swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 9)


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Re-22 yrs ago fb swrara reaches ps raglak cute moment
Kaveri and kavya go somewhere wid the bag they meet a person
Kaveri- this is 15 laks go away from the the city as far as u can
The mans face is revealed he is the same whose sketch was made
Man-only 15 laks
Kavya- u didn’t do what we told u

Kaveri- somehow kavita needs to be in the good books of sanskar the most successful business man of Kolkata once . for that somehow I have to make swara late for the concert
Kaveri calls someone- meet me in palkstreet t 530
At 530
Man- what happened
Kaveri- a gal would be going by a route for the cocert u have to make her late. Do anything.
Man- how much will u pay
Kaveri- whatever u say
Man-5 laks
Kaveri –done
FB over

Kaveri – you tried to molest the wrong gal u molestd maheshwari daughter
Man- ya but a gal came on scooty
Kaveri- what on scooty
Man- yay and she scared us. She is very smart
Kaveri-oh god that gal must be swara its all messed up now
Kavya-u guy get lost go away from Kolkata I have given u money that is more than enough.
Man-ok but if I get caught I wouldn’t spare u also
Kaveri kavya shocked and tensed
Dp-inspector find this man at any cost.
Police- ya
Utara hugs swara –thnx a a lot swara
Swara- we r friends na dosti mein no sorry and no thnk u
Utara- wow bhai also says the same
Sankar and swara look at each other.
Utara- well we have organised a party on Sunday u and ragini r invited
Swara- ya we will surely come

Ragini- takes her aside party r u mad I have not even taken dadis permission how can I gothat day in ccd dadi allowed us because my concert went good oh god u even told that we will come
Swara- keeps an assuring hand on her shoulder-I am there na dadi will allow u need not worry
Ragini smiles
jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup[ chanchal hai
Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini…..
ragini- shomi aunty how is she
swara- oh ya u know what remember that day she herself was going to tell the name of the kidnapper but today
ragini- did someone thretaend her
swara-I feel the same remember that caller

in the hospital
shekhar- sees someone lying on the bed- ik u r not in position to be blamed but because of u I lost my love because of u mishty is going through so much but janki this does not mean that I don’t love ragini.
Ragini is my daughter. Ik its unfair for her but to keep her away from u but its better also
Sicee 22 yrs u r I comma and now u r going to wake up . I don’t know what will I tell to ragini.
Meanwhile Urvashi heard all this and is shell shocked.
Swara steps out of the ps
Sanksr- swara thnx again for coming for
Swara- hm ya my pleasure
Sankar is about to say something but swara goes without even looking at him
Suddenly swara slips and sankar holds her (hossna…plays)
Swara-leave me
Sankar-first thank me
Swara- no ok thnx
Samkar smirks leaves her and she falls down
Sankar laughs –hahaha

Swara- makes an angry face wth
Sank-acha sorry u only told me leave u so he extends her hand to help her
Swara gets up without his help
Swara- r u done that was so cheap
Sank-no it was cool
Sank goes
Swara keeps her leg in between and he trips and falls
Swara- hahahaha and this is super cool just lyk ac urs was just a Chinese fan she shows her thumbs down
sswara- mind ur steps from next tym mr. monster maheshwari
laksh comes-bahi I already told never ever mess with this gal she can do anything she is sherni
and her friend is so sweet totally opposite
swara remembers that ragini is her sister
ragini saw all this and smiled
sanlak went
swara-ragini I want to tell u something’
ragini- what happened is everything ok

swara-u r my sister
ragini- ik
swara- what u know
ragini –ya cant friends
swara cuts her shekhar uncle is my dad
ragini- what
swara-we r sisters we are swaraginni
ragini gets teary eyed
swara tells her every thing
ragini- we swaragini will reunite our parents
swaragini plays…
outside hospital Urvashi thinks-jiji is alive how can this be possible
22 yers ago Urvashi and shekar were friends but usrvashi loved him
On the mehendi nyt Urvashi mixed something in shekhars milk and miss called shomi a no. of tyms
Then she dressed janki lyk shomi and sent to shekhars room . even janki was not stable
Shekhar thought her to be sharmishtha and ….
Then they were in others embrace

