Swaragini-Ek Kahani (Intro)

Bose Family-
Ragini Bose- 22yrs old, A doctor by profession, Daughter of Sharmishta Bose & Shekhar Gadodia, Laksh best friend, Annapurna & DP treat her as there daughter,Very close to Adarsh & Parineeta, a modern as well as traditional girl. Loves her mother and Nani alot.
Sharmishta Bose- Mother of Ragini, college lecturer by profession. Loves her daughter Ragini alot. Best friend of Annapurna.
Kaveri Bose- Mother of Sharmishta, she is cute and fun-loving. Loves Ragini alot.

Gadodia Family-
Bishwajeet Gadodia/Dada ji- Head of Gadodia Family. A strict displinarian, Traditional
Parvati Gadodia/Dadi- She is strict, always keep Swara under her control. Hate bengalis,Grey shade
Shekhar Gadodia- Husband of Janvhi, Father of Swara & Ragini. (does not know about Ragini being his daughter)
Janvhi Gadodia- Mother of Swara, loves her family alot. Kind hearted.
Swara Gadodia- 22yrs old, Traditional,Sweet,innocent girl loves her family alot. She is a singer by proffesion but is not allowed to work by her dada & dadi. Best friend of Sanskaar.

Maheshwari family-
Durga Prasad Maheshwari- Traditional but his thinking is modern, Husband of Annapurna, Father of Adarsh and Laksh, Treats Ragini as his daughter. Grandfather of Kavya.
Annapurna Maheshwari- A lady with modern thinking, Mother of Adarsh and Laksh, Treats Ragini as a daughter, Best friend of Sharmishta, Grand mother of Kavya.
Adarsh Maheshwari- Elder son of DP & Annapurna, husband of Parineeta, Father of Kavya, Loves his younger brother alot, Ragini is like a sister for him.
Parineeta Maheshwari- Wife of Adarsh, Very close to Ragini, mother of Kavya, loves her family alot.
Laksh Maheshwari- 24 yrs old,Younger son of DP & Annapurna, Best friend of Ragini.
Kavya Maheshwari- 4yrs old , cute,bubbly,chripy, daughter of Adarsh & Parineeta.
Ram Prasad Maheshwari- Brother of DP, Father of Sanskaar and Uttara, He has his roots in traditions, values etc. Husband of Sujata.
Sujata Maheshwari- Mother of Sanskaar & Uttara, she is old fashioned and is always b***cing about bengalis & modern girls with Swara’s dadi.
Sanskaar Maheshwari- 26 yrs old,modern,cute,stylish,dashing, son of Ram & Sujata. Brother of Uttara. Best friend of Swara.
Uttara Maheshwari- 20yrs old, loving sister, traditional, Daughter of Ram & Sujata.
Families of DP & RP live in same mansion but are divided by a line, which is not crossed by any side members. There business is divided. AdLak Pvt Ltd is DP’s company & SanUt Pvt Ltd. is RP’s company.
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Credit to: ck1234


  1. rishi

    Ragini cant be a doctor at 22 use some sense man! And how can swara n ragini be of same age? If shekhar is their father then u imply that either shekhar was cheating on his wife or u are implying that shekhar moved on easily after shaemistha!

  2. ayesha

    Intro was nice hope that storyline will also be good…..Hope u make it swasan…..no other wish and request only union of swasan

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.