Swaragini-ek hazarome meri behena hai (Epi 1)


Hi friends….
I don’t wana waste so much coz u should read other ff also to encourage other writers also…

Scene starts at house
A girl wearing sary in normal way not in marwari way…she is offering her prayers to the kanaji…
He takes the harathi &went to a room were her husband is lying on bed…he is in coma..
She smiles looking at him&keeps kumkum on his forehead&she kisses his forehead&leaves..
A lady calls her Ragini beta..yes she is none other than innocent ragini…
Lady:ragini beta…how is he now
Ragini:no change ma..
Lady:beta…I think today doctor will come &check him
Ragini:yes mom
That lady is sumitra…an orphan women she is staying with ragini&her handsome husband”SANSKAR MAHESWARI”
Lady remembers how SANSKAR is &how active he is wen she came to this house…
But now tears fall down from her eyes…
Ragini: mom!!don’t tumari damadh kho Rona acha Na lagega.
Bandh karo ma…
Lady :beta…u go and get ready I will pack u r box…
Ragini:OK mom
She went and get ready she is going to office holding a handbag…
Ragini is a working women…she is working for a MNC…because their family is a middle class family

Ragini is walking in the road..it is summer time it so hot…she is feeling dizzy she falls on the road…
People gathered there…

One beautiful girl coming in her car sees the crowd and stopped car and went there…and called ragini wakeup pls for my sake what happened to u meri jaan
She is none other than swara gadodia 1st daughter of shekhar gadodia&shermistha gadodia…ragini is the 2nd daughter to them…
Swara is doing her pg in USA..she is coming from USA after 2yrs…
After her marriage was cancelled with SANSKAR on the day of her marriage ,she left to USA…(Arranged marriage)
(It was a long story u will get know after some episodes )
Swara calls shekhar and told she had seen ragini..in road and joins her hospital…
Shekhar told I had only one daughter my second daughter is already dead
Dr:who is belonging to ragini
Swara: I am ragini’s sister,is everything alright
Dr:yes..no worries,she is pregnant…
Dr: u can go&see her…
While swara goes to that room she saw LAKSH MAHESWARI Sitting beside ragini…
Swara is shocked to see laksh..
Ragini is smiling by knowing she is pregnant and she touches her tummy &says SANSKAR ka prince

Credit to: Lucky

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  1. awesome… which daughter is dead to shekhar? swara or ragini?

  2. Is this swalak and ragsan ff

  3. Really nice..

  4. Please make swasan yaar….

  5. I liked it very much.

  6. ragsan cool

      1. if u don’t want…then plss don’t read…i hope u understand roshini

  7. Aww Hope its swalak and ragsan

  8. I hope its swalak

  9. Its interesting

  10. yeyyyy ragsan thanku yaar..
    eagerly waiting for next

  11. cool,,,,

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