Swaragini-ek hazarome meri behena hai (Epi 4)

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Scene Starts at ragsan house..
Ragini is offering prayer to kanaji by keeping pallu on her head…but Sanskar is distrubed by that…He wakes up&he makes coffee by his own…and cup of coffee for ragini…
Ragini gives Harathi to him…he told i don’t like it…she says ok he left
Sansakr:Why don’t u ask me ragini to take harathi,u asked only 1 time and u left…if my mom &badimaa is there na they will makes me take it…by forcibly
Ragini:she gives a smile to him…
She approaches sanskar
Ragini:U only told that no need of completion in this relation and u told that u like anybody forcing u want to live u r life freely,so u decide to make a agreement marriage hey na sanskar,??
Sanskar:ha (he keeps his tounge under his teeth )but u have to me ask me again…
Ragini just smiling & leaving then sanskar offers coffee cup ,Ragini feels surprised…she sees him with a sort of love
sanskar sees this he smiles and says…
Sanskar:Ragini u go and get ready and i will drop u to u r college

After 1hr in car
Sanskar feels mesmerized to see ragini in top&leggin,just like a college girl..
They both get into sanskar’s car
silence is only there…
Sanskar:ragini..i want u ask u something before only…to which do u belong to…
Ragini:Computer science
Sanskar:wow….good..can i ask u something
Sanskar:Did any one proposed to u in schooling and in college,how many boyfriends do u have
Ragini:(says answer by taking answer lite):i don’t love anyone..but my senior loves me alot…he proposed me in this college..and in school for me 3 proposals came
Sanskar:wat..u that useless proposed u…
Ragini:Why ?sanskar??(she feels sanskar jealous in his voice)
Sanskar:(in mind:i think she will say that no one proposed me but she is too frank…oh my god…)nothing
Ragini:sanskar pls stop
Ragini:my college clg came&she get down
when she get down..her frnds approached her&
hugs her ragu…how is u r duseera holidyas ragu we miss u alot in this holidays
Ragini introduces her frnds to sanskar,by saying she is Swathi,priya,ravi,swetha
Swetha:Ragini who is he??he is very handsome
Ragini:gives a angry look…she told he is sanskar “MY FRIEND”..bye sanskar (her open soft&straight her fall on her eyes while she saying bye too sanskar)
Sanskar:he mesmerized by looking her like that…

Sanskar is about to go…but he wants to see ragini…because she is reaching to his heart…(it may be the power of marriage)
he went inside campus…
There he saw ragini..is not allowed inside..
Ragini:mam…pls allow me mam…i will pay it 2 days plss…
Mam:no..Ragini..u have to pay ur 2nd sem fees&also u r in final yr..u have to pay project doing fees also..so i can’t allow to get inside..
Ragini falls down and she is crying..Her conselling her..
Then suddenly a man came and ask ragini to be with him for a day then i will pay u money what ever u want…
Ragini is shocked..he none other is senior DHURV..who is ragini senior&fan of ragini…
Ragini gives angry look to him…
Ragini is leaving from there…
Suddenly she hears dhurv screeming aa………
Ragini&her frnds turned back …they are shocked…they had seen that sanskar is beating dhurv..and he is breaking dhurv’s hand
Sanskar:is very angry….
Dhurv:who r u ?? y r u beating me??
Sanskar:beats him…more harder with his leg…he takes out his shirts 1st button.&he says…joo bol na hai na abhi bol…bol abhi..he kicks him harder..
Dhurv:if i rag her what is u r problem…
Sanskar:Do u who she is
Dhurv:Ragini Gadodia
Sanskar:nayi………RAGINISANSKARMAHESWARI…wife of sanskarmaheswari…the young business tycoon..
one Boy:Sanskar maheswari who won young enterpreneur award several times…
Dhurv:If she is u r wife then keep her in ur home&don’t send her out…bcoz she so beautiful anyone can impress with her beauty
By seeing this in monitor principal came out
Ragini sees this and asks sanskar too leave
principal:Security close the door…everyone come to my chamber
Everyone in chamber
Principal:Pointing to sanskar ..&told who r u mr…u r an outsider and u came in and beating our student…
Sanskar:(with proud)i am sanskar maheswari…
Principal:sir..u r sanskar maheswari…sir y did u interfere in such silly matters sir…u go home..sir pls..
Sanskar:(very angry):silly..what silly…he teases my wife&it is silly
Principal:(understands the situation):and he told sanskar&ragini…and rest to go home…sanskar keeps hand on ragini’s shoulder and asks her too come home…
sanskar calls his pa and asks him too pay ragini’s fees…

Nyt around 8:30pm
Ragini is setting the bedsheet of their room..
Sanskar is very angry now …he came to hall…he recalls dhurv’s words..praising her that she is very beautifull….
Sanskar came into room&he closes the door..Ragini did not give any reaction..
She silently went and slept on the bed…sanskar also sleeps on other side of bed…
But sanskar…wants to make her him…but he can’t..without her permission…he rolling that side to this side…ragini’s back is facing him….
He takes a step forward..and he hug’s ragini from back…
Ragini jerks by this sudden thing..but she feels so secure in his arms…
she turns to his side..he again sees…her hair falling on her eyes…he takes the hair..&he kisses her eyes&then he kisses her lips..
Ragini hugs him so tightly…so that he can’t leave her…sanskar is kissing her lips…there both souls lost in eachother…
Then suddenly ragini mobile rangs &she got laksh’s call(i will tell u how laksh related to ragini&why he called her)
She takes the mobile by leaving sanksar…she talks with laksh and came back to room
Ragini takes her bedsheet…she keeps it down&she throws her pillow and about sleep without uttering a word..
Sanskar:(he wants to come close to ragini) ragini….what r u dng..come na u can sleep here with me on my bed…
Ragini:sanskar u told me that u will never compell,i hope u understand that’s what the agreement says
Sanskar:(in his mind):blo*dy agreement because of it i was missing my wife’s company..hoo god..mayi kaya karu…
Sanskar feeling restless…by rolling on the bed by seeing ragini who is sleeping peacefully on the ground…he too sleeps…

Precap:Ragini feels jealous&pointing to someone she told he mine…don’t even dare to get close to him..understand

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