swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 3)

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Recap-swaragini reach academy , sanskar in London, cocert postponed

In academy
Ragini-but maam I cant go alone
Kaveri-r u a kid disgusting!!!! U r 22 yrs old still
Swara angrily-maam that’s not
Ragini interrupts-ok maam
Kaveri- better I will mssg u the address. But u don’t need it its one of the luxurious house in Kolkata just like a palace.
Ragini goes out
She keeps on blabbering about their fame money etc.
Swara gets pissed off, before kaveri notices she elopes from their goes to the music library
Kaveri speaks like a fool with yhe walls but after that when she comes back to her sences.
Gets annoyed
Kaveri-oh god these gals r disgusting.
Lucky- maa I am going to my friends house

Just den DP and RP come from the office
Dp-wait lakhya before that go and meet mr. roy
He wants to see u
Laksya- but
Dp-no arguments
Lakshya- ji papa
On the streets
Ragini- maam dint even send the address . how will I find MH.
Just then she sees a guy who
Ragini-no no it cant be him. What am I thinking. Excuse me
The guy turns
Ragini-shocked lakhya ji aap
Lakshya- what did u sya lakshya jiiiiiiiii no way call me lucky even lakhya is gud but no jiiiii rara hmm
Lucky- oh ya ragini sorry so u here wats the matter
Ragini- wo I need to give this file to maheshwari house. But idk wheres it
Lucky-give it to urr.. he thinks something wait I will take u there
Ragini- no need
Lucky- this is my way of saying sry(for the car scene)
Ragini-hmm ok
Lucky- so how do know the maheshwaris
Ragini- idk them I am just goin there for giving this file. Well I have just heard that they are very rich
And the youngest son is rich spiolt brat
Lakhshya-no its nothing lyk that he is v good, friendly smart handsome
Ragini- u r saying as if u r maheshwarai
Lucky-hehehe very funny

Scene shifts to the isolated place
Sumi wakes up and a lady is standing in front of her
Lady- answer my question and I will leave u promise
Sumi- says I already anwered.
Lady- you r lyimg
Sumi- if my daughter ccomes to know dat u ha ve done this she wont spare u
The lady laughs and goes
Sumi –if I tell her the truth she will not let u live shona
In academy
Swra calls the police
Swara- sir I find something fishy about the white van with the red logo
Police- she explains hthe inspector everything
Inspector- I will try to figure it out
Torrow come to the police station
Swara-yeha sure sir ty
In baadi shekars house

A women enters their house
The woman- maaji babuji where r u
Dada dadi-arre Urvashi beta how come u r here
Urvashi-this is my jijis sasural do I need any reason to come here. Or don’t u lyk me
dadi—no its not lyk dat
dada- come in
Urvashi-shekhar ji I mean jijia ji isn’t home
Dada- I told u about sumi na he has gone to find her
Urvashi-oh hmmm
In London
Sanskar- leaves for the airport. He calls mr.roy hello I am comin to india I will reach tomorrow
Roy-yeah sir I have made all arrangemnts and postponed the cocert too.
Sanskar-g8 I don’t want any issues he hangs up
Sankar- kollata maa mom lucky I am coming

Precap-swasan collides into each other, police almost traces sharmistha

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