swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 11)


Swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi ch 11

recap-janki dies emotional family moments

Next day friday
Kaveri gets a call-helo
Caller-this is sankar maheswari speaking am I speaking to kaveri raoy
Kaveri scared hmmm yes
Sanky-kaveri ji whatever u have done is just
Kaveri no no sir I have not done anything it wasn’t me
Sanky confused-is kavita not ur daughter
Kaveri sighs in relief-no no I maeant to say that its my duty sir
Sanky-hmm I am inviting u both to my party on next Sunday
Kaveri gets happy-yes sir I will surely come

Convo over
Laksh calls ragini
Seeing the caller ragini heart beats fast she thinks to pick up the phone or to not pick
Yeh moh moh ke dhage plys
She finally picks it up
Laks-hey rags ssup u r coming to the party on next Sunday
r-wo but how
swara santches the phone- yay a she will surely come. winks at ragini btw u wont invite me
laksh- what r u doing with ragini
swra-it’s a loooong story with a lot of suspense emotion drama
ragini-is just giving her pissed off look

gadodiyas r sitting in the hall
dada-I cant believe that Urvashi can do such a thing
dadi-han and she even killed her sister
shekar-not just that ma she was the only one who kidnapped misthy
dada dadi shocked even swaragini heard that
fb after marriage shomi had told it to shekhar
swara-this so called masi is disgusting thank god rhat now she is jail
shomi-beta ragini swara why did u came here want tell anything
ragini-wo dadi wo actually laksh invited us to their party as swara saved his sister
dadi says party y r u asking me ask sharmistha she is ur mother na whatever she will say
shomi-ma I will never deny them
dadi-whatever u say beta
ragini hugs her
in mh
pari-she is running after adya to make her eat lunch

adya is running
adya- mom I don’t want to eat
pari-closes her eyes and says acha let me see who will eat it.
Someone its that bite pari opens her eyes and sees adarsh-adarshji aap
Adarsh gives high five to adya winks to pari. Adya laughs pari blushes
Everyone is happy seeing adya laugh
Ap-her laughter is my energy
Adya-don’t be senti dadi u know what sometime later u will get double energy
Everyone cofused
Adya-oh god arrey mom u and dad were talking that you want to make me a sister . I heard it secretly. Now ur secret is out
Everyone smiles parish feel embarrassed.
Next day
In music academy
Swaragini reach there
Kaveri makes an announcement-all the people today we have a new member in our academy pls welocome my daughter kavita roy
Swargini are happy everyone claps
Sanlak come there shocking swaragini ragini smiles
Sanskar goes to the stage –
Swara whispered –mr. monster maheshwari

Sanakar heard it and gave her look
Swara looked here and there to avoid eyelock
Sanskar-good morning actually I want to thank u all for the amazing concert and for that we r going to organise a trip to manali for campng and u all must come it would be most probably in the next week.
Kaveri gets happy
Sanksar-guys I want one favour from u. he takes out the sketch and shows it . pls if u have ever seen this person then immediately contact me coz he is a blo*dy criminal he tried to molest my sister.
Kaaveri shocked and is tensed –excuse me I need to attend a call
Kavita notices her weird behaviour
Ragini moves out and suddenly clashes wd laksh who was strolling they both fall down ragini on top of laksh eye lock
Yeh moh moh dhage …..
Raginis dupatta is traped under laksh so when she tries to get up she again falls on him
Meanwhile laksh is just staring at her like a statue.
Ragini- my chunni

Laksh comes back to his sense oh wait hmm
They finally get up
Laksh-kya every tym u need to fall ajeeb ho
Ragini confused-listen u were
Laksh-I wont listen u should see and walk na laksh goes out

Ragini-isse kya hua why is he behaving so weird and smiles remembering the fall incident.
Swara-ahem ahem btw maza aya by falling on him
Ragini rolls her eyes
Laksh is speedily walking –what have I done lucky r u mad or wat and clashes into someone
And its sanskar – without noticing -again u collided wid me
Lak shocked –hmm hmm wo I thaught that u r …forget
Sanky smirks- I was …han han how many times have u collided wid her
Lak-arrey 2 times in a very bad way
Sany-wat was raginis reaction
Lak-shocked how do u know its ragini
Sanky-why do u call me bhai achha forget today we need to stay in the academy only for some work
Lak-ohk bhai
Swara-something is fishy hmmm
Rag-what is fishy
Swara- slowly-meri pyari behena when guys start to behave weirdly take it seriously something isssss verrrry fishhhhhy
Rag-stop this fishy fishy even he is vegetarian
Swara rolls her eyes- ragini tujhe joke marna bikul nahi ata u don’t know how crack a joke
Kavita-hey guys can I join u
Rag-han hi of course

