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Okay since u guys were requesting me so i thought of reviving this story…..Here comes CH–6…………..
Ragini- Rishto Ko Jode Ti Ek Dor (CHAPTER– 6)
Scene starts with Ragini completing her dance. Sanskaar was totally in aww of her. He came out of his world after hearing claps for her. Ragini too comes down frm the stage. She goes were Shumi, Kaveri & Adarsh were talking with Neha’s parent.
Ragini- Mom…. Nani… Bhai… How was my dance?
Adarsh- Hey princess… u just rocked.
Just then Neha’s parents see’s Maheshwari’s & Shekher’s family & goes to welcome them.
Shumi & Kaveri starts talking to other ppl in the party. Adarsh & Ragini to goes to there frnds who were present in the party.
As they were talking Shekher & Sharmishta feels each – other presence but ignores it.
After sometime Ragini goes to drink water. As she turns to go she clashes with Shekher.
Ragini- Ohh. i am sorry…. She looks up & finds Shekher.
Shekher to sees Ragini.
Shekher- You, how are u??
Ragini- I am fine, uncle & how are u here?
Shekher- Mehra’s are our business associates & U.
Ragini-Ohh.. i am Neha’s frnd & uncle is also a business associate of Bhai & Mom.
Shekher- Ooo.. btw.. u are not just a good doctor but also a good dancer. We saw ur dance.
Ragini- Thank u, uncle….
Shekher- What’s ur name?
Ragini- Uncle , i am Ragini Ga….
Just then her frnd comes & takes her with them.
Shekher (Shocked)- Ragini… He remembers naming his youngest daughter Ragini… He gets teary eyed.
Just then Kavita comes there. She sees him standing like a statue. She shakes him a little.
Kavita- Dad… What happened?? DP uncle is calling u.
Shekher (coming out of his world )- Yep, beta… i am coming..
Shekher goes, were DP is talking with some ppl.
One person- DP ji u can do business with “SAR” groups also, they are best in Kolkatta & in top ten in all over India. They are present here in the party.
DP- Ohh… that’s great. We wld lky to meet them. What say Ram, Shekher.
Ram- Yaa, bhai sahab….
Shekher to agrees. The person goes with DP.
Annapurna- See , we have come for someone’s engagement party & here also they are thinking of business.
Sujata- Ya jiji… Swara & Kavita u both shld see to it that after marriage Laksh & Sanskaar wont do the same with u guys…
They laugh…
The person comes with DP to Adarsh.
Man- Mr Adarsh meet them, He is Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari…
Adarsh & DP shakes hand. They talk.
DP–It was great meeting u, young man, come i will introduce u too my family.
Adarsh goes with him. DP comes to them. He intros Ram, Sanskaar & Laksh to Adarsh. Shekher who went to take a call comes there while looking at his mobile.
DP- And yes, now meet him, he is Shekher, my frnd & business partner.
As Adarsh sees him, his blood boils. He remembers how Shekher went leaving Sharmishta 20 yrs back. He makes a fist to control his anger. Shekher looks at Adarsh & smiles. He forwards his hands. Adarsh to give a fake smile & sakes his hands.
Dp- Come beta, i will make u meet my family also.
Adarsh unwillingly comes with them. Dp intros him with others. As he sees Kavita & Swara, he get teary eyes. As he sees Dadi, he again gets angry remembering her behaviour with Sharmishta. He wanted to go frm there.
On the other side, Sharmishta & Kaveri were looking for Adarsh. Shumi sees him talking to some ppl (Maheshwaris). She cannot see them as they had there back.
Shumi- See Maa, here also he is talking to some business ppl. They go towards them. I will call him.
Shumi- Adarsh…….. beta here also u are talking of business. She says coming to him. She did not saw Gadodia’s.
Adarsh – Mom…..
As Shekher sees Shumi, he looks towards Adarsh. He understands that Adarsh is his son. Dada, Dadi sees Shumi. Kavita & Swara to recongnise her. They move forward.
Shumi- Adarsh… i am asking u something.
Adarsh turns her by keeping his hands on her shoulder (as her back wld be towards them & she wld not see them.)
Adarsh- Yep… lets go…..
Shumi- Yaa….. but… She turns.
As she turns , she was shocked to see them. Adarsh closes his eyes in pain. While Maheshwaris cld not understand anything.
Meanwhile, Kavita & Swara stands besides Shekher & eyes them angrily. Adarsh too holds Shumi’s hands.
Shekher- Adarsh…. As he moves towards him, adarsh shows him his hands & says in low voice- Dont u dare Mr.Shekher Gadodia… Dont u..
Adarsh- Mom lets go..
He takes Shumi & was abt to go when they heard a sweet voice- Bhai…. Mom…. Its Ragini… Hearing her voice Gadodia’s & Maheshwaris to turn.
Adarsh- Raggu….
Shekher remember her telling herself as Ragini. She come to them. Dada, Dadi, Kavita & Swara get shocked.
Ragini goes to Dada ji & says- How is ur health now uncle. (Ragini cld not recongnise them as she was just 4 yrs old)
Adarsh & Shumi looks shocked.
Adarsh- Raggu, u know them.
Ragini- bhai… they are the one who shifted to the bunglow next to us.
Adarsh- Ooo… Btw, Raggu, shld we leave now….
Ragini- Yaa, Nani was calling u & Mom.
She sees Shumi teary eyes.
Ragini- Mom…. what happened… why are there tears in ur eyes.
Shumi- No beta….. actually something went into my eyes.
Ragini- Ooo Mom.. how many times i told u to wear spects… but u never listen to me… she makes a puppy face.
She her face& concern Shumi, smiles.
Shumi- Okay baba…. i will wear it frm now…. okay…
Ragini hugs her & says- that’s like my Mom.
Adarsh- Okay, lets go…. Nani is waiting na….
Ragini- Yep…
They leave… while going Adarsh looks angrily at Shekher…..

Scene ends…… So how is this chapter…

Credit to: ck1234

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