Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 4+5)


Recap : swaragini back to India. Sanskar’s engagement fixed..

Gadodia mansion

Kkrr, Raglak are knocking swara’s room door but she isn’t opening..

Karan : swara you’re scaring us now..

Ragini : won’t you listen to your Raagu.. Please open the door shona..

Rishab : move everyone.. Let’s break the door..

Laksh : no need.. Let’s climb balcony..

Laksh rishab get in through balcony & open the door.. Everyone see swara holding knife in her hand..

Kriti snatch it & ragini , kriti , ridhi hhug her consoling…

Ragini: how could you even think like that shona

Ridhi : we will find some way..

Swara : there’s no other way.. Death is the only way..

Ragini : swara.. Are you mad.. What will we do..

Swara : usse marna hi hoga.. ( she have to die )

All : kya..!!? ( what..!!?)

Swara : I’ll kill that witch.. Sanskar is only mine..

Lucky : wahi mein Sochu.. Devil sirf maarna jaanthe hai.. Aaj Marne ki baat kaise aagayi (I was wondering.. Devil only knows to kill how you thought of dying.. )

Rishi : I’m with you.. What’s the plan

Karan glare him…

Ridhi : after that what will you go to jail..

Swara : I’ll go anywhere for sanskar..

Kriti : you go to jail.. He will marry someone else.. Idiot..

Swara go & sit on her bed & start crying like a baby…

Swara : I’m ruined.. Sanskar sirf sapne mein hi mera rehagaya.. ( sanskar is mine only in dreams )

Lucky : oh stop it swara.. We will do something. Even bhai isn’t happy with it..

Kriti : why did he agree

Laksh : for papa.. You know he won’t go against him..

Ragini now what. ? Then..

Laksh & rishi get idea .. But they doesn’t share..

Rishi : first let’s go to maheshwari mansion.. We can pull out something there..

Ragini : where is maa.. I wanted to meet her..

Kriti : in mm for tomorrow’s preparation..

Swara : meri barbaadi ki..

Maheshwari mansion

These 7 reach there & meet everyone…

Karan : where is sanskar..

Ap : in his room you go & meet him..

While moving towards sanky’s room ragini see a romm with full of mess.. It looked more like a store room filled with unwanted things.. But nicely painted wall designs were very nice ..

Ragini : such a beautiful wall designs.. But why isn’t anyone using this room.. ?

Laksh got happy hearing the praises..

Swara : what makes you think no ones using it

Ragini : isn’t it store room swara..? I mean look how messed everything is.. How can anyone stay here..

Everyone look at laksh & start laughing.. Ragini look on confused while laksh embarrassed..

Rishi : its laksh’s room..

Laksh : enough.. There are more serious issues.. Can we please concentrate on them

Everyone enter sanskar’s room.. Its well organised neat & tidy.. Everything is in its place..

Ragini : why dont you learn something from your bhai laksh..

Laksh : oh please.. Now you also dont start this.. There are already enough people saying this..

Ragini : but still you haven’t changed.. How can any human stay in that room..

Laksh : that’s called bachelor’s room.. This room looks like a man’s room with 10 wives.. I mean who keeps it so clean & organised.. Only 10 wives can..

Swara : shut up lucky..

Sanskar come out of washroom.. Swara is lost in admiring him.. He’s wearing white shirt & blue pant looking super cute.. He too notice her.. Her stance breaks when he speak..

Sanskar : oh finally you people are here.. I thought you will miss my engagement.. (He say sarcastically )

Rishi : bhai..

Sanskar : ( interuppting ) not a single word.. ( he shout )

Ragini : ah. Sanskar..

Then he notice a new face in his room he compose himself..

Sanskar : Sorry.. Ms.. Ragini I suppose.. Have a seat.. ( he pull a chair )

Ragini : I’m sorry.. Because of me they couldn’t reach here on time &..

Sanskar : that’s fine ceremony is still tomorrow they’re in time.. ( he give a plastered smile to her & a death glare to others )

Laksh : bhai.. No need suppress youre anger anymore because of her.. She’s part of group now.. She won’t leave swara alone.. So you can act normal..

Ragini glare him..

Sanskar : welcome to our friend circle then.. Hope you won’t mind my talks with my so called friends.. ( he look at kkrr & swara .. Who gulp down their fear)

Ragini just smile confused..

Looking at Ridhi & kriti..

Sanskar : Firstly you two.. I didn’t expect this from you.. At least you two could have acted sensible..

Ridhi : we didn’t know anything about this ( she say with guilt but he turn his face )

Sanskar : ( to karan ) tu dost hai mera.. Ek baar kyaal nahi aaya mera.. Agar yeh shaadi hogayi toh teri saari secrets out.. Dekhlena tu.. ( you’re my friend? If this marriage happens then all your secrets will be out.. ) he gesture towards kriti

Swara rishi & laksh look at sanskar & karan suspiciously.. What secret ?