Shomi came slapped them
Janki got up cried and said believe me shomi I have not done naything
Shomi cries shekar tries to console her but she again slaps him even dadi comes and slaps him and janki
Shomi- why shekhar why u betrayed me for her I always loved u but u chii
Shomi runs and goes to her house deeda goes behind her
Shekhar looks at janki agrily
Every one was angry except Urvashi she smirked
He pov
Now my dear jiji will be broken and she will try to kill herself and then no one will marry shekhar but I will marry him and then he will be forever mine
Everyone started blaming janki
Janki coudnt take this
Sharmistha cries a lot- durga ma whose fault was it I know it must be janki because shekhar cant do anything. Why alwys I have to suffer
Deeda hugs her and while hugging both cry
Urvashi acts as if she is unwell
The gf gets worried about her so they asked them Urvashi and janki to stay with them
Dayss passed
No body talked to janki
Janki became very depressed and fainted
Everyone saw her lying the doctor came and declared that she is pregnant
Everyone was shocked including Urvashi

Dadi dada- wht shekhar what have u done now there is no other option left u have to marry her
Urvashi- shocked
Janki- its ok I will abort the child
Dada dadi- no need I know it’s a mistake but for aur repo we have to do it
Shekhar- but ma
Later he agrees
Jansh wedding preparations going on
Sharmistha is very sad and is wathching this through her window
Then she feels vomiting sensation and goes to washroom. She is craving for something khatta to eat
Deeda-shomi kahin tu pregnant toh nahi
Shomi shocked rembers her intimacy with him
In the evening shekar and janki getting married
And shomi gets the blood test report and its positive she cries
There janki and shekhar marriage is completd
Urvashi is very sad with the recenct happenings and vows to change everything in her favour.
Fb ends
In mh
Adya-what sswara di would be coming to the party yayaya
She dances
Everyone is happy seeing her but suddenly she feels restless
Everyone gets worried
Then she becomes normal.

Ap- beta what happen u shud show this some gud doctor
Pari- nono its nothing lyk that ma she gets tired na that’s why
Ap oho but take care.
In sanskars room he open his wadrobe and sees something he takes it in his hand
It’s the shell that swara by mistake gave him
He –so miss bose I am monster ryt now just wait and watch
U have made me crazy and I will make u insane ms daring
Laksh- is thinking about ragini she is so sweet innocent cute taleneted and beautiful
I feel different for u .
Jaise mera tu plys..
Swaragini at home
Swara- we have to act as if we don’t know anything about our relation
Ragini- ya first we need to find the ause their separation and then reunite them. I will get a mother
Swara-and I will get a fther both hug each other
As usaual the spy the billi Urvashi heard everything
Urvashi I have to finsh them off
Swara ragini janki shomi all four of them
And laughs evily
Sharmistha comes-arrey ragini beta how r u
Swara- ma on Sunday we will go to the party In mh
Shomi-ok good
Next morning
Ragini gets a call
Helo who is there
Caller-I know ragini that u r finding a clue for what happened 22 yrs ago
Ragini- ya
Caller-come to kalighat today at 800 am don’t tell this to anyone or else forget that u wil ever get a mothers love
Ragini gets ready and goes
Dadi- laado where r u going
Ragini-I am going to kalighat mandir
Ragini goes
Swara see this and follows her

Ragini reaches the place
And waits there
Swara comes there
Ragini- what r u doing here
Swara- I shud ask u this question

Ragini tells her everythong
Swara- r u mad do know it can be a prank
Ragini- who will do this prank except us no one knows that we are finding clues
Swara looks on
Suddenly a person came wearing a burkha and
Swaragini shocked
The lady my poor swaragini how can u be so naïve I mean do u really think that I will tell u some clue
The lady uncovers her veil
Swaragini –aap uravashi masi
Urvashi laughs- hahaha what do u think
Now u escape- she takes out a gun-tell me who will die first
Swara-listen don’t do anything to ragini
Ragini- first u tell me y r u doing this
Urvashi-tell me who will die first
ragini –swara-u go u have to unite ur ma baba
swara- r u mad without ragini swara is nothing

ragini-swara u go
urvashii fools she triggers the gun and shoots
swaragini shout aaaa
but some one comes in the middle and got shot instead
everyone shocked including Urvashi
the blood came on raginis face
the screen freezes on their shocked faces
this current track is making u bored but don’t worry it will soon finish in just one more episode .
then it will focus on the love stories.
And guys guess who was shot is he or she very close to swaragini will the person die
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