swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 6)


Swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi ch- 6
So guys as I promised u 2 episodes today and it’s a very looong one
So enjoy
Previous -shomi found, parish adya sanskar come home, sanskar angry on swara, swaragini get ready for concert
Sank- ma mom I am going with bade papa ,papa bhaiya and lucky u all ladies get ready and be there by 7: 30 as the cocert would start at 8
AP- ok beta bye
In badi
Swara- achha rags
Ragini-(hearing rags gets reminded of lucky)
Moh moh ke dhaage
Moh moh ke dhaage
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
Koi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre plays…
Ragini unknowingly smiles- han swara

Swara-why did u respond to rags ur name is not rags does any1 else calls u that
Ragini- no no no swara u r smater than me do u see any1 excpt for us over here. U r calling some1 it would be me only na
Swara –hehehehe wow ragini u have become smart han
Ragini-effect of ur friendship
Swara- acha i want to go to mandir
Rags- han but actually I need tune my sitar which is in academy
Swara- u go I will come afterwards
Ragini goes to dadi dada papa
She touches her feet
Dadi blesses her all the best laado where is swara
ragini- wo actually swara wants to go to the mandir she will go afterwards
dadi- hows shomi
rags-she is still in the hospital
Urvashi-but where were u since morning ragini
Ragini- maasi I was wid swara
Urvashi makes a digustng face-with swara hmmm all the best ragini
Swaras phone rings- unkown no.
Swara- hello
Speaker- I am speaking from the city hospital swara ur mother
Swara- what wahat happened
Call gets disconnected
Swara is really scared its
Dadi comes- beta what happened
Swara tells her everything
Urvashi also comes eyes her
Dadi- lets go

Urvashi- I also want to go.
Dadi- ok swara u go on scooty we will come by taxi
Urvashi smiles evily
Swara reaches the hospital
Swara to receptionist- maam I need to go in ward no. 201
Lady- u r not allowed maam
Swara- how can u say dat some1 from ur hospital only called that something has happnened to my ma
Doctor comes- relax swara- nothing has happened
who called u
swara shows her phone
dadi and Urvashi reach there
dadi- what happened
swara- some1 played a prank wid me
dadi he mhara khato shyam ji who is that pest so disgusting
uravashi acts- I was so sacred I was really worried swara u go for the concert I and maaji will wait here for shomi
dadi- gud idea
swara agrees
on the streets swarais driving her scooty and thinking about the caller
swara- can it be the one who kidnapped maa
On the other sides of street
All the maheshwari ladies except for pari are in the car its 7pm
Uttra calls sanky
u- bhai can u tell the shortcut
San-tell me where exactly u r
Uttara-nr toll road

San-take the ryt turn it is a shorter road as no one goes there
u-thnx bhai
ut tells the same to the driver
driver- k maam
they enter the road . Even swara enters the road as she also knows the shortcut.
Ut-dada drive fast
Adya- han dada drive fast
AP- oho utara be calm we will reach there
Suddenly their car broke down
Ut- oh god
Driver- maam I will send the mechanic and come wid another car pls be here only
Driver goes
Some men come in a jeep . The ladies are standing outside the car
Ut-oh god this car how will we reach there
The stop the jeep and came down from the jeep
Man- ur car is really bad (he comes near utara) u can come wid us we will drop wid lots of love
Ut- we don’t need ur help

Suju-now get lost
Man1-aunty ji u have to take our help. Saying this he pushes her
Ap- yeh kya badtameezi hai(what kind of behaver is this)
Ut-did u not hear get lost
Man2- we did not came here to get lost he holds utara hand
Adya was seeing all this from the car
Adya starts crying
Adya- leave my bua or else
Man1- or else awwww chota baby he extends her hand towards her to hold her hair
Ap- aadyya
Man2 is touching utara
u-leave me she slaps him
man gets aggressive
man holds her tightly and makes her fall dom he on top of her
ap- shouts
sujju dials the no.
no network