Swara-lets make some music
Kavita-hey nice idea btw swara which instrument u play
Swara-guitar acoustic and electric
Kavita nice even I play that . u r best friends ryt
Rag-and sisters too real sisters r the best gift haina swara
Swara smiles
Kavita-and can even be worst . in her mind look at them and look at us
Kavita-no nothing
Acha btw r u going to the trip
Swara-I guess so
Kavita- why were u late for concert
Ragini tells everything
Kavita shocked gets suspicious about something
Swara-u guys go I need to go to the music library to get the tuner
Swara reaches music library searches for the tuner
And see it on the top rack
She takes the stool and stands on her toes but still not able to reach she tries harder her leg slips and damn she fell in sanskars arm both have an eyelock
Sanskar puts her down –btw u look very lean small and light but u r so heavy
Sanskar- ya u look like 40kg but r 60

Swara-what r mad I look like 60 but I am 40 so no arguments. Why am I even talking to u
Sanskar-what r u doing here
Swara-not ur business
Sanskar sees the stool –hahahah u cant even reach there with the stool awwww
Swara pouts in anger –it was a small stool
Sanks stands on the stool –what do u want
Swara-get down I will get it my self
Sank- ahahaa and u will again fall down and remember next tym I wont catch u u r damn heavy
Swara makes a digusting face –give the tuner fast
Sanks gives it to her
Sank goes but was about to trip coz of something but swara holds his hand
Swara-everytime I wont save u from triping mr monster maheshwari winks
They both go away
Swara-haha its so fun to tease him hahaha
Swar- that mons I mean sanskar maheshwari
Kavita-he is nice
Swara-no not at all nice and he are antonyms haina ragini imitates he is nice kuch bhi
Ragini is lost somewhere thinking about laksh –he is very nice swara
Swara shakes her-wth rag where r u lost
Kavita-in laksh

Swra and kavi high five
Rags embarrassed
Days passed ragini starts loving laksh but doesnot realise it same is the case of laksh
The party day
In the evening
Adya-yeah today is the party
Sujata-mhare ko party warty samajh na awae
Adya-choti dadi u r old na that’s why
Everyone laughs
Dp- laksh I don’t want any mess in the party
Adya-dada ji why fear when adya is here
Dp-picks her ad hugs her
Laksh-papa for u everyone is better than me
Ap- have u called swara and ragiini
Adya-yeah swara di will also come yeah
In badi
Ragini comes out wearing royal blue anarkali and round jhumkas and flats
Swara comes out wearing pink sleeveless maxi dress with sleeveless jacket and peacock feather earrings with platform heels
Swara lets go
Ragini ya

Kaveri-come on gals get ready she is wearing red and white sari
Kavya is wearing beige sari style dress with golden stilettos
Kavita comes out wearing black cape dress with palazzos and flat footwear
Sanskar waering black tux with red bow and laksh wearing white tux with blue hanky in the pocket.
All reach the party venue this time its not mh
It’s a banquet hall
When ragini enters laksh feels something in his heart his eyes r just searching for someone
Sanlak r mesmerized to see swaragini
And kavya is amzed seeing laksh
Kavya-mom he is sanskars brother ryt
Kavya-he is so damn hot
Kavit-u r incorrigible
Kavya-baby just wait watch how I get his no.
Lakhs-ragini u look gorgeous

Rag shyly-ty u same to u
Rag-no no handsome
Sank-look at ur sister she is lookinh like a peacock wearing atrangi colours
Swara-u r not looking less than a snake
sank-I can faint anyone with my charm
swara-but remember always that peacock and snake are jaani dushman and in their fight alwys peacock wins so beware
swara sees kavita and goes near her
kavya comes nr ragsanlak –oh god whers my phone excuse me can u pls ring my no. 99800001
laks-yeah sure
she gets her phone it was in her bag-oh how stupid of me hahaha
la-its ohk
kavya-I am kavya roy and thanks btw u r very hot
lask-thanks u too
ragini is feeling jealous and tries to go
laksh holds her hand lights go off music plays
Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil
Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi

Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
(He pulls her by her waist ragini stunned he swirls her)
Tumse dil jo lagaya toh jahaan maine paaya
Kabhi socha na tha yun meelon door hoga saya
Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya
Jab haqiqat mein usey todna tha
Laks-wat happened why were u going
Ragini-wo nothing
Laksh-no something
He lifts her (guys imagine the first dance sequence of asrshi arnav khushi)
Har ehsaas mein tu hai
Har ik yaad mein tera afsaana
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
They end there dance in rk pose
Adya-woow caachu u really dance amzingly
Everyone claps-raglak go away swasan smile looking at them
Ragini-whats happening to me why am I feeling so nervous
Laksh-r u mad what have u done lucky
Kavya notices all this and is angry

Kaveri spikes the coldrink and asks kavita to drink it
Just then kavita sees swaragini going to the backyard and goes near them without taking the sip
Swra-u both had sizzling chemistry
Rag-just shut up it was just an accident
Kavita-r u in
Ragini-kavita u also started just then they r siting beside a pole wich was going to fall on swara
kavita notices this and pulls her but now kaita was in danger but nic of time sanskar came and saved kavita
seeing kavita in sanskars hand she thinks her plan is working
swara feels something strange
swara-kavita r u ok thnx for saving me
kavita hmm han
swara- drink this cold rink you will feel better
kavita-hmm ya but then swara starts coughing badly
kavita –u need it more
swara drinks the whole cold drink
swara feels something weird but doesnot show
ragini swara lets go inside
kavita yaa
adya comes –swara di pls dance with me na
swara-ya chalo
they dance on drama queen utara joins
no other family member of mh is present except for adarsh adya sanlak utara
then the song changes

Hatt teri toh!
Ek maar ke na tera munh suja dungi main
Swara goes near sanky and hits him
Chor, lukkha, luccha, ganda
Chor hai tu, luccha hai tu
Had se bada tuccha hai tu
(She dances around him)
(Kaveri shocked –isse kya hua
Sankar tries to go
She stops him rubs his hair)
Kabhi dekha hai tune sheeshe mein khudko
Akal se khacchar
Shakal se bandar
Harqatein hai gundo wali
Baaton se tu hai mawaali

(Raglak and adya laugh)
Song ends
Ragini goes near her-swara r u ok
Swara-I am not ok I am jhakaas awesome its such an amazing feeling ahaha swara runs away
Ragini is confused –swara wait
Kaveri thinks –oh god why always swara becomes the abstacle oh god
Kavya-mom what u did
Swara is sitting somewhere and laughing-that monster maheshwari is so ajeeb
Doesn’t even know how to dance
Sanskar sees her and is mesmerized seeing her laugh

Swara-rubs her eyes ohhh myyy god tree tree mosnters ban two tree
Sanksar thinks there is no alcohol over here then id this the effect of the coldrink oh god
Swara tries to stand cannot and sanskar holds her
Dil hote jo mere seene mein dooo….
Sank-kya piya hai isne what did she drink
Swara-meine pi nahi hai
Sank-oh just shutup I didn’t ask u
Swara-hawwww very bad but I am not wearing a shirt it’s a dressif u want then …
Sankar stops her-wait what r u doing I said s.h.u.t u.p not shirt up idiot
Swara-u r a fool shows her toungue
On the other side raglak
Laksh-ragini wait
Ragini-I don’t want to answer any of the question
Laksh-I didn’t ask anything ok fyn
Ragini goes but stops as her dupatta is pulled
Rag-leave my dupatta
Rag-leave my she turns and sees her dupatta stuck
Laksh frees her dupatta from the pot and goes near her

Yeh moh moh ke dhage…
Ragini moves back
Laksh keeps her dupatta on her shoulder
Ragini-standing still they both r lost in each other.
Swara goes inside a room sanskar tries to find her

Then he goes inside that room he trips and both fall on the bed
Sanskar on top of swara
Screen freezes on both the couples

Precap-adya gets restless again and has fever this time
Swaragini pack for the trip. Swara-thank god for some days I wont see his face.
Raglak realise their love

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