights on all were emotional even the guest .
MF & GF were crying specially GF.
Sanky:*mike*sorry guys to mke u all emotional so this is my small and cute family me n my swaragini. N one more announcement I am going to deal wid Maheswari n gadodiya’s so big congress to u too..
Thnk u n njy the party.
Party was going on smothly
Kavi come to sanky:Hi sanskar I saw ur family pic I was very beautiful. I am happy for u.Ok introduce me to ur family
sanky:Ofcourse come (formally)
went near shonu n
sanky:Princess she is my friend she wanted to meet u
Kavi:Hello beta u r soo cute what is ur name.
Shonu:Hello anty thank u ur also very beautiful n mY name is Ragini Khanna nice to meet u.
Kavi:Where is ur mumm….*cut*
sanky:princess plz go to ur friends n play I have made all the arrangements.
Shonu went away.
Sanky:Kavita didnot u hear what I said bfr smetime.
kavi:No actually I only saw the last pic….

Sanky:Come wid me……..She here is swara (show a pic) she is nomore kavita she left me alone.
Kavi was shock she was also shock…..she was tearly eyes……
n went away.
Party was going on when a man comes in n ask a waiter….
man:Where is Mr.Khanna?
waiter show him sanky
Man went to him n call him:Hello mr khanna I am Lak….before he can speak sanky show his face bt was not shock n say
Sanky:Hello Mr Laksh Durgaprasad Maheswari.
Laksh:Sanskar u here n u mr…*cut*
Sanky:Mr.sanskar Khanna n call me Mr khanna my name is only for my family.njy my party plz xcuse me.
Laksh was shock n saw his n ragu’s family too.
Laksh:What u all r doing here?
Dp:We came for our granddaughter birthday n also he is our new partner.
Laksh:But papa how can he be khanna…when.
Dp:He change his identity beta he is not our sanky now he has changed completely.
Laksh went near ragu n utts who was busy wid shonu he didnt saw her n call ragu
Laksh:Ragini ….
Both ragu n shonu sme time:Yes
Laksh was surprise.

Laksh:I called ragini then why u said yes baby (to shonu)
Shonu:becz I am ragini..
Laksh:oh u r ragini too but I called her pointing to ragu
shonu:oh yes now I rember u r chachu na Laksh chachu n hug him
laksh was confuse but then he get it n was tearly eyes n say:U r the…n see towards ragu she nodeed her head in yes
Laksh took her in his arms n twring her in happiness n also cries hugging her.
Laksh:My shona u are my shona u r just like shona.
shonu:Chachu I am shonu shona is momi.
Laksh smile at her cute talk n kiss her.
All saw it m was happy……..
Party get over smoothly …..only MF N GF r left.
Shonu:Dadu dadi nana nani u all stay here only today we will have lots of fun.
All MF N GF wants to stay but cannot as sanky will not like…
Dp:No beta let us go we will come again ok…..
shonu:Plz dadu its my bdy plz stay n papi plz convince them na…..
*wid a bit sad face*
sanky:Its her birthday if u all dont have any problem u all can stay I dnt want my princess to be sad on her special day.

All were happy n agreed.
Sanky:(to servents) Go n buy sme dresses for all
ragu:No need sanky we will manage.I have called swastika she has jst now landed n will be here wid our dress in 30 min.
Sanky:Ok u all rest princess go n change u must be tired na.
shonu:ya papi but we will not sleep now we will enjoy ok??
sanky:As u wish beta do………
I will make ur favourite milkshake n sandwich.
(To servent)Make tea n sandwich n serve them . u all plz sit.
he went to his room n changed hid dress.N took swara’s pic n
sanky:Happy birthday princess I miss u alot its been 5 nears today I loose u…….I am missing ur smile swara I am missing ur angelic eyes ur voice I miss our fights I miss u swara I love u ………n cried alot.
Laksh ragu sumi ap dp rp all saw him like this n was also crying.
Soon a girl come to the entrance n shout:Where r u all? Ragini where are u?
Ragu:She came the tufan2.
Shonu heard her sound n went o her.The girl’s face was covered in darkness.
Shonu:Yes who r u ? Why u called me?
Girl came forward wid a smile
Shonu was surprised n was shock too she cried by seeing the girl n run to her n hug her.
The girl:Dont cry cutie why r u crying…………….
All come down n saw them sanskar too come down n was shock to see her……….

To be contine…..
Who is the girl by which shonu n sanky was shock n cried????
Is she someone they want???
is see the one who will bring happiness in Sanky’s life or the one to destroy him ???????

Plz comment
plz comment

Credit to: Ashi

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