man1-ohh baby do u want chocolate
adya bites his hand
man1 is about to slap her
suddenly some1 hits him wid a rod
its non other than swara adya runs hugs ap
swara eyes them angrily
man1- ahhh wat the hell
man2-who is trying to kiss utara is shocked he gets up
swara- I have called the police
men lustily eye swara
one of them was going to touch swara when suddenly they the police siren
man1-oh god run from here
swara- now why r u scared
she takes the rod and starts hitting them they run
they here the siren noise more loudly they sat on theur jeeps and went
utara is crying
swara goes to utara and hugs her
swara- bas bas they have gone

ap- beta police hasn’t come yet
swara- aunty there was no police it was my phone
sujju- beta thank u
swara- theres nothing to thank about this its my duty to help others
ap smiles
adya- didi u r so brave and strong u saved us from the goons . she hugs swara
swara- promise me u will also be strong
swara-smiles kisses her forehead. Hmmm friends
utara- thnx
swara sees time and is shocked
In the concert ragini is worrying swara hasn’t come yet
Kaveri comes-where is swara its already 7 55
Rags- swar..aa wo aactually she
They hear the anoucement the fusion concert is starting pls welcome ragini gadodia the sitar player
The host comes
Host- where is the guitarist
Kaveri- she hasn’t come yet
Host- do u even know sanskar maheshwari if gets to know then
Sans hears and is angry
Ragini is shown entering the stage she is quite nervous as swara is not there
She sits and thinks to some how delay it
Ragini- today I will perfom indian classical music raga –anata wid teen tal
Everyone claps she is getting even more nervous
At the wings
San- what wheres the guitarist mrs roy
Kaveri- I don’t know
San-(angrily) how irresponsible u people r. do u know wat have u done , it’s a fusion concert it would become flop
Kaveri- sir I have an idea
San- wat idea dammn it!!!!!!!
Kaveri- sir listen to me……………(muted)
On the streets swara is driving the scooty –oh god its 8:05 I am gone bhagwanji pls do something
Ragini starts –nini saa sa rega gama re re gama re saa re ni sa sa (it’s the same tune as in the 1st episode)thinks-swara pls come fast she sees lucky in the audience and smiles wich boosts her confident
Lucki-oh my god raags !!!!!
Swara enters the venue

On the stage
Ragini- god pls swara come.
Then She hears a voice with the guitar
A gal enters playing guitar(same as in the 1st epi of swaragini)
Ragini-thank god swara came
She saw where the gal is standing
Her smile disappears coz its not swara
But continues to play
The gal and ragini play very nicely
Everyone claps
The gal smiles but not ragini
Kaveri- sir my daughter kavita can go instead on the stage
San- but she must have not practise
Kaveri calls kavita
Kavita enters she is wearing blue jacket black jeans and pink top
Kaveri- kavita take the guitar and go
Kavita- but ma how
Sank-pls pls
Kaveri-I know u r a pro
Sank-thanks a lot
Kavita agrees and enters the stage
FB ends
Kavita and ragini go out
Sans-oh god thak u kavita saying this he hugs her
Kaveri smiles
But seeing ragini

Kaveri- ur friend hasnnot arrived yet
Swara comes hears all this
Ragini- swara- where were u I was so worried
Swara- wo
Kaveri- baas u kow wat u r the stupidest gal I have ever seen she angrily goes out with kavita
Sanskar turns and sees swara
Swara also sees him
Both-yooouuuu!!!!!!!(they both remember their first meet at airport)
Ragini -goes out
In the hospital
Doctor- u can meet shomi now but one by one
Dadi-I will go first
Dadi goes to meet shomi
Urvashi is a bit tensed
Dadi comes out and eyes Urvashi
Urvashi becomes even more tensed
In the concert venue
Swara- you are stalking me. You came here also.
Sank- wth r u saying . U didn’t come on time purposely ryt.
Swara- who the hell are u to ask me this
San- I am the organiser of this concert
Swara shocked-whaaaaat so u r mr. sanskar maheshwari
Sank- don’t act innocent. U r such a cheap gal. u can do anything for revenge
Swara- listen there was some problem
Sank- yes there is a big problem and the problem is u(he points towards her)
Wherever u go theres always a problem
Swara- tends to go

