Swaragini-ek hazarome meri behena hai (Epi 2)


Scene starts in hospital..
Ragini is smiling,laksh sat beside her in a chair.
Ragini feels something strange &she looks at the door..
Ragini sees swara…she is shocked and also happy
Ragini:Shona jijji aap
Swara:Ladoo..(she is coming forward towards ragini)
Swara sees ragini wearing mangalsutra and sindoor in her hand..Swara is completely shocksed…(bcoz she don’t know these happened in these 2years,After her marriage got cancelled,she went to usa next day)
Ragini sees swara clearly,she thinks that she wants too share pain with her behan Shona(she knows bcoz only she can help her)
Ragini:Laksh can u wait outside plss

Laksh stands and he is moving(Swalak Sees each other very angrily,their story is different)
Swara makes Ragini too sit
Swara:Tell me everything ladoo,y u hidden u r marriage from me,Y maa,papa didn’t tell me that they have done u r marriage,i will definetly ask maa&papa about it surely.
Ragini:shona,i have too tell u alot

flashback 2yrs before

swaragini the daughters of shekhar&shomi…their family is a happy family…
Swara is good at Guitar&Dancing,Ragini is good at sitar&she is a classical Dancer..Swara is doing her Mbbs while Ragini is doing her Btech final yr,she is an IITIAN.
Shekhar Family has no problem that god gifted him too beautiful princess…Both are good at each &other everyaspect…
everyone &his friends used too call him the lucky man
Ragini was 2 yrs younger than swara…
Swara is independent mentality&but loves her family alot..
Ragini can do anything for her family..she loves her sister morethan anyone else..
oneday Dadaji came & called every member of the family,

Dadaji:Shekhar&shomi,She is u r daughter,but she is my lovely princess,so i can’t choose a wrong person for her…&they showed SANSKAR MAHESWARI photo..Maheswari family is too good .
Dadi&Shomi:Likes the boy because he is good looking,He is well Educated &he belongs to Nice &Rich Family what else they want for shona…So dadi&shomi smiles like they are very happy with this marriage
shekhar:too ok with their decision
then they told to swaragini

Ragini is very happy that her sister is getting married,But swara doesn’t like it because she wants to complete her postgraduation&she wants to became a surgeon
But swara agrees to the marriage because doesn’t want to spoil her family happiness
But Ragini identifies her sister tension
Ragini:jijji…Don’t you like this marriage,do u love someone else
Swara:not like that ragini,but i don’t want to do the marriage now…i want to settle in career 1st
Ragini:offoo!! jijji tum bhi na…tum parashan maath kar jijji,Mai hu naa…

Ragini told some plan to swara
Swara:are u sure ragini

Swara:Kisses &hugs ragini..&told u r da best sister in this world
Swaragini plays

Nextday morning

Ragini bunk to her classes she went to meet sanskar in his office
ragini at reception
Ragini:Can i meet mr.Sanskar maheswari
Receptionist:Wait mam…after 5mins u can go mam

Sanskar cabin

Sanskar is sitting in the chair

ragini came in

Sanskar:So u r Miss Swara gadodia right
Ragini:Yes…i am swara gadodia

(this what the plan made by swaragini,that ragini will be introduced to sanskar in the name of swara,after getting about him completely then they can ask him to help swara in her career..so told her name as swara to receptionist&then too sanskar)
Sanskar:Well miss swara…i am Sanskar ..Sanskar Maheswari ..& he forwards his hand
Ragsan shake hands eachother

Sanksar:Actually i only want to meet u swara but thank god u only asked me too meet
Ragini:is there anything to talk with mee
Sanskar:yes miss swara..u r looking so beautiful…but i don’t want to marry u
Ragini is shocked

Sanskar:I don’t like marriage system..binding to a same person for lot many years…it is highly impossible..but my family forced me to do this marriage…if i don’t marry u then they will definetly became angry on me..they won’t even see my face…So that i came up with a solution ,i will tell u that if u like it then we will proceed for marriage
Ragini:(still in shocking):wat the solution

Sanskar:we will write marriage agreement & we will sign a contract of marriage for 1yr…in this if we feel that we both can’t leave without eachother then we can proceed ,if not we will take divorce with no problem..No Completion in it…Take u r own time &then tell me
Sanskar:What do u say miss swara

Ragini is hell shocked…sanskar seeing her for answer

Credit to: lucky

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