Swaragini- Ek anokha bandhan (Intro)


Hello guys….. I am a very big fan of swaragini. I am a silent reader. This is my first ff. I donno whether u guys may like it or no. I require all ur support.

First let me introduce u all the characters

Ragini Gadodia- A very pampered child of gadodia family. She is bubbly, sweet, talkative nd beautiful. She can do anything for her family and friends.

Swara Rao-  She is a cute, bubbly and a silent girl. She was an orphan. Later she was adopted by a couple. But unfortunately they died in an accident soon after they adopted her. Later on swara was brought up by her uncle and aunt who hate her a lot as they believe she is responsible for her parents’ death.

Shyam bose- Uncle of swara. He has  sympathy towards swara but helpless to show his love n care for her due to his wife.

Shailaja bose- Aunt of swara. She is sister of swara’s mother whom she used to love a lot. After her death shailaja started to hate Swara who was adopted against her wish. And she believe Swara’s entry made their lives miserable.

Sanskar Maheshwari-  He is a very arrogant buisness man. Loves Lakshya and Uttara a lot. But hates his family whom he thinks is the responsible for the death of his love life(Kavitha).

Laksya Maheshwari- A pampered boy of Maheshwaris. He is a handsome. funny, loving guy and a flirt. Loves his family a lot especially his brother. He can sacrifice anything for his happiness.

Vikram bose- Son of shyam nd shailaja. Good looking and very arrogant. Friend of Lakshya. He is good by heart but very egoistic.

All other characters are same as in serial.

So guys, how do u feel? I know many ff  are there on swaragini. But I promise I won’t make u bored. I am not telling I hav a unique story but I am sure u wud like it. But guyz plz plz comment. I am new nd I need ur suggestions. So plz comment. Ur advices are most needed fr me.

Credit to: Aishu

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  1. Hmm can u pls say who are the pairs or whom u are going to concentrate more.I want raglak please as according to this page there is only 1or 2 raglak fabrics its a request. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Best of luck dr

  3. interesting

  4. Hmmm nice…plz continue…

  5. yes good start please continue. And why you all bring kavita in sanskar’s life.Please make sanskar forgotten kavita soon

    1. Don’t worry my story has no Kavitha. Sanskar’s hates his family due to some other reason. U vl come to know gradually.

  6. Nice and differnt.

  7. Hi please make it ragsan. There are hardly one or two ff of ragsan hope you will make swalak and ragsan

  8. best of luck for ur ff…..and I want ragsan as a pair. …… swara is younger than ragini and sanskar is elder than laksh so …..ragsan and swalak looking perfect with each other….plsssssssssssssssssss make it ragsan ….and post next part soon

  9. swalak and ragsan… because swaras cousin vikram is lakshs frend and probably laksh will fall for swara by helping her… plz swalak and ragsan..


  10. Different…… Pls make swalak ad ragsan pls we can’t c them on screen ad there s lot of ff fr swasan ad raglak so pls make ragsan ad swalak ya pls……

  11. Nice intro yr post next part soon nd reveal pairs also in next part only nd hopefully it’s swasan plz

  12. It’s great keep going n plz make it raglak plz plz plz

  13. Nice n unique
    Make ragsan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. make it a lovely swasan ff

  15. plz make Italy swasan plz they look good .,….and now a days everyone making ragsan pair it won’t look good so plz make swasan pair its my request.

  16. Keep it up sis our supports are with you 🙂

  17. Tq u all guyz. Just want n enjoy their relation. Don’t bother much about pairs

  18. Interesting intro make it swasan and raglak

  19. intro was nice.. but no kavi part yar .. in many ff its common sanskar gf kavi …pls try to understand yar

  20. Very good start. Plz make it raglak

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