Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 3)



Ragini open her eyes & find all are 5 buddies surrounding her.. Immediately she hug them…

Ragini : you guys didn’t go.. I was so scared..

Swara : how would we when our Raagu is ill

Shekhar come there..

Shekhar : how’s my princess.. You scared us all

Swara : what did doctor say uncle

Shekhar : we can take her home now.. But she needs rest..

Gadodia mansion

Ragini is resting on bed dadi is feeding her.. while these 5 are sitting around the bed..

Ragini : your flight.. ?

Kriti : we postponed it

Ragini : postponed.. Hmm ( she say sadly )

Rishab : yes dear.. We cannot stay here forever na.. So only postponed..

Other 4 see him angrily while ragini make sad face.. Shekhar is in dilemma what to do..

A week later

Kriti : I wonder why no one has called from India..

Ridhi : not even lucky has disturbed once..

Karan : I think maa us angry on us..

Rishab : swara has called blocked them so they’re not able to contact us…

All3 : what..!!?!

Swara : sorry.. But I had no other choice.. Dont worry I had blocked for only 1 week from today they can call us..

Swara gets call..

She move to balcony attending the call..

Swara : ( in very sweet voice ) Hello sanskar..

Sanskar shouts at her for some 15 mins…

Swara : Sorry…

Sanskar : are you out of your mind swara

Swara : ( on call ) I was concerned about ragini

Sanskar : what about sharmista aunty then ah..? Don’t know what you will do but I want you back in India by tomorrow..

Swara : but sanskar..

Sanskar : I’m hearing nothing.. You know what can I do for her..

Swara : haan pata hai.. ( ah.. I know )

Sanskar : toh samajh bhi lo remember you’ve 24hrs swara.. ( then put it into your brain also )

Kkrr : what happened..

Swara : he’s threatening now..

Ridhi : threatening what..

Rishi : dont you remember what last time he did..

Karan : he kidnapped swara & parceled her to sharmista maa’s room..

Swara : now what to do.. We can’t even go..

Shekhar hears all this..

Later.. Ragini’s room

Shekhar : I’ve booked tickets to India you people can leave..

Everyone is shocked especially ragini..

Swara : but papa.

Shekhar : I heard everything beta.. I don’t want to trouble your loved ones.. They too might be waiting for you..

Swara : ragini..

Ragini is almost on verge of crying..

Karan : how can we leave her here.. I mean

Kriti : she’s not well &..

Shekhar : who said you’re leaving her.. She’ll also fly to India..

Ragini : papa.. But you never allowed me there..

Shekhar : how can I disappoint my princesses.. Past is past.. I just want your smile.. Not these tears..

Ragini : but I can’t even stay away from you & dadi..

Shekhar : who said we are staying here.. I’ll shift my whole business to India.. I’m ready to come anywhere for you.. But it takes time.. You leave with them.. We will be back in month happy..

Everyone shout : very happy…

Swaragini hug him..


Swara is sleeping on bed.. She hear some noise.. She get up & go near window peeping out.. If there’s anyone but doesn’t find anyone she’s about to turn but someone hold her from back closing her mouth.. She’s about to resist.. But his touch calms her down she knows who it is.. She turn her around his grip loosens as her long hairs start tickling him.. She’s about to free herself but he pin her to wall..

Swara : sanskar.. ( she blush & look down.. )

Sanskar : why are you blushing swara..

Swara : you’re looking ho.. Uh cute in this white shirt..

Sanskar : dont try to butter me I’m here to kidnap you..

Swara : there’s no need of it we’re flying back tomorrow.. But I won’t mind if you kidnap me.. It was so much fun last time.. ( she blush again )

He move back but swara trip & both fall on bed.. Having a cute eyelock… swara is above him.. She slowly move towards sanskar’s lips.. But she hear voice..

“What the hell are you doing swara “..

Swara : ( irritated ) this idiot rishab always disturb us.. Let’s ignore him..

Sanskar : arre.. Tu idiot mein sanskar nahi rishab hoon.. Aur hum flight mein hai.. Teri bedroom mein nahi.. India jaane tak toh intezaar Karle.. ( you are idiot.. I’m not sanskar I’m rishab.. We’re in flight not in your bedroom.. At least wait till we reach India )

Swara : yeh tum kya bol rahe ho sanskar ( what are you saying sanskar )

Rishab : yeh paagal ladki.. bhaiyya bachav.. Yeh swara meri izzat loot rahi hai.. Bachaav bhaiyya.. ( huh this mad girl.. Karan help me.. This swara is ruining me help me karan.. )

Hearing him scream swara wake up from sleep & is shocked to find herself holding rishab’s collar & she was about yo kiss him.. She leave him with a jerk..

KKR & Ragini are laughing loud seeing these two..

Ragini : swara you are impossible..

Rishab : I never thought you see such shameless dreams swara.. Chii..

Swara : shut up rishi.. There’s nothing like that..

Kriti : we saw what was it like.. Bechara rishab..

All start teasing while swara hide her face in embrassement..

Flight land.. All 5 come out of airport..

Karan : laksh has messaged that he is coming to pick us.. Search him..

Swara ; there he is… ( she point )

Swara excitedly move towards her best buddy but what comes next shocks ragini

Laksh slaps swara…

Ragini : shona.. ( she turn towards her..& take her to embrace.. Swara pulling off.. )

Swara : laksh ke bacche.. I just blocked you & you’re slapping me..

Ragini : ( enraged ) how dare you.. Ah..

Laksh notice ragini.. Then he is lost in her charm.. Only bells are ringing in his mind.. He is staring at ragini with his mouth open like mad aashiq (lover )

Karan : ragini relax.. Its common between them.. You dont worry..

Swara remove her shoe & hit it on laksh’s head.. Which bring him back from his dream world to reality..

Lucky : shona.. I’m not leaving you today.. Tu pehle phone nahi utati aur upar se mujhe maar rahi hai ( you don’t pick the phone & now you’re hitting me )

Swara : aisa kya pahaad toot pads hai yaha.. ( what so big happened here.. )

Laksh : bhai ki shaadi fix hogayi hai.. ( sanskar’s marriage is fixed )

All 5 : kya..!!?( what..!!?)

Laksh : kal engagement hai.. ( tomorrow is engagement )

All 5 : kya..!!?( what..!!?)

Laksh : ab pata chala.. Pahaad nahi.. Aasmaan toot padha hai.. Bewakoof ( now you got to know.. What had happened.. Idiot.. )

Precap : swaraglak, ridhi, kriti & rishab to kidnap sanskar’s bride on engagement day..

Guys.. I know I haven’t given much Raglak scenes.. Their story starts from next episode.. And there will be some cute Raglak & swasan scenes in next part..

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