swaragini ek anokhi kahani. ( episode 1 ).

My story will start when laksh give divorce to ragini. and she leave the from the city.


swara get up and goes to get ready.
she get ready and goes to meera. ( daugther of swasan. )
swara. baby get up.
meera. mamma two min.
swara. no baby don”t you remember its your first day in School.
meera get up listining this and kiss swara on cheek.
swara. get up beta and get ready.
meera goes to bath. and after that get ready.
swasan is waiting for meera to come Down.
she come Down and everyone get happy seeing that thems meera are grown.
meera eat Food and goes to School.
swasan also leave with meera.

ragini is making Food and goes up too a room.
ragini. beta can you get up we have to leave for kolkata,
boy. mamma you always do this with, when you dont let me sleep.
ragini. ok great i will cancel the plan to go kolkata.
hearing this the boy get up and say no mamma i am up.
ragini. ansh and kiss him on cheek.
after breakfast.
ragini, ansh leave for kolkata.
ragini ( in mind ). today i am going back too that Place. the Place who hurted me. she get teary eyed.
ansh sees this and say what happened mamma. are you not happy.
ragini no beta just like that.
ragini hud ansh.
ragini ( in mind ). ansh you are special mermory of my and laksh love. even if laksh did”t love me but still.
scene shift to School of meera.

swasan. ok beta have fun all the best for first School day.
meera goes but stop in the way.
swasan get thinking.
meera run back and hug them.
both swasan kiss her on cheek and then meera goes from there.
swasan also leave from there.

Precap. ansh Meeting laksh.

sorry friends if its any mistakes.
and plz do comment.

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