Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 8)


As soon as taxi stops in front of Hospital laksh starts his drama…

Ragini open the door for him..

Laksh : aah.. My leg.. I can’t get up..

Ragini : laksh careful ( to driver) help me get him inside..

Driver hold his hand

Laksh : awww.. my hand too.. Oh.. I think it’s fractured..

Ragini : laksh why didn’t you tell this earlier..

Laksh : I forget everything seeing your face..

Ragini : what?

Laksh : aah.. Bring the stretcher I can’t bear the pain.. Ah

Laksh is taken inside in stretcher.. Ragini had called swara & informed everything

Doctor : I think your hand & leg is fine..

Laksh : I know that.. You just put a plaster

Doctor : what?? It’s against my ethics

Laksh : I’m rishab’s friend.. Rishab kapoor Kuch yaad aaya.. ( remember something)

Doctor : Rishab kapoor karan kapoor’s brother

Laksh : yes to whom you did fake operation for 2 lakh..

Doctor : how much you’re paying now

Laksh : 50000 do as I say

Doctor agree & put plaster on right leg & left hand

Kkrr swasan arrive at hospital.. Doctor does over acting by not allowing them to meet saying he might have got internal injury in head so they need to do check up..

Hearing it swara & kriti start crying..

Karan : kriti he will be fine don’t worry..

Sanskar : swara I thought you were strong & you’re crying like baby here

Swara : I want to see lucky ( she hug him)

Sanskar : ( wiping her tears) if you go in like this he will tease you..

Swara again hug him..

Rishab : ( to himself) dramaqueen

Rishab go to doctor & he allow him inside Ward secretly.. Laksh was lying on bed.. Seeing him angrily rishab go & punch him on his face

Laksh : aah.. Kya kar raha hai ( what are you doing)

Rishab hold the bandage tied on laksh’s head to pull it

LAksh : rukh.. Woh asli hai.. ( wait.. I’m really hurt there..)

Rishab : and these fractures are fake.. Dhokebaaz akele aake late gaya yahan.. Ab mein akele office jaav ( cheater.. You did this drama alone & now I’ve to go to office alone)

Swara come in..

Swara : nahi yaar sacchii accident hua hai iska yeh bas faayda uta raha hai ( no rishab accident really happen he’s just taking advantage of it)

Rishab : tujhe kaise pata ( how do you know)

Laksh : ragini told you?

Swara : yes.. Stop admiring her so much.. Iss baar sirf sar phoota hai agli baar na Jane kya hoga ( this time only you’ve hurt your head God knows what may happen next time)

Laksh : unke liye jaan bhi haazir ( I can give my life too)

Swara : how cute

Rishab : oye over acting ki dukaan

Swara : when did I do that ah?

Laksh : I know.. Bhai se kitne hug leke aayi ( how many times did you hug Bhai)

Rishab : chodi kahan isne usse.. Poora time chipki thi.. ( when did she leave him.. All the time hugged him)

Laksh : chal tu bhi jii lena mere naam pe swara ( you also enjoy in my quota swara)

Rishab : lucky.. I..

They hear a sound of door opening.. Laksh immediately sleep.. These 2 escape from Window.. Everyone get in..

Sanskar : lucky are you fine..

Laksh : ( feeble voice) Bhai.. When did you come

Kriti : is it hurting a lot.. Why don’t you drive carefully..

Laksh : di please don’t cry I’m fine.. ( to himself) damn.. This is the bad part of drama.. Di will cry & I can’t even tell her this is drama

Karan : kriti he will be fine.. I’ve talked to doctor..

Ridhi : where was your mind.. Can’t you be bit careful..

Laksh ignoring everyone look at ragini who come forward.. Her face clearly showed she was tensed for him.. There was little stain of his blood on her dress.. He smiled seeing her..

Ragini : you scared me.. How are you now..

Laksh : better seeing you

Swara : yeh nahi sudhrega ( he won’t change)

Maheshwari mansion

Doctor had said he can’t walk for a month so office cancelled..

Laksh : can rishab too join after month Papa

Durgaprasad : why? No need to waste his time for you..

Laksh : I need him for my help..

Dp : I’ll assign workers..

Laksh : but who will take me to washroom.. I can’t take workers in.. But rishab can he’s my friend.. Please Papa..

DP look at karan..

Karan : I’m fine with it uncle..

DP : ok fine..

Rishab laksh exchange looks..

Next morning

Laksh’s room

Laksh & rishab were sleeping that’s when they hear a knock.. Both clear all the mess & rishab open the door. Its Sanskar & karan

Sanskar : good morning.. ( to laksh) how are you now

Laksh : fine.. Aap office nahi gaye ( you didn’t go to office)

Karan : we’ve taken off today..

Rishab : kyun? ( why?)

Sanskar : arre for laksh

Laksh : I’ll get freshen up..

Rishab take him to bathroom..

An hour later..

As no workers were available everyone decide to help swaragini, kriti & ridhi in preparing their boutique so here are everyone painting the place first.. They take laksh too as he’ll bored alone at home..

swara standing on stool & painting the boutique wall.. Somehow she loose her balance only to land in sanskar’s arms..

Swara : aaah.. ( she open her eyes to find herself in Sanskar’s arms..)

Sanskar : where was your mind.. Be careful

Swara : sorry..

Swara again climbed the stool & Sanskar was holding it making sure she’s fine..

Ragini was deciding the colours to be painted & instructing others & laksh was busy admiring her hearing nothing

Ragini : laksh which is pretty royal blue or sky blue..

Laksh : you’re pretty

Ragini : laksh.. Be serious.. & I hate boys who flirt

Laksh : accha then what kind of boys you like

Ragini : gentleman.. Responsible.. Like Sanskar

Laksh : chii ragini you’re eyeing your jijaji..

Ragini : aargh.. ( she go from their irritated)


Everyone rest for a while..

Sanskar & karan were sipping coffee bit far from everyone

Karan : someone was busy admiring today..

Sanskar : what..?

Karan : why don’t you tell her man.. You know she too is head over heals in love with you

Sanskar : I love the way she admires me secretly.. Sending such beautiful flowers choclates as secret admirer & her dreams.. Oh.. I love her secret love..

Karan : Swara weds Sanskar beautiful.. I can’t wait to dance in your wedding

Sanskar : oye.. Pehle teri shaadi hogi ( first tour wedding)

Karan : woh kyun.. ( why?)

Sanskar : because kriti is elder to swara & mishti ( sharmista) is planning her wedding first so.. & if you’re not ready to marry her then tell me I’ll search someone else for her.. So that my root will be clear

Karan : how mean of you

Sanskar : when are you planning to propose her mere bacche hone ke baad ( after my kid’s birth)

Karan : don’t go so fast wait.. I’m proposing on her birthday..

Precap : Boutique opening. karan to propose kriti..

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