swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 7)


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http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-ek-kahani-aisi-bhi-chapter-6/ Recap-swara saves Uttara from goons, kavita plays beside ragini in the concert,sankar hurts swara, swaragini and sanlak in ccd wid adya
DP(angry)-who were those morons so cheap of them. They don’t have the ryt to live
AP-its ok ji the gal came and rescued us

RP-its not ok bhabi
DP-lets go to the police
Utara-but papa I wont be able to show any1 my face
RP- have u gone mad thari matthi no nhi mari gayi

Dp-beta u gals will only think like this and never raise ur voice against such people
no not people they are demons then they will get more courage to do such crime.
Beta nothing will happen to u I promise and if u do this it will be an inspiration for other gals
Ap-ok ji we will go to PS tomorrow
DP- whats the name of that gal
AP-we forgot to ask her
DP-I will find at any cost.

IN the café
Near the counter
Raglak come out of their trance they r unable to face each other because of shyness
L-r u ok
R-hmm ya
On the table
Swara is even more angry on sankar now

Raglak also come
They all eat the food without uttering a word
Raglak and swasan are passing glance to each other and even trying to avoid eyelock
Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain
Tum sun’ne to aao kabhi
Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqarar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..
Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyan plays…
Adya- sab itne chup kyun hain why is everyone quiet
Swara- how was that concert who is this kavita
Ragini- oh ya kavita is kaveris daughter
Swara-hmm acha I am going outside meet me there swara goes
Adya –chachu lets go to the counter I want to take sometiong
Lucky-I will come

Ladya go
Sankar sees this opportunity to talk to swara
Sanskar- ragini I have to attend some call I am going outside
Ragini- ok sir
Sanskar- not sir
Outside swara is standing alone
Sankar- ms swara
Swara turns-wat r u doing here
Snakar- listen
Swara- oh u mean is any more scolding left and I don’t want to talk or listen anything with u she tends to leave
Sankar holds her wrist
Swara- ahhh
Sanskar realises the bruises in her wrist is because of him and is very guilty
Sankars bg tuneplays… he leaves her hand closes his eyes and says sorry
Swara- widened her eyes and piches sanskar
Sankar-what r u doing

Swara-checking wheather i was dreaming or waat
Sanskar – by pinching me
Swara- ya
Sanksar- looks here and there and smiles about that(hosanna plays… guys its an amazing song listen to it)
Swara- wait a second u even gave me treat and said sorry also wat r u upto
She searches something in her bag takes out money and gives it to sanskar
Swara- before u jump into conclusions let me make it clear that I am not bribing u this is the money for my sandwich coz I don’t want any obligations from u. today u r saying it’s a treat and tomorrow u will ask me to pay for it. So its better that I pay today only to avoid any further meetings wid u
Swara takes his hand keeps the money on his hand and goes away
Sanskar is really angry but controls and notices something in his hand it’s a kind of small sea shell
Swara- ab now I have given a piece of mind to him .
Ragini comes
Ragini- swara lets go

Sanlakya also go back
At night
Sanskars room- he is unable to sleep. He is thinking about swara
He Reminisces his meeting wid swara.-this gal will drive me crazy one day
ragini house
ragini is thinking about laksh and smiling

Uljhi si baatein dil
Mujhse bhi baantein
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)
Khud hi samajh ke mujhe samjha de
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)….
Ho meherbani jo dil de zubaani

Keh de wo jo na kabhi kaha hai
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu..

next moring
in kaveris house
kaveri is talking to someone- oh god how much more money u want moreover u messed wid the wrong people. She cuts the call.
kavita overhears kaveri
kavita – ma wid whom were u talking about money
kaveri covers it up by saying-beta no he was just a tender and was asking for some more money
kavita sences something fishy but doesn’t react
kaveri- acha beta I have made kheer for ur successful performance and I think dat even mr sankar has started liking u
kavita- what no ma it cant be
a voice comes-mom wont u give me kheer
kaveri is surprised and happy-oh meri bachi is back
kavita makes a digusting face

gal-yes mommy ur kavya is back
kavya and kavita look at each other angrily
kavita goes to her room
kavya-mom u come wid me let her go and bring kheer also
kaveri in her mind-what shud I do to patch up these sisters
ina kavyas room
kaveri- says something to kavya
kavya-mom how can u be so stupid. If they will say ur name then u r gone.
Kaveri- ik beta I have not even told this to kavita though I am doing it for her only
Kavya-mom u know na she will never accept it after all she is mahan atma. But u r risking ur lyf for her mom . But u shud have atleast asked me before planning.

