Swaragini-ek hazarome meri behena hai (Epi 3)


ragini is shocked to here from SANSKAR that he wants to marry sanskar on a contract basis

At the day of swasan marriage
Swara is looking very beautiful…she wear gold&red colour legenga…shomi&dadi praises her
Swara:mom,we’re is ladoo
Shomi:I think she is busy in taking care of guests u don’t worry.u relax
Swara smiles…
Swara came to mandap.
Later they came to know that SANSKAR is missing from Mandap…they thought might have kidnapped…
Swara family is crying…they had forgotten about ladoo..
After a day swara went to usa
After 2days..

Ragini came to badi having sindoor&mangalasutra….
She knocks the door..
Shomi opens the door… Already they came to know she is missing they were tensed for her…
Shomi is shocked too see her daughter like this she fainted… Dadi holds her..
There was huge fight happened in family
Shekhar:ladoo to whom u r married
Voice:she married me sasur ji…
He is none other than SANSKAR yes SANSKAR
Ragini’s eyes are teardy…everyone is shocked…
To know about ragsan marriage..

Ragini thinks about SANSKAR words of agreement she thinks that swara scarifised everything for her if she marries SANSKAR then she will not be happy…by seeing her like that everyone will not be happy…they will not even believe her words… She decides too marry him…instead of swara…

Ragini: OK I will marry u…OK with u r agreement
SANSKAR:smiles…wat..I think u will slap me…it’s OK wat after but
Ragini:I was ragini not swara..
SANSKAR shocked… How can u take this risk by marrying me
Ragini:I can’t do anything for my sister and family but I will not let swara to be in troubles

Fb ends…
Shekhar:is very angry with ragini…he holds her neck…and make her out of the house
SANSKAR is shocked and holds ragini who is about to fall.
Shekhar:ragini I thought u r my pride…my princess…but u spoiled u r sister marg and u r sister’s financy…u r character less…
From now don’t try to step into my house…my ragini is dead today…he pours water on him…

At MAHESWARI mansion also everyone hates them

Ragsan decides to start a new life in a small double bedroom flat which they are leaving now…it is sanskar’s own property…he owned by his effort…he is having a software company..also which was started by him only…he is very hard worker

SANSKAR:ragini…this is ur place now…it is u r husband’s property…
Ragini smiles..,she went to bedroom she hangs her family photo and cries looking at them…
SANSKAR saw this..and moves from.there…

Ragini went to kitchen
She made some food for their dinner…SANSKAR likes her cooking very much&he gives her 100marks..
Ragini:SANSKAR can I ask u something

Sanskar: yep
Ragini:can I go to college from tmrw
SANSKAR:see ragini.. U no need to ask my permission .I made u write an agreement but ragini u can take the decision by your own…I will never object anything…
Ragini smiles

Precap:SANSKAR fighting with someone&ragsan romance

Credit to: Lucky

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