Sank-shouts stoop
Sankar twists her hand and pulls her
Swara- r u mad leave my hand
Sank- now tell me the reason now u won’t say anything he tightens his grip
Swara- ahh if I will explain u wont believe it. Its hurting . they have a long eye lock…
Sank- thank god kavita agreed
Swara- u shuld be wid her and thank her
Sank- I don’t know how ur mom must be handling u
Swara gets even more angry and pushes him
Swara – u r disgusting and goes out
San-never eber show me ur blo*dy face
Swara- wat does he think of himself. Mr monster maheshwari
She sees her hand its red wid bruises
Outside ragini is trying to call dadi
Lucky comes- u sing really well
Ragini turns laksh and smiles –its nothing lyk dat
Lucky-I know u wont except it coz u r very modest ryt
Laksh-u did such a g8 performnce. Hats off
dp also comes –beta u sing so well
rags-thank u uncle. It was a pleasure for me that u came to attend the concert
dp- good keep it up and laksh learn something from her she is talented but does not show and look at u no talent only show off. When will u grow up
Laksh- papa atleast not infront of my friend dp goes
Rags- trying to control her laughter(she is looking very cute as her flicks blowing)
Laksh mesmerised seeing her-why r u laughing papa said it just to appreciate don’t take it seriously
Maine haara, main tera saara main
Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main
Tera saara main, saara main (x2)
Sindoori rang suhagan saccha
Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh
Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai
Maine maahi paaya hai
Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa plays……….

Rags-hmm ok
Laksh- u have to give me treat
Rags raises her eyebrow
Laksh- arree for the success in the concert
so its tym for a treat
Rags- ok but where
Laksh-lets go to CCD
Rags- ok then but wait lemme call swara
Lucky-swara the one who scolded me
Rags- yes
Lucky – oh dat sherni .
Rags calls swara asks her to come
She will come lets go
In the hospital
Urvashi is getting tensed
Dadi comes near her- beta u can go now
Urvashi relieved and goes to shomis ward
She eyes shomi evily
Shomi is shocked but unable to speak
Urvashi- now listen to me carefully if you tell anything about me to ur shona or police then I will kill ur so called sherni beti and waise bhi u cant speak only and laughs evily.

Shomi- just closed her eyes suddenly the police came into her ward
Urvashi got scared

Police- sharmishtha ji I know u cant speak but we will continue the investigation
Shomi thinks something and points towards Urvashi
Police wonders why is she pointing Urvashi and eye her
Urvashi gets super scared
Police- she kidnapped u
Shomi smiles to Urvashi- looks at the police
Police-say yes or no
Shomi- no(shaking her head)
Urvashi sighs of relief
police- u rest and they go out
shomi- stands up – ur truth will be out soon
Urvashi shocked- ur voice has come back
Shomi- dare not say it to any1 or else I even have a proof against u
Urvashi goes out in anger
Shomi- nothing will happen to u shonna
Outside the concert venue
Sank-this gal is maad. Every single time she insults me. But where ma mom utara
AP comes –beta listen. Uttara also comes adya goes and hugs sansk
Sank- ma what happened why is adya scared
Sujata- beta when we were on our way…………
Ap and sujju narrate the whole incident

Sank- hugs Uttara- but who is that gal
Adya-chahu oh she has become my friend but I forgaot to ask her name
Sank-whoever she is I have to find her and thank her at any cost
He gets lakhs call
L-bhai come to CCD today we r getting a treat
L-bhai no no
s-OK ok
ap- beta wat happened-actually
s- he tells her
adya-chachu I will go wid u
S- ok come
Swara also reaches the café
Sanskaar and adya also come
Swara goes inside hugs ragini
Rags- why were u late in the concert
Swara- tells her everything
Even laksh listens-(he doest no anything)
Swara- ya
Rags-u shud have told me atleast
Swara- there was no network
Rags- oh god
Laks-excuse me gals I need to go to the washroom
Swara- what kind of ques is it
Laksh- no she asked the ryt ques I am going to washroom to sleep na(sarcasm)
Swara smiles
Rags is embarrassed
Outside-sansk – adya u go in I will come
Adya goes inside searches for laksh but didn’t find him
But she gets happy to see swara

