swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi (chapter 10)


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swaragini ek kahani aisi bhi chapter 10
re-swaragini vow to reunite their parents Urvashi tries to kill them but someone comes in the middle

all were shoscked
ragini saw the persons face was shocked
ragini- maa!!!!!!
Swara-maa???? Janki ma
Janki falls down with blood all over her belly
Ragini-swara ambulance bulao
Ragini-maa aap zinda hai she starts crying
Urvashi was shocked and tried to escape but the police came and arrested her
Shomi- I called the police but was shocked to see janki
The ambulance come
Inside the ambulance
Ragini-maa aapko kuch nahi hoga tears are flowing from her eyes s
Janki-beta I cannot be saved its my time to leave
Swara is crying
Shomi is not saying anything
Ragini- ma pls don’t say like this u know wat I got a sister swara

Shomi socked
Swara signs shomi to be quiet
Janki looks at swara with teary eyes
They reach the hospital
Janki is in ot
After 5 hours doctor comes out
Gadodiyas are present
Ragini- doctor how is
Doctor-she is very critical a lot of blood is lost u can go and meet her but we wont be able to save her just 2 hrs left for and
Ragini- cries
Shekhar consoles her
They all go inside
Janki-u all have come
Ragini goes and hugs her
Ragini- maa everyone thought that u were dead ma I never saw ur face and today when I got to see u u r leaving me
Janki in a very weak voice-laado don’t ever think I will ever leave u. I will always be alive in u in ur soul with u forever
Ragini- maaa

Janki looks at shekhar and sharmistha
Janki- I am sorry sharmishtha because of me u bothe were separated .she calls sharmishtha near her and says shomi u know the day I got married to shekhar while taking 7 pheras I made 7 promises making my daughter the witness that from that day she will try her every bit to reunite u both
Shomi has tears in her eyes-janki I am sorry
Swaragini have no clue wats happening
I should not have scolded u
Janki-swara is ur and shekhars daughter ryt my laados sister she calls her near ragini and takes both their hands and says-u r swaragini u both are each other’s strength poori duniya ek taraf aur tum dono ek taraf(the world one side u both on the other) still u can fight the whole world
Swaragini have tears in her eyes
Ragini- par maa u cant leave me lyk I want to talk wid u share my secrets wid u my pain my happiness everything
Janki-beta u don’t need to share it cause a mother understands everything abot her child even without seeing him promise me ragini u will unite shomi shekhar and u will find the same love from shomi also

Infact even more she will be ur maa
Ragini looks at shomi wipes her tears
Janki-u will na shomi
Shomi-janki today what u done by saving my swaraginis lyf is beyond words
Janki-now everything will be fyn now I can die in peace
Shekhar is taken aback – he thinks how he never talked to janki like a husband
Dada dadi everyone feel sorry for her
Janki ragini I always thought that u will become a singer can u pls sing for me

O jheena jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Jheena jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Rang teri reet ka
Rang teri preet ka
Rang teri jeet ka hai laayi, laayi, laayi
Ragini caresses her head ..
Rang teri reet ka
Rang teri preet ka
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Janki tries to smile to her tears
Jab jab mujhpe hai, utha sawaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Jheena jheena re udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraai
Jag se haara nahi main
Khud se haara hoon Maa
Ik din chamkunga lekin
Tera sitaara hoon Maa
Maai re, Maai re..
Tere bin main toh adhoora rahaa
Maai re, Maai re..
Mujhse hi roothi meri parchhaai
Ragini starts crying
O ho.. meri parchhai, tera khayal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Jheena jheena jheena re, udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Se holds jankis hand n kisses it
Jab jab mujhpe hai, utha sawaal
Maai teri chunariya lehraayi
Jheena jheena re, udaa gulaal
Maai teri chunariya…

Jankis smiles beta be happy always never lose hope as her hand slips from raginis hand and she breathes her last
Ragini and everyone cant stop their tears shomi hugs ragini but shockingly ragini wipes her tears and says I am very lucky that I got the love of two mothers in on birth just lyk shri Krishna and if now ma sees me crying she will feel bad
Dadi hugs her- I am proud of u laado
They all do jankis last rites

After 2 days
Ragini calls somi to her house and says ma papa u will get married not on havankund but my ma’s making my ma’s asthiyaan as witness
Shekar shomi look at each other
Swara and every onne are present the marriage happens
Swara-ragini now we r officially sisters
Ragini- hugs her
Shomi and shekhar hug them
They all have a group hug
Dadi- after so many yrs the real happiness is back in my house she looks at jankis photo and says thank u beta

At night
sanlak talking
sanky– I guess we should postpone the party
lucky- but why bhai u knew everyone is so exicted
dp-laksh u will not understand this is something regarding business
sanskar laughs-lucky actually some important delegates are coming soo
laksh- papa see I have understood
sanky so we can keep it next Sunday
laksh-let me inform ragini
sank in a teasing tone-han han chahe duniya idhar ki udhar ho u will always first inform ragini only and with ragini that ms daring will also come

laksh-han daring toh wo hai hee after all she made u fall. hahaha (irony later snaskar will fall for her)
sank gives I will kill look
swara- he is mr monster maheshwari ragini do u really think that I did bad by making him fall.
Ragini-swara listen is cut by swara
Swara- u now when fell down I got such a relief in my heart mere dil ko kitna sukoon mila .u shud have looked at his face .hahaha god it was epic
Ragini- par swara he must be hurt na
Swara makes a cute face-ragu that tym I got immense happiness and don’t u want ur sis to be happy makes a puppy face
Ragini placed her chin on her hand and was just nodding-r u done now drama queen
Both laugh

Precap-in the party swara gets drunk sanskar trying to control her
Raglak dance cute moments.

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Credit to: simmi_m

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