Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 2)


Karan is played by Karan tacker . He look after his dad’s & sharmista’ s business along with her

Kriti is played by Krystal d’souza. She is a fashion designer

Rishab is played by Kushal Todon. Younger brother of karan..

Ridhi is played by Jennifer Winget .She is a fashion designer


Ragini is sketching something but nothing seemed right.. Her mind was all messed up.
The thought of swara leaving to India & herself to US was haunting her. Long back they both together had decided to meet twice in a year & do video chats everyday… But now when time had really come ragini just couldn’t handle it.. The meare thought of swara leaving was giving her nightmares.. While she was lost in it she heard swara’s phone ringing..

Devil mere yaar..

Swara in washroom

Swara : Ragini see the phone yaar..

Ragini : its lucky..

Swara : answer it for me.. Tell him I’ll call later

Ragini picks the call about say.. But laksh start talking..

Laksh : how long will you take to pick the phone idiot.. I’m calling since last 15mins.. You..

He feel suspicious as swara doesn’t talk anything & here ragini is lost in his voice.. She feel connected to him.. But come back to senses hearing laksh scream..

Laksh : oye devil.. Why aren’t you speaking..

Ragini : swara is in washroom.. & don’t you dare call my shona devil again..

Now it’s laksh’s turn to get lost in her voice.. Bells start ringing in his head..

Ragini : ( murmurs ) idiot..

Swara come out having shower.. She puts phone on speaker

Swara : hello lucky..

Laksh : thank God tum aagayi who took your phone earlier.. That Hitler.. How you manage with her yaar..

Swara : laksh.. Phone is on speaker…

Laksh : oh damn.. Sorry hitl.. Uh ragini..

Ragini fume..

Swara : leave that why you called.. Its already 10:30 I think there in india

Lucky : to wish you madam.. All the best…

Swara : thanks.. Hmm.. Whr r u..

Lucky : in my room why..

Swara : nothing..

Lucky : I got it.. ( he tease)

Swara : shut up & keep the phone

Laksh : hmm why will you talk with us..? you want to hear only your prince charming’s voice ( he tease)

Swara immediately switch off speaker mode & go to balcony taking the phone.. While ragini is surprised by this.

Swara : lucky ke bacche.. Phone speaker pe tha.. Aur tum.. ( lucky. Phone was on speaker & you..)

Laksh : leave all this .. Bhai ghar par hai.. Phone du.. Woh all the best bolenge toh shaayad tu jeet jaye. ( bhai is at home shall I give him phone.. If he wish.. You may win )

Swara : I always win.. &.. ( interrupted)

Laksh : ( entering Sanskar’s room ) bhai.. Wish shona all the best.. ( he give him phone )

Sanskar : (to swara ) All the best.. Vaise what are you up to now..

Swara : huh.. Uh… Hmm.. You ask lucky.. Bye..
She cut the call..

Sanskar : hello.. This girl.. ( to laksh ) what’s the matter..

Laksh : ( to himself ) what to answer him now.. Can’t even tell about race or else sharmista aunty ka chamcha une sab bata dega.. (to sanky)
Nothing bhai.. I’m sleepy bye gud night…


Swara is all set in her sports suit holding the helmet in her hand.. Karan kriti rishab & ridhi ( I’ll address them as kkrr from now on ) have joined her but ragini has not come infact she never attends any of swara’s races..

Michael come there he is swara’s rival always finish 2nd in race as swara is first..

Michael : hello swara all set for race..

Swara : I’m always ready & are you set loose for one last time..

Michael : let’s see.. After all its your last race how can I let you go.. ( he smirk evily )

Karan : what the hell do you mean last race..

Michael : huh.. You’re going back to India right..

They announce the race so all disperse..
Race starts.. All are screaming swara’s name as she is the favourite there..Even kkrr are hoping seeing swara leading the race..

Commentors : As usual Swara the star of Paris street racing moving with lightning speed leaving everyone behind..

There comes a turning & swara apply breaks but they aren’t working.. She repeatedly try but no use.. Using handbreak she somehow manages to turn the car with great drift which looked very beautiful yet dangerous.. Everyone cheer seeing it..

At home ragini feel restless..

Ragini : ( to herself ) what’s happening today.. Why am I so restless.. Hope swara is fine

She pray to God for swara’s safety..

At race

Commentors : That’s what we called champions play.. Wow but it seemed too risky yet worth watching..