Kavya- I will think upon it now
In the hospital
Swaragini r there to take shomi
Doctor- she can be discharged now but don’t let her speak more
Swara- yeha doctor
Swara- maa lets go
On their way in a taxi
Swara– today we will go to the police station.
Shomi says no
Swaragini shocked – but y maa

Swara- remembers wat doctor said-ok we will not go
Ragini- surprised but doesn’t say anything
Dp-today in the afternoon me and sanlak utara will go to the PS
Sanskar-ji bade papa I will surely make their lyf hell
Laksh-ya bhai we will not spare them
In afternoon
Swara and shomi enters
Shomi goes to her house
Lady1-u know na swara was late for the concert
Lady2-ya because of her the concert coild have been flopped
Lady- what can we except from achild who is illegitimate. Don’t know whoes. Whoes sin result is this only god and her mother knows
Even shekar is angry on swara- my raginis concert would have been flopped
Swara- hears all this silenty is about to break down
But runs and goes into her house swara cries shomi goes and hugs her
Swara- maa who is my father everyone taunts me and because of this even u cry and I cant see tears in ur eyes maa

Shomi-feels angry on shekhar and goes out
Shomi takes him somewhere
Shekhar- what r u doing mishty
Shomi- don’t call me mishty I forgot all our relations that day only and how dare u scold shona
Shekhar- she has done wrong and what can we except from a illegitmate gal
Shomi-bas shekhar bahot boliya if u dint know anything don’t even say anything
Shekhar- what
Shomi-the gal whom u r calling najaez is ur daughter mr. shekar gadodia
Shekhar shocked- tears in his eyes what swara is my daughter
Shomi- but the day u betrayed me I forgoy all realtins
Shekar-it was a misunderstanding
Shomi- bas and I hope atleeast u wont taunt her
Swara is hearing all theis and is shocked .
Swara goes back to badi recalls all the happening
Ragini- what happen
Swara- ragini u go to the PS I wont come as maa shud not know about this or any1 else
Ragini agrees

Swara-in her mind why was ma not allowing me to go to the police station
That day she was even ready to say the kidnappers name and today ,that means some one threatened maa in the hospital itself. She then remembers the caller.
Swara to herslf whats goin in my lyf so many secrets .today I shud be happy that I got to know my baba
But why did baba betray ma oh god!!! Pls help me bhagwani ji
Hai suna ye poori dharti tu chalata hai
Meri bhi sun le araj mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu
Hai suna tu bhatke mann ko raah dikhata hai
Main bhi khoya hun mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu plays…

In the police station
Dp Uttara sanlak are present and talking to the police
Ragini enters
Raglak feel each others presence and turn their heads moha moh ke dhage plays…
Dp- beta u here
Rags-han uncle actually I need to enquire something
L-arrey papa she is that gals friend swaras friend
Dp- oh ragini beta pls say ur friend that I am raelly thankfull to her
Ragini nods
Police to dp-sir first of all u need to make the sketch of the person
Uttara is really scared
L- I have an idea sir we can call swara here
Dp- for the 1st time atleast u gave a good idea
Rags sanskar Uttara smile

Ragini-thinks yeah now aunty will allow her to come. She is unable to find her phone
L- ragini take my mob he gives herwhile taking their hands touch they feel current in their body and have an eyelock
Sanskar-now swara will come here god dammit no !!!why always we have to face each other
Why !!! and she sees me ww3 will start
jaise mera tu plays…
precap- secrets will be revealed about shomi shekhar and about kaveri kavya plan

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