Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 6)

Rohan – Swara’s younger brother 21 year old. Studying final year in business management..

Precap : Laksh mistakenly kidnap ragini..

Everyone : Ragini….. ( they scream.. )

Laksh : stop screaming someone may hear & come.. First hide this Soumya..

Kriti : laksh.. Where is Soumya

Swara : what have you done to my Raagu..

Laksh : ( confused) Raagu..? What have I done

Rishab make him see ragini & laksh jump back..

Laksh : what.. What.. I kidnapped this devil..?

Rishab : she will definitely eat you alive or at least she will drink half of your blood..

Ridhi : when will she wake up..

Laksh : 2 hours later

Swara : ( start beating laksh) you spoiled everything.. Ab engagement hoga.. Idiot lucky..

Sharmista come there & everyone immediately hide ragini behind them..

Sharm : what are you all doing here ceremony is about to start.. Come fast..

Kriti : 5 mins..

1 hour 55 mins later..

Swalak rishab kriti & ridhi are in laksh’s room ragini is still unconscious. Engagement is successfully completed..

Rishab : bewakoof tera dimaag kaha tha.. ( idiot where was your mind)

Ridhi : will you at least do one work properly laksh..

Laksh : I just got confused in dark..

Swara : confused my foot.. Where that witch faced Soumya & where my angel Raagu.. Can’t you differentiate between them idiot..

Laksh ; ( murmurs) its all fault of her angelic face only..

Kriti : now let it be guys what is done is done now what.. We should stop the marriage

Swara : remember laksh.. If sanskar gets married to Soumya then I’ll murder two people..

Laksh : who bhai & Soumya..?

Swara : nahi tu aur woh chudail ( no you & that witch)

Ridhi : ok what’s the plan..

Everyone settle to think what to do next but they hear a sound which is very cold & dreadful

Ragini : laksh..

Swara hug her

Swara : you’re fine na..

Ragini : engagement didn’t happen na swara..

Swara make sad face & ragini look at laksh.. Laksh gulp down the fear..


Sanskar : where are they..

Karan : they’re in laksh’s room.. Planning

Sanskar : how come they didn’t do anything in engagement..

Karan : why you wanted some hungama..

Sanskar : woh no..

Rishab come running to karan..

Rishi : bhai.. Ragini is killing laksh..

Sans & kara : what..!?

Laksh’s room..

Ragini is threatening to hit laksh with a vase..

Laksh : shona.. Ridhi.. Kriti di bachaav.. She will kill me

Kriti : Ragini listen he mistook you to be Soumya

Swara ; he didn’t do it purposefully..

Ragini : you even lied to my shona idiot..

Ridhi : what lie..?

Sanskar & karan come & settle ragini calming her down..

Karan : now tell me what he did..

Ragini : when he entered room he saw me & was staring me like a idiot when I asked him to give chloroform to Soumya he applied it on me.. Idiot kahika..

Everyone angrily stare laksh..

Laksh : I didn’t see her face in dark.. I got confused..

Ragini : dont lie

Swara : you didn’t recognise ragini..!!? ( he give mischievous look to laksh who plead to save him)

Sanskar : what’s this drama laksh didnt I say no need stop engagement now.. Our family reputation was at stake if you kidnapped her

Rishi : will you marry her then bhai?

Sans : no.. I mean.. You people stop marriage right.. You all are good at it.. Ah..

Everyone nod..

Gadodia mansion – Next morning..

Dining table

Sharmista & ragini are busy talking..

Rohan & karan are busy talking business..

Sharm : rishi.. As all are starting work here you too will join office ?

Rishi : huh.. No.. I mean itni jaldi

Ridhi : you’re 24.. At your age karan bhai had taken full responsibility

Rishi : I’ll join after sanskar bhai’s marriage.. There will be so many works in wedding na so..

Rohan : I’ve seen how much you work..

Ragini gets call from shekhar.. She picks it.. After talking for a while..

Ragini : I’ll pass it to maa you talk to her..

Sharmista takes the phone shekhar say hello but swara snatch phone before they could talk further..

Swara : I want to talk..

Sharmista is lost in shekhar’s voice..

Sharmista : ( to herself) that voice.. It it was shekhar..? No.. How can he.. But.. That voice..

Her thoughts are disturbed when she hear another voice..

Sanskar : Mishti… mishti..

Sharm : I’m here sanskar..

Sansk come & sit beside her greeting everyone..

Ragini : mishti..!?

Kriti : that’s what he call her mishti..

Ridhi : its long story we will tell you another day

Karan : where is laksh..

Sansk : don’t know.. He got up early & went somewhere..

Rishi : ( on call ) really.. I’ll be there in minute ok bye..

Everyone look at him questioning what..?

Rishi : murghi phasgayi.. ( chicken is trapped)

Swara : sacchi.. ( really)

Karan sanskar rohan & sharmista are confused what’s going on while others leave in hurry..

Kriti : keep yourselves free today.. We may call anytime.. Bye..

½an hour later.. Super market..

Kriti : where is laksh..

Rishi : he has hidden his identity not get caught by some goggles moustache beard & a cap

Ridhi : then how to find him in this crowd

Swara : I know.. The one who’s staring ragini is laksh..

Ragini : (pointing at one person.. ) that person is staring me since we arrived)

Everyone go to him & shake him..

Laksh : what took you so long I’m waiting since ½ an hour..

Swara : you’re staring since 15 mins right..?

Kriti : hey look there she come..

Ridhi : she’s wearing a red saree..

Rishi : we can see that..

Ragini : seeing her jewels it seems.. Its her wedding.. Marwadis wear all that in wedding

All : what?

Laksh : we came here to catch her with her boyfriend & expose her but she herself is eloping

Swara : thank God this Soumya has a boyfriend

Kriti : hey see they’re leaving come let’s follow..

After a while they stop near a temple outside the town on hill..

Kriti : we should inform sanskar about it I suppose..

All : no..

Laksh : he won’t let this marriage happen..

Swara : he will give big speech on family respect & reputation & stop this marriage

Ragini : but even then this alliance breaks na

Ridhi : we cant take risk let this marriage happen

Rishi : yea.. Why to disappoint these love birds.. They’ve made so much preparations let them get married..

All 6 enjoy the wedding..

Precap : Laksh & rishab to join office..


  1. Ashnoor

    Thankfully you’re back .
    Loved bechara laksh and his talks
    Ragini it’s you’re fault.
    You’re a beauty and too have an angelic face .
    Loved the update

  2. Anaya



    Thank you soo much ashnoor, ammu, j, sindhura, Arjuna, soujanya, asra, Lisa, saranya, silent writer, akshatha, tani, A.xx

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