Swara ( to herself ) : damn these breaks aren’t working what will I do now.. I’ve to stop now itself using hand brakes once speed reaches Max level I cannot stop the car..

She slow down the car by gradually applying the hand brakes.. Michael’s car come near hers.. He too slow down some 2-3 cars go ahead of them

Commentors : oh what’s happening the two great racers have slowed down is it some new trick of theirs.. & wait they’re talking something..

Michael : Why baby slowing down ah.. Are you afraid of speed..

Swara : mind your business..

Michael : yea sure I will.. Enjoy the taste of defeat hope you enjoyed my gift bye.. ( he wink at her & ride back fastly )

Swara ( to herself ) : What the hell.. He played with my brakes.. Cheapster.. Now I can’t loose this race.. But what to do..

She around & see a some sharp rods lying beside a track & she speedily rides the car over them..

Commentors : Swara is out if track what’s she is up to.. Oh crap her fuel tank is damaged fuel is oozing out what now..

Kkrr get panicked..

Rishab : what this girl is up to..

Kriti : she knew those rods will rupture fuel tank yet she rode there..

Karan : something is wrong guys..

Ridhi : hope she’ll be fine

Swara punch the accelerator & start moving with lightning speed again.. Michael too panicked seeing her nearing him..

Commentors : woh.. Swara has once again caught the pace but will she be able to finish the race as her fuel will be over soon…

Swara leave behind everyone now.. Finish point is some 50m away & car start giving kicks as fuel is almost about to get over.. Taking advantage of it Michael move ahead of her.. Only 15m left..
She push the accelerator with full force & take the car bit off track on rock which is slightly inclined up.. Due to that car flies in air & land on finish point..

Commentors : This what is called winning with class & style..

A huge screaming is heard all over the crowd.. Everyone chanting swara’s name.. Michael is highly disappointed.. Some co racers rise swara in air.. Kkrr run towards swara.. Swara move towards organisers.. She complaint them about the incident & they check the CCTV footage & Michael gets caught spoiling swara’s car brakes he’s disqualified & swara is presented a trophy…

Rishab : how dare he…

Karan : I swear I’ll kill him today..

Kriti : you’re fine na shona..

Swara : haan I’m fine don’t panick guys.. He got what he deserved..

Ridhi : But now what about ragini..

Swara : no one’s gonna tell her anything ok..

All agree..

A week later..

Swaragini were very sad as the time had finally come when they part.. Kkrr were also feeling bad for leaving ragini..

Ragini’s room
Servant enter..

Kishan ( servant ) : didi shona didi darwaza nahi khol rahi ( swara is not opening the door )

Ragini : uffo iska roz ka naatak ( everyday the same drama )

Ragini takes a spare key & open swara’s room door there she finds swara blushing in sleep holding a photo in her hand.

Ragini : today I’ll find out who that is who make my shona blush..

Ragini goes near swara & slowly take that photo but swara wake up.. Ragini move back taking photo..

Swara : ragini no.. Give that back..

Ragini : never.. Today I’ll see who it is..

Swara run to snatch but ragini see a photo.. & give unbelievable look to swara..

Ragini : shona what’s this..

Its a photo of a small boy

Swara : now give it back..

Ragini : let me guess .. Is he your childhood crush..

Swara : No Not crush.. He’s my first love..
She start dreaming..

Ragini : ( pinch swara ) now stop dreaming & get ready there’s loads of work left..

Swara snatch the photo & run into bathroom pulling ragini’s hair..

Rishab : we’re leaving today & you’re troubling her even today shona

Ragini feels bad.. & go out…


All 6 are in US airport.. They’ve come to drop ragini & will leave now to india.. Indian flight is announced.. Everyone bid a painful adieu to ragini.. Swara who acted to be strong all these days now broke down clinging tight to ragini.. But somehow composed herself & left ragini.. As all 5 moved ahead.. Ragini collapsed… Everyone rush back…

Few hours later..

Ragini open her eyes & find all are 5 buddies surrounding her.. Immediately she hug them…

Ragini : you guys didn’t go.. I was so scared..

Swara : how would we when our Raagu is ill

Precap :

Sanskar : are you out of your mind swara

Swara : ( on call ) I was concerned about ragini

Sanskar : what about sharmista aunty then ah..? Don’t know what you will do but I want you back in India by tomorrow..

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