She runs towards swara –didi
swara -arey u wat r u doing here
Rags- who is she
Swara-arrey that gal
Rags- oho shes so cute
Laksh comes from the washroom
Adya- chachu
L-yes ladies she is my bhatiji
Adya- do u now swara di
L-she is not swara she is sherni swara
Ad-ye she is sherni
Adya- tells him everything
L looks at swara
L-u saved my family my Uttara my adya thnk u so much swara
Sankar comes and fumes seeing swara over here
Swara- what is he doing here
Adya-didi u know him
Swara- I know him very nicely
San-I told u not to show me ur face
Swara- listen I have come here to see urs face. I came here wid ragini
Laks- bhai why r u so rude to her
Sank-beacsue of her my concert would have become a flop
Laksh-because of her adya is wid us
San- waat
Laksh – yes bhai she only saved utara and adya
Sank-shocked waat
Adya- han chachu she fought wid the goons and beat them wid rod
Sank remembers she was trying to expain the reason of her coming late and closes his eyes in guilt
Swara- some1 forgot to say something
Sansk- thank u swara

Swara smiles- and and…(gets disappointed and no sorry from sankar)
Adya holds swaras wrist
Swara- shhhahhhhh…
Adya-what happened didi then she sees the bruises and red marks
Sank- sees it remembers how he held her and feels even more guity (sankars bg tune plays… tere na )
Swara-no actally it is done by a montserr and eyes sanskar
Adya- mosnterr
Ragini- smiles as she got to know who that monster is
Laksh sees ragini smiling and smiles foolishly .ragini sees him smiles
They both get into an eyelock they feel an unknown happiness within themselves
L-so lets order
Swara-chicken sandwich
All are shocked
Swara realises they all are vegetarians-no no spinach cheese sandwich
Rags- cappuccino

Adya-areey even sank chahu likes it
Swasan have an eyelock
Sank- the treat would from my side after all after so many days I am back
Adya sits wid swara-didi pls tell me the story of that monster
Swara again eyes sanskar who was staring at her but then looks away
Swara- so adya listen to it very carefully han even u might get scared
Adya- I promised u na that I will be strong
Swara –so there u go

Swara is telling the story in a very childish way
Her hair is blowing sankar sees her and smiles
Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe na faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan
Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe naa faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan
Tere qareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa
Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe
Ho ho…
Laksh notices this and asks ragini lets go and order
Rags- yay
Laksh in his mind bhai say her sorry its not dat difficlut
Sanskar didn’t even utter a word
Swara-so adya whats the moral of the story
Ady- I know didi we should apologize for our mistakes
Sankar was taken aback
Swara- its better late than never
Ragini and lakhsh near the counter

Ragini takes the coffee but the coffee spilled over her fingers
Lak takes he finger puts it in his mouth to reduce the burn
Raglak have an eyelock…
On the table-
Sanskar- (writes sorry on the tissue paper and gives it swara) take it something is there on face just wipe it off
Swara- takes it and starts wiping she doesnot looks at the tisse paper
Adya laghs-didi nothing is there on ur face.
Swara gives an angry look at sanskar
Sanskar to himself shit yaar
The screen splits on raglak loving face and swasan angry face. Wid adya in the middle
Precap-sanskar is unable to sleep and is thinking about swara
shomi reveals somth to shekar swara hears it and is shocked

Will sankar be able to apologise swara.
Will love blossom between raglak
What did shomi reveal why was swara shocked
Stay tuned to know
ps-adya will be played by harshaali malhotra

Credit to: simmi_m

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