swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 12)

Sooo sry for the late update actually guys my holidays have started from now onwards I will try be regular. Nd guys I update 2 parts .
Recap-sargam acdemy members to go to manali. In the party swara gets dunk. Raglak romantic dance.

Swara goes inside a room. Sanskar tries to figure her out and enters the same room.
Its all dark
Sanskar trips and fall down on the bed over swara.
Swara ontop of sanskar
Maine haara, main tera saara main
Meetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara main
Tera saara main, saara main (x2)
(swasan have an eyelock both lost in each other)
Sindoori rang suhagan saccha
Saccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai woh
Tu dil mein maahi aaya hai
Maine maahi paaya hai
Nazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa…
(sanskar touches her face and blows air from his mouth to set back her hair that was on her face and swara hand on his bisecps)
Dil ne shagun manaaya hai
Ishq parauhna aaya hai
Nazar laaye na, koi nazar laaye na
Nazar laaye jo tumko jal jaaye woh
Chaand le jug begana ho
Nazar laaye na..
Nazar laaye na..
Swara closes her eyes tightly
Swara- aaaaaa
Saanskar comes back to his senses and gets up
Swara-hooww u r soo heavy she moves around him u r 5’11 tall with biceps and me so short only 5’2.
Sanskar gives a pissed off look but thinks she is soo cute
Raglak came and heard her talks and lucky was laughing
Swara-but u r damn heavy btw why did u blow my hair and touch my cheeks very badd.
Sanskar coudnot answer the question as he himself didn’t know
Ragini gets shomi’s call
Shomi-when will u come home ragini
Ragini-maa wo .. actually we will get a bit late u all sleep I have the keys u need not wait
Shomi-ok beta take care
Ragini- oh god now how will I take swara back
Sanksar- thank god ragini u came take her home as fast as u can oh wait how will you go home
Laksh happily- I will drop ragini
Sankar-and swara also he looks at her
On the other hand swara was staring at sanskar by narrowing her eyes sanskar gets angry
Sanskar- what why r u staring at me
Swara- swara takes raginis phone and takes his snapshot and shows
Sanskar-what the ..
Swara-hell yes u r angry as hell that’s why I call u monster maheshwari see look at ur pic
Swaraglak laugh hard
Sanskar-that’s not funny
Laksh- now I guess we shoud leave
Ragini-hmm yaa
Sanskar-bye ragini thanx for coming in the party
Laksh-yes and bhai wont u thank swara in ur monser style
Swara lauhgs
Swaragini and lak move towards the car.
Kaveri sees all this-damn instead of these swaragini it should have been my kavita and kavya. And this swara always becomes the obstacle I had mixed it for kavita
Even kavya comes
Kavita-maa why did u do this . that’s not done
Kavya-oh pls mom does so much for u so that u get settle in a good house but you
Kavita-listen I am talking to maa right now no one can interfere
Kavya-oh god u know wat u will remain a loser. Have u seen them sanksar and laksh. You take sanskar and I with laksh nice na.
Kavita-thinks how sanskar saved her-but brushes it off no way ma pls stop all this I don’t want to get married right now. If u want to do anything do but pls it’s a humble request donot involve me
Kaveri in her mind-I sometimes actually doubt my self that wheather they are really sisters or got exchanged in the hospital.
laksh swaragini reach badi
Laksh comes out and opens the door for ragini
Ragini- smiles at his gesture
They have an eyelock
Sanskar-ahem ahem lucky ji chale
Ragini smiles – bye
Swaragini get inside
As soon as they reached their room swara fell asleep.
Ragini-look at her she is sleeping like a baby. She removes her shoes put the blanket on her
Swaragini plays…
Ragini-but how did she get drunk.
She sits in front of her dressing table remembers her dance wid laksh , the dupatta scene there collisions and smiles. Keeps her hand on her stomach why am I feeling butterflies in my stomach .
And thinks that whether I am in love wid laksh. Yes I love him and smiles
Yeh moh moh ke dhage…
But he does not love me and gets sad then goes to sleep
Next morning
RP-bhaisa the tender is calling us to manali as our plot in manali is completed
Dp- is it very urgent to go
Dp-but we have so much of work over here
Laksh-papa me and sanksar can go
Dp-ya u r right chalo atleast I got to know that u use ur brains too
Sanskar-so bade papa when will we leave
Dp- I guess tomorrow in the morning
Laksh-ok papa
In badi
Swara gets and holds her head –oh god my head is paining so much
Ragini-ya obviously btw what did u u drink last night
Swara- I just drank one glass of cold drink that was kavitas it cant be the affect of cold drink.moreover I am unable to get what happened yesterday erghh my head will split
Ragini-take this kadha u will be fyn
Ragini-come lets go down and tell that we will be off for manali trip tomorrow and start the packing
Swara-do whatever u want but pls speak slowly vaise btw whats cooking between u and laksh
Ragini-blushes but hides-no swara nothing like that
Swara-ur dance was so damn intense .
Ragini-bas bas ab chalo
Swara-ya ya we will talk regarding this agiain remember
Ragini goes
Swara smiles –u cant hide it from me meri laado darling. Ouch!!! my head. She gets the fb of her and sanskar in the room but its not clear. What did I do last night
In roy house
Kavita-maa tomorrow we will be going to manali.
Kaveri-I know so start the packing
Kavya-hey mom ssup can I also come
Kavita-why do you follow me everywhere. This trip is only for sargamites not for those who don’t even know the M of music
Kavya-r u done with ur silly tantrums. U know that I have got a degree in acting and performing arts from new York. U better not show me ur attitude Mom u will never deny me right
Kavita –oh god ma r u seriously gonna send her to manali with me
Kaveri looks on-beta kavita even I am going wid u so there will be no one here to take care of her.
Kavita –she is no more a small baby ma
Kavya makes a puupy face and hugs kaveri
Kavya-started her daily soap again.
Kavya-for mum I will always be her babyyy.haina mom
Kaveri-aww mera bacha
Kavita-should I bring a pram and a baby walker for you in manali chhota baby
Saying this she bangs the door and goes out.
Kaveri is totally upset in her mind-somehow I have to make kavita fall for sanskar or vice versa
pre-swaragini miss the bus,sanlak see swaragini.

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