Swaragini Ek Atoot Bandhan (Episode 1)


Paris – 9 am

Kishan : shona didi ke maa ka phone hai..

Ragini : ( taking phone ) hello maa

( Ragini address her as maa.. All their band members address sharmista as maa , Even though they haven’t met each other… Swara address shekhar as baba.. ragini has never been to India.. But swara is very close to ragini’s family )

Sharmista : Good morning princess

Ragini : Good morning Maa..

Sharm : why do you sound so annoyed.. Phirse kya kiya uss shaitan ne ( what did that girl do again )

Swara’s room..

Swara talking to shekar..

Shekhar : why mera baccha is still in bed.. Today there was one race na

Swara : yes baba.. But I cannot go..

Shekhar : what happened phirse uss Hitler ne kya kiya ( what did that Hitler do again )

Swara : yesterday night

Ragini : she ate bowl full of ice cream

Swara : she got angry..

Ragini : when I asked where’s ice cream do you know what she answered maa..

Swara : safe in my stomach..

Shekhar & sharmista start laughing

Ragini : she had fever since 2 days but no she want to have ice cream

Swara : So as a punishment she didn’t allow me to go to race..

Shekhar : oh.. Dont worry.. There’s another in night right.. You rock it.. All the best..

Swara : thank you.. Love you..

Shekhar : love you too now go fast & convince her otherwise she’ll make you drink khaada ( bitter juice good for cold )

Ragini : let her come down I’ll make her drink khaada..

Sharmista : give her 2 glasses then she’ll know.. Ok bye rohan is calling me..

Kolkata – 12 : 30 pm
( As you know guys India is 3½ hour ahead of Paris )

A big mansion constructed in marwadi style

A girl is seen rushing in & barge into a room shouting at the peak of our voice bhaiyya..

Girl : bhaiyya uto.. ( get up.. )

Boy : stop it uttu don’t disturb do you know how late I slept yesterday night..

Uttara : but..

Boy : no ifs & buts.. Let me sleep

He sleep again unaffected by her voice forgetting all worries but what came next surely throws off all the sleep of our lazy laksh

Uttara : teek hai aap sothe rahiye.. Sanskar bhaiyya ne phone kiya tha ki woh aur bade papa nikal chuke hai office se ( ok you keep sleeping.. Sanskar had called informing that he & dad have left office )

Boy : what.. No.. Laksh beta tu toh aaj gaya ( laksh you’re gone today )

Uttara : laksha bhaiyya now get up fast & have shower..

Paris – ½an hour later..

Dining table

Kriti, karan, Ridhi , Rishab ( band members all 6 stay in same home. They’ve named it Jannat means heaven ) are waiting for swara..

Swara come stealthily looking here & there where ragini is

Swara : ( low voice ) where is ragini

Karan : in kitchen..

Ridhi : khaada is getting ready for you..

Swara : what..!? Oh no.. ( she rush to kitchen )

Ragini is preparing khaada..

Swara : Raagu.. What are you doing..

Ragini give her one angry glare..

Ragini : kishan take the breakfast out & ask this idiot to sit out..

Kishan look at swara’s glares & go from there..

Swara : ( cute voice ) Raagu.. Meri mishti.. Won’t you talk to your shona.. Sorry na please..

Looking at swara’s innocent puppy face ragini melt..

Ragini : this is last time shona..

Swara : pakka ( promise )

Kolkata – 1 pm

A white Mercedes is speeding through the streets of kolkatta making its way to the magnificent Maheshwari Mansion

In car

A man in late 20s in black classy suit is busy messaging in his phone alerting his siblings

Durgaprasad : Sanskar..

Yes its Sanskar Maheshwari

Sanskar : ji.. Bade Papa..

Dp : We’ve meeting with mehta’s at 4. Is the presentation ready..

Sanskar : yes bade papa.. I’ve checked everything myself.. We will bag that deal..

Do notice a scar on Sanskar’s hand..

Dp : what’s this Sanskar..

Flashback.. Last night.. We can say early morning its 3:30 am

Sanskar’s phone start ringing he cuts it & come to window.. Where he see his useless brother standing exactly below the windowing showing all his 32 teeth & making innocent face which cannot be ignored by sanskar

Laksh : bhai.. Please help me this time.. Someone gas removed the ladder.. Please..

Sanskar sign.. & roll the rope down & pull laksh up..

Sanskar : what’s the time lucky..

Laksh : why bhai.. Can’t you see such a big clock is hanging in your room.. Or do you need specs like you wore before

Sanskar : ( holding laksh’s ears ) dont try to act smart with him or else I’ll push you down..

Laksh : ouch.. Sorry bhai.. Leave me..

Flashback ends..

Sanskar : huh nothing just got a bruise in gym..

Evening : Paris..

Ragini : swara is it so necessary to race today..

Swara : of course yes ragini..

Ragini : but your health

Swara : dont worry im fine..

Ragini : but shona.. ( interuppted )

Swara : stop it raagu.. As you know we’re flying back to India next week that too forever don’t know when I get this opportunity again

Ragini : ( murmurs) hopefully never..

Swara : I heard it

Ragini : then dont go na please.. You know how much I hate this racing & all..

Swara : sometimes I feel not one I have two moms..

Rishab : I agree with swara.. Ragini you’re over thinking..

Ridhi : she’s just worried for swara you know how that racing stuff is

Karan : our swara is champion.. Nothing’s gonna happen to her..

Kriti : Even Maa dont like this if she gets to know about it then..?

Swara ; she’ll never know anything so stop worrying & Raagu I’ll be fine stop worrying dear

Ragini : today I’m not getting good feeling.. Anyway all the best..

Precap : Raglak talking for first time.. Swara’s car brakes are not working..

Guys pairs will be Swasan & Raglak.. All 4 will be given equal importance.. Hope you enjoy this.. Tell me how it was..

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