swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 2)

Guys I hope u liked my start.
Recap- swara misses her mum. Ragini and swara get to know lucky while going to their academy.
IN London
A guy is working out while listening to music.
Then he gets a call.
The guy- yeah mr. roy ssup with the fusion concert in Kolkata.
Mr. roy- sir the concert will be held tomorrow.
Guy- yeah if there are any issues pls lemme know
Mr roy- sure sir
In Kolkata some isolated place
A women is tied wid a rope to pole.
She is trying to free herself but is not able to. She feels dizzy
Aother location
Swara sees a white van with a red logo and remebers something.
Swara and sumi were on the scooty. They both get down.
Sumi – shona u go home I will be back soon
Swara- but maa its late
Sumi- I am not ur kid
Swara- But maa pls when ur work is done call me I will pick u up.

Swra-no ifs and no buts
Sumi-ok ur majesty.
Swara- that’s better
Sumi- k bye
swara hugs her mum while hugging she sees the same white van with a red logo
and eyes it.
Sumi breaks the hug
Sumi- now I am going
Sumi goes.
Swara comes home
Its 11:pm sumi has not called up yet.
Swara- gets worried she calls no. of sumi but isn’t responding
She gets more worried
Swara calls up ragini’s house
Shekhar picks up the phone

Swara- unckle its me swara. Is maa at ur house I mean wid dadi
Shekar- no beta what happnd beta
Swara tells the whole thing
Shekhar gets worried. Mishty I mean sharmishtha kahan gayi. Shekar calls up ragini
And says lets go to swara home
Ragini- but wat happened papa.
Shekar- just come
Swara comes in the verandah shekar and ragini come there
Swara goes and hugs ragini
Ragini- we will figure aunty out.
Shekhar lets go to the police station
Police staition
Swara- my mum isn’t around she is not picking up the phone pls can u trace her
Police- we cannot do anything right now wait for 24 hrs
Shekar-but cant u see her moother is missing
Police- we cant do anything ryt now. Come after 24 hrs
Shekhar- gets angry
But ragini calms him down

The trio come ouy swara gets teary eyed ragini hugs her
Swara- where might be she
Then she sees the same white van.
Swara gets suspicious.
But then the van moves away
Swara- ragini it’s the same van I saw in the police station
Ragini- yeh but
Swara- lets follow it
Swara follows the van, it is noticed by the driver.
A car comes in between the van vanishes
Swara- shit I missed him
Ragini- but now lets leave for academy

Swara- yaa sure
They reach academy
In maheshwari mansion
Uttara shouts and calls everyone
Everyone comes to her room
Uttara- see sanskar bhai is on skype we will video chat now
Sujata – video chat????
Lakhya- chahi it means we can see him and talk even if he is in London
AP- gets happy – that’s really nice
Sankar comes online
He greets Everyone.
Lucky- bbhai missin u like hell
Uttara- han bhai pls come back fast

Sujata and AP han beta come fast
Sank- where are bade and papa
Lucky- in office
Sans- oh so well heres a gud news I hace decided to come tomorrow after listing to ur pleas
Uttara- and pls postpone ur concert we will all go together
Lucky- han bhai
Everyone gets happy
In academy
Swaragini hurriedly go to their head
The head of their acdemey is kaveri
Kaveri- wth u gals will ruin everything. Why so late.
Swra is about to tell her about her mum but ragini interrupts
Ragiini- wo we were stuck in the traffic

Kaveri- you know wat tomorrow is ur concert but u gals r still not serious. When will u practice. Next time don’t be late or else u will be fired
Kaveri gets a call
Swara- gives a disgusting look says lady hitler
Kaveri- hello yeah yeha sure
Swaragini- just keep staring at her
After the call
Kaveri-u gals r lucky enough .
[Hearing the word lucky ragini smile] the concert is postponed.
Swragini- whaat
Kaveri- cant u hear at once
Swara- I mean we r really happy

Kaveri- whatever
Kaveri- ragini go and give this file in maheshwari mansion.
Swara k lets go
Kavveri- only ragini
Swara- ok maam

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