swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 5)


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Swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi- ch 5
Pre cap-raglak moments, swasan agrument at first sight at airport, police almost traces shomi

At the isolated place near airport
police ragini and shekhar shout sharmistha.
shomi is tied with a chair her mouth is taped she is unable to speak but then she see a table and eyes something kept on it.
Police calls swara asks her to come there
Swara comes- sir actually I swa that van just 20 min ago.
Police- did u follo it
Swara- I couldn’t because (she remembers her fight gets angry) damn it yaar because of someone I missed damn it. By sayin this she banged her hand hard on a wall and sensed something fishy.

Everyone is happy and decorating the house
Uttara- badi ma lets give bhai some surprise
Ap-han beta but wat
Uttara- ya but I have not made any plan. She starts to think. Oh god I am not getting any plan only shit yaar.
Lucky- when ur bhai is here den why u fear
Some1 at the door shouts – u wont include me in ur paln chaaachuuuu
Lucky turns and is surprised and sees a small cute gal –aaadyaaaaa
He even sees adarsh and parintaa
Adya- goes and hugs lucky – surprise
Every1 is delighted to see all of them
Parish(adarsh and parinita)-touch elders foot

Ap- today is the most happiest day
Suju– han jiji today after soo long our whole family will be together.
Adya- see chahu u were trying to give surprise to some1 and I only gave u surprise. See I am even more gr8 at surprising
Lucky- afterall u r my bhatiji(niece) mr. laksh maheshwaris bhatiji
Pari- that’s why I wonder devarji why she is so naughty and a spoilt brat
Everyone laughs
Lucky- han han whatever
In the isolated place
Shomi tries to reach the table where a knife is kept.

Swara felt something fishy banging the wall
She again hit it
Police- what r u doing
Swara- sir theres something inside this wall
Inspecter checks the wall and ask his constable to try to break it.
Constable pushes the wall and wall is pushed away
Inside shomi heres the sound and gets happy
Swara and everyone enters
They found shomi
Swara- maaaaaaaa she cries with happy tears
Shomi smiles
Swara- I had promised that I will find u at any cost saying this she opens the ropes
With the help of ragini(ragini is very happy and hugs her)
Shekhar- mishty I mean shomi(his eyes were wid tears he wanted to hug her but the relation which they were stading didn’t allow him to do so)
Shomi- shona I knew u would come and not loose hope

Swara- afterall shona is ms sharmishtha bose daughter who is very strong
Shomi holds and twist her ear- shona u wont change na
Swara- ahhha ma never
Shomi hugs her- I missed u so much
Swara- me too ma
Ragini- see this gets a bit emotional seeing motherdauhter love but hides her pain behind her smile as she didn’t want to spoil their mood
Janam janam
Meri ardaas maa
Janam janam
Tu mera ehsaas maa
Sach ka pata dil mein hi hai
Par mujhko ye pata
Mere dil mein rehti,
Bholi bhali meri maa
Mere dil mein rehti,
Bholi bhali meri maa

Shomi notices this goes towards ragini-thank u ragini for helping swara and thanks shekar also her eyes were down while thanking him
Shomi hugs ragini ragini finds peace in her embrace
Swara- asks but ma who kidnapped u did u she their blo*dy faces. I just want to kill them
Shomi- han it was…..
Saying this she faints
Everyone shocked
In mh
Lucky and utara r thinking about the plan
At the same time
Luky and utara- IDEA!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky- first me
Utara- no first me

L- ok ladies first
U- that’s gud while she is telling the plan
L is rejecting everything
U- bhai that’s not done
L- my plan is better see ur is a very childish plan balloon cakes
U- no bhai this plan only
All smile seeing them
They keep on arguing
Some 1 shouts – bas stop it now
Everyone turns their face and see the person
Everyone (happily)- sanskaaaar!!!!
Sujata runs very fast to him
Suju- breathing heavinly saa..ns..sk..aar aha aha haha (catching her breath)
Sankar-mom relax he touches her feet
suju hugs him – beta I missed u so much
lucky adya and utera also come and hug him
sansk- btw why were u arguing

lu-bhai actuall wwooo
adya- sanskar chahu lucky chahu and bua were planning a surprise a surprise for u
utara- han bhai and it was a flop
lu- it was my fault
ut- no no it was my fault
lu- no uts I shuld have agreed wid u
ut- my paln was very childish na
adya- noooooooooo fault is mine I should have ,made the plan
everyone laughs
sankar hugs lucky and calls utara also
suju- jiji afer so many days all r together na
adya- u wont hug me
sanks- lifts her and and hugs her
suddenly sans sneezes
adya- chachu u r all wet

sanskar- rembers swara in his mind swara I wont spare u for this
to everyone- wo actually
ap- bas bas let him come inside the house he standing near the door only
sank- han han
scene shifts to hospital
doctot- swara- u mither is very weak because of her weakness she wonts be able to speak for some days
swara- shocked whaat
ragini- how can dis happen
doctor- she has been injected wid some kind of drugs which has lead this to
doctor – pls meet her after sometime
ragini- I think we shud go to acdemy its already 9
swara- but ma
ragini- cups her face listen ur ma wont like it if u r unable to participate in the concert
swara agrees and nods
Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup[ chanchal hai

Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini……… plays
They reach the academy
Kaveri is angry lyk hell- wat the hell u gals will ruin the repo of this academy I had warned u already to be on time but u gals
Swara- maam I am extremely sry for dat but maam my mother has been hospitalized
Kaveri- are u sure
Ragini- maam do think she lie to u about her mother
Kaveri- she doesnot even know her father wat else can I expect from an illegitmate gal
Ragini- is shell shocked seeing dis attitude of hers’
Swara who is about to break down controls herself
Swara- maam I am sry this wont happen again but u a cannot question my integrity and dignity like this.
U have no ryt to interfere in any1’s personal lyf . Being a student I answered ur question and u r my teacher not my god that u know my personal life
Swara gives a piece of mind to kaveri
Kaveri- now go stop it practise for the concert
Swaragini go

Kaveri eyes swara angrily and calls some 1
Everyone one the dining table having lunch
San- tomorrow is the fusion concert
DP- yes bet nd in am really happy for success coz of u we could organize this
San- no no bade papa its u only who taught me and everyone needs to be ready by 7 pm we all r going to attend the concert
Ap- I have heard dat it is a duet sitar and guitar
San- ma u r the chief guest bcoz u have one many awards in singing
Ap- but beta
Suju- wow my jiji will be the chief guest
Snak- no ifs and no buts
Sank- 2 gals will be playing
Lucky- in low voice bhai wow bhai how can u read my mind gaals woho
Sank- smiles-
Dp heard it and eyes laksh angrily
Sanskar controls his laughter.
Next day in the eveing

Swara and ragini are getting ready
Ragini wears an anarkali with jodhpuri chappals wid her hair bridedand swara wears a full length jumpsuit with her hair curled and high platform heels
This is the same attire that they wore in the 1st episode jugabandi.
Swaragini-today we will show wat we r
Swara- hope ma is fine and would soon recover


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Credit to: simmi_m

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