swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 8)


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Recap-shomi discharged from the hospital and tells shekhar thet swara is his daughter. Swara overhears them.
Somewhere outside
Shomi-shekhar don’t u dare to say anything to my daughter.
Shekhar has tears in his eyes-it was all a misunderstanding us din
Shomi cuts him-even dat day I was not angry at u I was angry on my fate but today what u said u crossed ur limits now I hate u even more .(while closing her eyes) turns back go away from shonas lyf.
(Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan
Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2) plays….
Shomis pov

On the day of mehendi and sangeet
Everyone was happy deeda and dadi were dancing .
Dadi comes to shomi-beta I got a daughter as my bahu she hugs her. Iam so lucky.
Deeda- arrey arrey parbautii uska haath ka mehendi laug jayega
Dadi- he mhara khatushyam ji I forgot it sry sry
Shomi- its ok kaki
Dadi gives her a fake angry look
Shomi-oh I mean ma
Evry thing was goody goody
At midnight
Shomi gets a call.
She goes somewhere and sees something and is hell shocked.
Fb over

In badi
Swara gets raginis call and ragini tells her every thing.
Swara calls shomi- maa that gal needs me so I have to go to ps
Shomi- agrees.
Swara gets happy
Shekhar is his home sitting and so many thought were revolving is his mind.
Urvashi-shekharji what happened u r looking worried
Shekhar-wo swara he haults
Urvashi was shocked –curiously- what swara
Shekhar- no no nothing
Urvashi gets suspicious- u look very tired jijaji(my soon going to be husband) u shud take some rest.
Shekhar goes an atteneds a call –yes doctor I am coming.
Urvashi overhears –dictor!!!
Shomi come home
Shomi sits and starts crying why me
She is shocked to see a women with shekhar on bed. They both were sleeping in each others embrace
Its shekhars room
The woman wakes up. Shomi goes near them slaps her and wkes shekhar slaps him too.
They both wrer shocked. All the family members were present.
Shekhar in his car-somi that day what u saw was not the truth
Mehendi night
Shekhar and shrmishtha were talking over phone
And someone mixes something in shekhars milk goes away.
After the covo shekhar drinks the milk and feels dizzy he see someone entering his room and thinks sharmistha.
They get romantic on bed.
In the midnight
He woken up by sharmishthas slap he ws shoked to see some other gal beside him who was crying
Fb over

Shekhar-U r the main culprit janki u made a game out of our lives .
He reaches the hospital
Doctor- ya I just wanted to tell u that the patient is improving once in 22 yrs she blinked her eyes.
Shekhar- shows no expression
In the ps
Swara comes asa she enters the ps both swara and sankar feel something feels something (rabba ve tune plays from ipkknd)
Dp- he joins his hand –beta u have done such a big favour to me
Swara-uncle saving a womens dignity can never be a favour its everyone duty to stand against any such crime. People who just satnd and see the crime happening are equally responsible.
And u need not thank me u r eldwer to me
Dp- ur upbringing is very gud. Who are ur parnts ma andpapa
Swara says- we live in badi and my father she halts and looks at ragini and thinks she is my sister
She gets teary eyed
Ragini cuts-uncle I guess we shud talk later first we need to find them
Swara- yay ya ya
Swara- tells the artist and he makes the sketch
All this whiles sanskar was just staring at her and the swara looks at him they have an eyelock
(kaise bataun tujhe play…)
Ragini gets a call call and realizes her phone was in the other pocket of her purse
She gets a call-says Shashi how r u after so many days
Laksh thinks- who is this Shashi is he her … no no she cant have a bf
Laksh goes near her and starts
Starts doing awkward exercise stretches his hand so could listen her talk
Ragini is just staring at him with confusion
Ragini- yay a I miss u too
Laksh- miss kuch toh gargrar hai. He is her bf dats pakka or else why will she miss a guy
Ragini cuts the phone-what happened laksh are u ok na

L- no iam doing exercise
r- here
L-btw wre u talking to ur bf smirks
R- what r u saying I don’t have any bf. And the person whom I was talking is a gal
L- what Shashi is a gal Shashi toh ladko ka naam hai
r- nahi nahi she is my college friend so u were listening to our talks
l- shocked he could not say anything
l- itches his back head and smiles
sanksar notices all this
swara- the sketch is complete

pre- the patient in the hospital is revealed guys any guesses
kaveri and kavya meets someone.
Swara tells ragini she is her sister

Guys sorry for less swasan and raglak scene in the next epi it will be more
If u r not lyking the track then do tell me.

Credit to: simmi_m

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