Swaragini-Ek Kahani (Chapter 4)

Ragini hugs Sanskaar tightly and there was a cute, sweet smile on Sanskaar’s face. They break the hug.
Ragini – Sanskaar what are you doing here at this time.
Sanskaar- I came here to see whether my Ragu is still upset with the Parvati dadi’s word because if she wld be upset then she wld not have slept till now & if she had not slept how can i sleep peacefully. And she i was right. You are still upset.
Ragini- How you got to know.
Sanskaar- Madam,i think you forget that i too live in Maheshwari Mansion. I hears Badi Maa & Pari bhabhi’s conversation.
Ragini- You know Sanskaar i dont know why she hates me so much.
Sanskaar- Ragini, parvati dadi is like this only,its her nature. And no one can hate my sweet Ragu.
Ragini- I missed you so much.

Sanskaar- Oh really, that’s why you did not told me that you are coming today. (He say showing fake anger)
Ragini (gives a knowing look) takes a box out of her bag and says,
Ragini- Sanskaar i thought i wld give you this surprise but as you are angry with me you wont take it. Right.
Sanskaar gives a smile and tries to snatch his gift from her. But She runs away. They both run around the room & finally Sanskaar catches her. They fall on the bed. They have an eye-lock. Ragini gives him his gift. He opens it and finds a swet-shirt in it. He gets more than happy as it was his favourite.

Sanskaar- Ragini, you very well know how to cheer me up. BTW i have something for you too.
Ragini- What, give me.
Sanskaar- First close your eyes.
Ragini closes her eyes. Sanskaar goes behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. He puts a beautiful diamond pendant around her neck . She opens her eyes and see it.
Ragini- Its beautiful.
Sanskaar- But not more than you.
They have an eye lock.

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Precap- RagSan Moments….

Credit to: ck1234


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