Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 9)

Finally today was boutique opening.. The whole shop was beautifully decorated. Everyone were proud of these 4 girls.. All designer clothes & jewellery designed by swaragini kriti ridhi were kept for display today. Guests were checking them out praising their good work

Ragini : ( on call) papa I’m missing you here

Shekhar : me too princess.. Sorry I couldn’t make it

Ragini : you said you’ll be back by month

Shekhar : it will take a month more please don’t get upset I promise to be before you next month

Ragini : ok..

Shekhar : pass the phone to shona..

Ragini see swara busy on another call so pass phone to sharmista

Ragini : papa she’s busy.. You talk to Maa.. ( to sharmista) maa papa is on phone

Sharmista : arre raagu wait..

Shekhar was lost in that voice..

Sharmista ; hello..

Before shekhar could speak swara snatch the phone..

Swara ; I’m angry.. You cheated ah.!

Shekhar : oh no baccha I’m struck here..

Swara : you broke the promise not fair

Shekhar : I’ll be back on your birthday pakka promise

Swara was still angry

Shekhar : my princess still angry

Swara : yes..

Shekhar : shona you remember that Super Racing Organisation.. Guess what they’re opening their one more branch..

Swara ; ( sadly) what’s the use I’m here in India

Shekhar : they’re opening in India but they thought of Bangalore for location..

Swara : hmm.. ( sadly)

Shekhar : but with my influence I’ve made them shift to Kolkata

Swara : sacchii.. ( really ) oh I’m so happy.. Love you


Sanskar : You’ve one week.. Stop admiring her & think of ways to propose

Karan : you too stop stealing glimpses of swara.. She has worn your choice to hear you praise not for you to stare..

Swara smile at them from far…

Karan : see she’s smiling at you now

Sanskar : you concentrate on kriti not on my swara..

Karan : oh ho my swara.. Not bad


Swara : Raagu.. Decorations are nice na

Ragini : yea they’re just perfect & beautiful

Swara : Lucky is expert in this

Ragini : I never thought he’s so responsible.. I mean..

Swara : yea I understand..

Laksh come there with help of rishab..

Laksh : hi lovely girls

Swara : lovely..!

Swara leave making an excuse..

Rishab : uncle is calling me.. I’ll be back..

He leave making ragini hold laksh

Laksh : you’re looking pretty

Ragini : laksh.. Why do I feel you always drool over me

Laksh : ah.. No woh.. ( she stammer)

Ragini start laughing looking at his tensed face.. Laksh start admiring her.. Seeing it ragini bring him back to senses

Ragini : laksh you’re drooling again

Laksh : ( embarrassed) someone’s calling me I think.. ( he turn but ragini hold his hand & he turn back astonished)

Ragini : you still have plaster on I’ll leave no need to strain your leg

She leave & laksh stare her giving a idiotic smile

Swara : zyada daat mat dikha toothpaste ka advertisement nahi chala raha yaha ( dont show too much teeth.. There is no toothpaste advertisement going on here)

Laksh : tu bhai pe concentrate kar ( you concentrate on sanskar)

Rishab : come on lucky she’s not your type.. She won’t fall for you

Ridhi : and from when did you start shying & all.. Where is our flirt lost

Laksh : stop demotivating me.. I… like her

Rishab : and she?

Ridhi : she don’t like you.. You don’t match anywhere to her prince charming

Laksh : swara will you speak something

These 3 turn to see why she’s silent & find her admiring sanskar

Laksh : (angrily) Swara ( it breaks her stance she stare him angrily) Swara bhabhi.. Help me here.. ( she smile)

Swara : stop troubling my lucky guys.. Jodiyaan uparse banke aate hai.. Agar
ragini hi iski jodidaar hai toh woh iske pyaar mein zaroor padegi ( pairs are made in heaven.. If ragini is his pair then she will definitely fall for him)

Rishab : baitkar intezaar karne se Kuch nahi honewala na tera na iska.. ( nothing will happen if you both sit ideal.. )

Ridhi : ( hitting Swara) tu goorna bandkar ab usse ( now you stop staring him)

Karan : she’s waiting for your compliment since so long.. How heartless you are..

Sanskar : heartless!!? Big word

Karan : unromantic.. I think you don’t know anything that’s why you put this mask of ignorance & roam..

Sanskar : Sanskar maheshwari & unromantic doesn’t go well together..

Karan : they’re synonym

Sanskar : wait & watch because next is your turn

Sanskar go to middle of hall take & mike

Sanskar : attention ladies & gentleman

Everyone look at him..

Sanskar : these for lovelies have fulfilled their dream today so a big round of applause for them..

Everyone clap for swaragini, kriti & ridhi

Sanskar : I wish you 4 all the success & happiness.. So now let’s celebrate this with a dance.. Music..

Couples start swaying to music.. Karan take ridhi.. Sanskar pat his forehead looking at his friend.. Rishab take kriti. One guy ask ragini for dance & she agree..

Laksh : damn.. I shouldn’t have plastered my leg.. Kitna accha mouka miss hogaya ( missed such a good chance)

Swara ; (hitting him) oye behen jaisi hai woh meri limit mein reh ( she’s like my sister be in your limits)

Laksh : arre bhabhi ki behen hai Matlab tere devar ki biwi banegi hum aapke hai koun film nahi dekhi tune ( arre she’s my sis in law’s sister means she will my wife na. Haven’t you seen hum aapke hai koun film?)

Swara : you want to kill me..

Laksh : shut up.. Look bhai is coming here.. Oh shona he’s coming to take you for dance..

Swara : no yaar lucky.. He will take maa

She say looking at sharmista who was standing ahead of them..

But Sanskar come to swara.. Forward his hand

Sanskar : shall we..

Swara was so overwhelmed that she didn’t react laksh push her & sanskar take her to dance floor & both start swaying to music Everyone give teasing look to swara while she blush hard in Sanskar’s arms..

Sanskar : Congrats.. I’m happy for you

Swara : thank you..

Sanskar : you’re looking beautiful in this dress..

Swara was surprised at his compliment & acknowledge it with a smile blushing more..

Sanskar : wear pink clothes more often they look cute on you..

Swara : really ( with bright smile)

Sanskar : do you know why?

Swara : why?

Sanskar : because pink matches your complexion when you blush & you look extra cute.. The way you’re looking now..

Music ends swara blush more

Swara : waise you’re also looking handsome as always..

Saying that she run away from there..

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