Sanskar : ( to Swara rishi ) I thought you two can pull out something along with laksh but where you have time for me.. You will remember me only in your needs… Shall I tell karan your new year party secret rishi..

Rishi : oh.. Why are you getting hyper bhai.. We will stop this marriage dont worry..

Swara ; yes sanskar I’ll never let this happen dont worry..

Laksh : we have plan to break this ring ceremony bhai listen..

Sanskar : no need.. If we break ring ceremony now both families will be humiliated..

Swara : will you marry her then…

Sanskar : ( immediately ) Never.. Huh.. I mean let’s do something after tomorrow’s function..

Next day..

Ragini : will this plan work..

Laksh : 100%.. If we kidnap the bride then no ceremony.. Means no marriage..

Swara : Raagu you just distract that soumya lucky & rishi will kidnap her..

Ridhi : if this fails..

Rishi : then we will swap Soumya with swara.. There will be veil so no one can see swara’s face..

Laksh : Both have almost same height personality color.. Just that Soumya is more beautiful

Swara throw pillow on him..


Whole Maheshwari mansion is decorated.. Guests have started arriving.. Swaraglak krr are busy in executing their plan.. From yesterday laksh was stealing glances of ragini which others noticed..

Ragini get ready in a beautiful velvet gown with big earings & has tied her hairs loosely into a pony.. Laksh is awestruck seeing her.. Bells start ringing in his mind…

Ragini : laksh I’m going to swara’s room..

He’s just staring her nothing reached is ears..

Ragini : laksh.. Laksh.. ( she shake him a bit )

By her touch laksh feel as if electric current passed through his body.. He come back to senses..

Laksh : ragini.. Huh.. What are you doing here..

Swara who was watching all this come there & send ragini to soumya’s room.. & stand infront of laksh

Swara : what..?

Laksh : what.. What?

Swara : tum usse bhoot ki tarah ghoor rahe the.. Apne chehare pe ek Romeo smile leke ( you were staring her like ghost with mad Romeo smile on your face )

Laksh : kya bakwas hai.. Leave I’ve work..

Swara: Usse meri devrani banane ka plan hai kya ( do you have a plan of making her my sister in law) [devrani means husband’s brother’s wife ]

She ask with teasing smile blocking laksh’s way..

Laksh : agar rasta nahi choda abhi toh uska toh pata nahi magar tu zaroor meri bhabhi nahi banegi ( I don’t know about her but if you dont leave my way now then surely you won’t become my sister in-law )


Sanskar & karan are standing in one corner..

Karan : dont you sense something fishy..

Sanskar : don’t know now what are these idiots upto..

Karan : hope they won’t trap us

Sanskar : haan haan why will you get trapped sagayi toh meri ho rahi haina phasunga toh mein ( its my engagement.. I’ll get trapped )

Karan : I didn’t mean it yaar..

Sanskar : Soumya have a sister.. If my marriage happens na.. Then see whom you’ll marry..

Karan : will you cheat kriti by getting me married to someone else.. ( he say dramatically )

Sanskar : what about me then.. You people cheated me..

Karan : come on yaar.. You neither have a girlfriend nor you’re interested in all this love & all.. Then what’s the problem in marrying.. Or am I missing something.. You love someone ah.. ?

Sanskar : sanskar maheshwari & love..

Karan : then what’s problem in marrying

Sanskar : I need time

Karan : whom are you fooling.. I see everything.. You & ..

Sanskar : and what…?

Karan : swara.. I mean swara is calling me… ( he leave )

Soumya’s room..

Soumya is getting ready while ragini is helping her. She hear a knock.. So ragini switch off the lights without soumya’s notice..

Soumya : what happened Ragini..

Ragini : huh don’t know wait I’ll check..

Ragini open the door & see laksh.. Now again laksh is lost seeing her.. She drag him in..

Ragini : ( whisper ) jaldi karo.. ( do it fast ).. Mujhe kya ghoor rahe ho chloroform do usse.. ( stop staring me & give her chloroform)

Laksh nod & apply chloroform to ragini making her unconscious.. & she fall in his arms.. Rishi from outside..

Rishi : laksh is work done..? Laksh..

Hearing no response rishab enter in..

Rishi : yaar laksh come out..

He take both out & they reach laksh’s room where everyone is waiting.. As soon as they remove the dupatta ( veil )

Everyone : Ragini….. ( they scream.. )

Precap : Ring ceremony..

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    Haha… Wow laksh is seriously mad. Really enjoy it. …. Laksh tum to gaya kam se haha.. Ragini will not leave him. Omg I am laughing ….. Haha……. Anaya wo w you rock dear. Update soon waiting for raglak scene haha……

    Lol. ……… I really love swasan and all scences. I’m waiting ….. Love this ff. Haha…. Poor laksh God bless him

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    Thank you soo much sindhura, anu, ashnoor, j, lovely, arshaanya, malika, mica & silent writer..

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