swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 4)

People if u r not lyking my ff then pls tell I wont continue.
Did Urvashi kidnapped sumi, what was the question that sumi didn’t want to answer
To know be tuned
Ragini-lakhya ji
Lucky- makes face angrily
Ragini-oh sry sry lakshya how far is MH
Lucky- bas bas just 5 min more
Ragini-u r saying as if come here everyday
Lucky- hmm wo wo (sees a gal and shouts rashi)
rashi (she is just her friend when they were kids ) her role is very small)-omg lucky what u doing here
lucky hugs her as a friend ragini feels a bit bad
rashi-so mr laksya mahe
lucky-wa wa wait…han han I am lakhya only lucky did u forgot
she sees the MH and says
rashi- oh u r goin to ur house
lucky- m m m my house u r kiddin ryt kya kuch bhi bolti ho tum
Rashi- but but ur house is here only na
Lurcky- well said wherever I go make it a homely environment
Rashi and rags r totlally confused
Rashi- hahahaha (sarcastically) pathetic joke
L-We need to go so bye bye rashi

Ragini- is she ur …
Lucky-ya ya she is my he halts my my my f
Ragini is getting worried as she thinks he is going to say gf
Lucky- my friend
Ragini ohh ohh I thought she was ur
Lucky- my ???? smirks kyun so u thought dis omg rags how can u think dat shiv shiv shiv
Btw r u jealous
Rags-jelous who
L- mr.Villupuram Chinnaih Pillai Ganesan murgun
Both laugh
hasi ban gaye plays…………….
They reach mh
L- u go I will come afterwards

Police station shekhar is talking to the inspector
Police- mr. gadodia swara told me dat she notice a white van the red logo. We trying to trace all the that kind of vans and their routes
Shekhar- pls find her soon
Police-what is ur relation wid swara or mrs bose dat u r helping dem so much
When shekhar and sumi were young. And sekhar lies in sumi’s lap
Shekhar-mishty tumhe kya lagta hai agar mujhe kuch ho jayaga toh
Sumi-wat don’t even think about dat shh. i am very selfish I wont leave my love . wherever u go I will follow u
Shekhar- oh is it lyk dat really
Sumi-ha ha shotti(truth)
Shekahar- so follo me now
Sumi- wat

He takes her somewhere and she gets surprised.
Sumi- what (tears of happiness). (it was a candle light dinner in a hotel ver romantic place)
They both sit down and make each other eat after dat shekhar hugs her and kisses her forehaead and den they get intimate
Fb over shekhar gets tery eyed humari adhoori kahani …………..plays
Shekhar-she is my dughters best friends mother. And swara is just lyk my daughter.
Constable- sir there are only 2 types of vans in the whole city with red logo
Police- shekar ji hmm pls call swara
Shekhar calls swara and asks her to come there

In the academy
Swara makes an excuse to kaveri dat she is not feeling well so she needs to go home
Kaveri- ok but 2morrow come at 7 am sharp. Kaveri calls some one
Kaveri- beta when r u coming tomorrow is the concert pls do come
Swara goes out and reaches mh
Police- swara we have tracked the van dis is the route and yesterday at night it was parked is an isolated place in near the airport.
So tomorrow we will go there coz now we need to find some more clue.

In mh
Ap see rags
Ap- beta do u have some work over here
Rags- this is given by kaveri from the music academy
AP calls DP
dp-oh thanks lakhshya had gone to get dis file from mr roy.
I need to call him back he calls
He hears lucky’s ringtone. Lucky comes out
DP- u didn’t go
Lucky-papa wo actually
Rags- papa???
DP- beta he is my son lakhya maheshwari
Rags- but den she gets to know that he playing a prank and says sir I need to leave now
DP_t y beta
She goes everyone leaves.
But lucky foolows her
Ragini is angry’
L-wait rags
Ragini- don’t call me rags
L- I was just joking wid u
Rags- why how can do dis lakshya dat was no goo what u did.
l-ok baba I am sry.
Rags- goes but slips
Lakshya-holds her but he also slips and they both fall down L on top of R and L accindebtally kisses ragini on her cheeks and Rags dupatta covers them
Maine haara, main tera saara main
Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main
Tera saara main, saara main (x2)
Sindoori rang suhagan saccha
Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh
Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai
Maine maahi paaya hai
Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa plays…..
They have an eyelock. They felt unknown attraction for the first tym ever. They break the eye lock
They felt a abit awkward. Ragini- feels emabarassed run from there
L- smiles unknowingly but den realizes wat he did just now
Rags is running and is very nervous. She is feeling current in her body but doesn’t realize it.

Next day
Early in the morning
Where sumi captivated
The lady comes- tell me the answer sumi tell me
Sumi-I wont even if u kill I wont
The lady- tell me who is swara. Who is her biological father. Tell me
Sumi – acts as if feeling dizzy
The lady gets pissed off and goes
swara gets ready wid shekar and rags and goes to the police station from where they try to trace the place

AT the airport
Sanskar reaches Kolkata and gets really happy he comes out of the airport and searches for his driver.
Outside the airport
Swara on her scooty and speaks to ragini wid the blutooth ragini is wid shekhar and police on the other side
swara – did u get something
ragini- not yet but we will get soon
she sees the same van and speeds up
swara goes through the mud and the mud splashes on someone
swara shocked
swara- I am so sry
the guy non other dan sanskar

sanskar- cant u see me. If u don’t know how to drive then why do u drive.
Swara- I am so sry actually I am in a hurry so
San-wat hurry u spoint my dress dammit u gal
Swara- listen I don’t have tym to argue- swara starts to leave but san- holds her arm and pulls her and says u cant walk awaya swara- sees the van is gone
San- wat about my dress how will I go home
Swara- gets angry takes her water bottle out pours all the water on him. He is all wet
San- heyyy don’t u know me
Swara- I am not god dat will know everyone on this earth mr whatever u r
San- sont try to mess wid me
Swara – I have already done dat mr.
San- nobody dares to talk to me lyk dis
Swara- daring is my hobby mr. whoever u r
Sanskar- so ms daring u have to pay for dis
Swara- i have already paid for it(the van had vanished) so I am just taking my revenge
Sankar- who the hell r u
Swara- for a devil lyk u I am a hell only. So be crefull before u do anything wrong.
Sank is shell shocked san- I wont leave u
Swara leaves- btw my name is swara. Will be easy for u to find me.
They both part ways in anger
Police – enter some isolated place
Sumi is tere. But they r unable to find her

Precap- the cocert has started swara is late for the cocert. New entery

Why is swara late who is the new entry????
Stay tuned

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